2006 Dyna Super Glide Problems (Solved)

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2006 Dyna Super Glide Problems

The 2006 Dyna Super Glide is a product of the iconic Harley-Davidson brand, which stands out for its design and performance enhancements in its release year.

But as with any mechanical machine, it’s not avoided from potential issues. I have listed the potential problems with the owners’ 2006 Dyna Super Glide in this article.

By being informed about these concerns, you can anticipate, address, and potentially prevent these issues and ensure a smoother riding experience.

Let’s dive in!

2006 Dyna super glide problems

These are the common problems of the 2006 Dyna super glide.

Electrical Issues

One of the primary concerns with the 2006 Dyna Super Glide is its electrical issues. These can manifest as flickering lights, non-functioning indicators, or sudden power loss.

It could be attributed to faulty wiring, a malfunctioning battery, or aged fuses. Inspecting the entire electrical system regularly is essential to prevent such mishaps.

Starter Issue

There have been reports of starter problems where the bike doesn’t start at all or takes multiple attempts. 

It might be due to a faulty stator motor, a weak battery, or issues with the starter relay. Regular servicing and ensuring that the starter system components are in good shape can prevent such problems.

Oil Leaks

Oil leaks can be a messy problem and, if left unattended, lead to more significant engine troubles. Possible causes include worn-out gaskets, cracked engine components, or a malfunctioning oil seal. 

Keeping an eye on the ground where you park your bike can give early indications of such problems.

Transmission Issues

Some owners have pointed out occasional hitches while shifting gears. It could be due to worn-out clutch plates, a malfunctioning gear lever, or issues within the gearbox. 

Using the suitable lubricant and ensuring the clutch system is adjusted correctly can make a significant difference.

Fuel System Issues

Fuel systems might manifest as decreased mileage, stalling, or even backfiring. t be due to dirty fuel injectors, clogged fuel filters, to issues with the fuel pump.

Regular system cleaning and using good quality fuel can solve these issues.

Brake Issues

Brakes are paramount to safety, and any problem is a grave concern. There might be a decrease in brake efficiency due to worn-out brake pads, air in the brake lines, or issues with the brake fluid. 

Regular inspections and timely replacements can ensure optimal braking performance.

Rust and Corrosion

The 2006 Dyna Super Glide might show signs of rust and corrosion, especially if exposed to harsh weather conditions. 

Ensuring the bike is stored in a dry place, regular cleaning, and applying a protective coat can keep rust at bay.

Suspension Issues

A bumpy ride might be an indication of suspension troubles. This problem can occur due to worn-out shock absorbers, issues with the fork oil, or misaligned suspension settings

Proper maintenance and regular inspections can keep your rides smooth.

Heat Displacement

Overheating can be a significant concern, especially during long rides or hot climates. You should ensure the cooling system functions correctly, the coolant is suitable, and the vents aren’t blocked.

Vibration issue 

The 2006 Dyna Super Glide owners have reported vibrations beyond the typical Harley “character.” The main culprits often include:

Engine Mounts

Over time, the engine mounts can wear out or become loose, causing increased vibrations. The Dyna series, especially the 2006 Super Glide, employs a rubber-mounted engine to minimize vibrations. 

If these mounts deteriorate, the effectiveness of vibration dampening reduces and leads to a shaky ride.

Drive Belt Tension

An incorrectly adjusted drive belt can lead to vibrations. It’s essential to ensure the belt tension is within the recommended specifications.

Wheel Balance

If the wheels are not balanced correctly, it can cause the bike to vibrate, especially at specific speeds.

Regularly checking the wheel balance can help in diagnosing and resolving this issue.

How to Address the Vibration Issue?

Routine Checks

One of the primary measures to tackle the issue is through routine inspection. Regularly inspecting the engine mounts for wear or damage and ensuring they are tightened go a long way.

Professional Inspection

If you cannot pinpoint the cause of the vibrations, it might be time to seek professional help.

A mechanic with experience in Harley-Davidson bikes will have the expertise to diagnose and rectify the problem. 

They will also be able to determine if any aftermarket parts or modifications are contributing to the vibration issue.

Stay Updated 

It’s crucial to stay updated with any recalls or service bulletins issued by Harley-Davidson. Occasionally, manufacturers identify widespread issues and provide solutions for the same. By staying in the loop, you can ensure you’re not missing any critical updates that might address your bike’s vibration issues.


Why is the 2006 Dyna different?

The 2006 Harley-Davidson Dyna is notable for its redesigned frame, improved vibration isolation system, and the introduction of the 6-speed Cruise Drive transmission. 

These changes provided a smoother ride and better performance.

Is Harley Davidson Dyna reliable?

The Harley-Davidson Dyna is generally considered reliable due to its known for its robust build and classic V-twin engine. 

Its reliability is influenced by regular maintenance and the care it receives. Some owners report specific issues over time.

But many riders appreciate Dyna’s durability and longevity while adequately maintained.

What engine is in the 2006 Dyna Super Glide?

Harley-Davidson’s Twin Cam 88 engine powers the 2006 Dyna Super Glide, also called the 1450cc Twin Cam.

Wrapping Up

The 2006 Dyna Super Glide is known for its design improvements and enhanced ride dynamics but has challenges. 

Over the years, many owners have reported specific problems which are essential to acknowledge for maintenance and potential troubleshooting.

Proactive care, regular inspections, and timely interventions are the key to maximizing the motorcycle’s performance and longevity.

It’s also beneficial to consult forums, communities, and experts specific to Harley-Davidson models, as shared experiences can offer valuable insights into common concerns and their solutions. 

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