Top 7 Touring Motorcycles That Are Best For Short Riders

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Many companies offer motorbikes for different purposes in this technology and innovation era. However, only some of these bikes are manufactured for everyone because some people find it challenging to ride higher-touring bikes. 

Best Touring Motorcycles For Short Riders

If you are shorter in height and need help understanding which option would be best for you to ride on long tours, then don’t worry. 

Here we have the solution for your problems and will discuss the motorcycles best for short riders. 

Let’s dive into:

What Motorcycles Are Best If You Are Shorter In Height?

It is challenging to list those bikes that meet your needs, but we have worked harder, researched, and got user reviews to make this list.

Best Touring Motorcycles For Short Riders

Every motorcycle we discuss in this article will have a crucial feature: its height, which must be for long tours. 

7. Triumph Tiger 660

The Triumph Tiger 660 is a motorcycle that masterfully combines performance and comfort. It’s powered by a 660cc inline-triple engine that delivers robust acceleration and a satisfyingly smooth ride. 

Best Touring Motorcycle for Short Riders
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The bike’s handling is exceptional, offering crisp and responsive steering, making riding on city streets or off-road trails a joy.

One feature that sets the Triumph Tiger 660 apart is its accessibility to riders of different heights. The seat height is adjustable, with the lowest setting at 815mm and the highest at 835mm.

This makes it a viable option for shorter riders who might struggle to find a comfortable touring bike.

Triumph also offers a lower seat accessory that reduces the seat height, ensuring that even the shortest riders can plant both feet firmly on the ground. 

It’s an excellent option for riders of all sizes and especially beneficial for those on the shorter end of the spectrum.

Whether cruising around town or embarking on an epic journey, the Tiger 660 will surely deliver an exceptional riding experience. 

6. Ducati ST3 

The Ducati ST3 stands as an impressive addition to the sport-touring genre. Equipped with a robust 992cc engine, it delivers an impeccable blend of power and stability, ensuring a thrilling yet secure ride.

Best Touring Motorcycles For Short Riders
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Its aerodynamic design and superior suspension system guarantee smooth handling, making long-distance expeditions a delight for any enthusiast.

The touring amenities, including an adjustable windshield and a spacious luggage system, add to the comfort and convenience factor.

However, it’s worth noting the seat height, which is a crucial consideration for shorter riders. The ST3 is designed with a reasonably high seat position at 820mm (32.3 inches), which might present some challenges for individuals with a shorter stature.

On the positive side, Ducati offers a lower seat option, which can reduce the height to a more manageable 790mm (31.1 inches).

This makes it a more viable choice for riders of varying sizes, ensuring a more comprehensive range of motorcyclists can enjoy the unique blend of performance and comfort that the ST3 offers.

5. Aprilia Tuono 660

The Aprilia Tuono 660 perfectly balances aggressive sporty performance and everyday rideability, making it a stellar choice for motorcycle enthusiasts.

Its 660cc parallel-twin engine delivers an impressive power punch. At the same time, the quick-shifter ensures smooth gear changes for an exhilarating ride.

Best Touring Motorcycles For Short Riders
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The bike’s aesthetics are equally commendable, with its sharp lines and modern design exuding an undeniable appeal.

As for shorter riders, the Tuono 660 presents a reasonably friendly proposition. With a seat height of 820mm, it might initially seem daunting.

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However, Aprilia has worked on the ergonomics to make it more accessible. The narrowness of the seat and the bike’s overall design make it possible for riders with a shorter stature to reach the ground comfortably. 

In addition to the comfortable riding position, the Tuono 660 offers a host of electronic aids to make your ride easier.

The three riding modes – Sport, Track, and Road – allow for customization based on road or track conditions. At the same time, adjustable suspension settings cater to different rider preferences.

4. KTM 890 Duke R

The KTM 890 Duke R, often called the “Super Scalpel,” is a superb example of a high-performance naked bike.

With an updated engine delivering a power of 121 bhp and a torque of 99 Nm, the 890 Duke R provides an exhilarating ride. 

Best Touring Motorcycles For Short Riders
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The bike’s precise handling is attributed to the refined WP APEX suspension and the remarkable Brembo braking system. 

In terms of aesthetics, it showcases a bold design highlighted by the signature KTM color scheme of white, black, and orange.

The KTM 890 Duke R stands considerably 834mm seat height, taller than other bikes.

While KTM offers an official low seat option that reduces the size by 20mm, the bike could be intimidating for riders with a shorter stature. 

Adjusting the suspension settings can also help achieve a more comfortable riding position for shorter riders.

3. Suzuki V-Strom 650

The Suzuki V-Strom 650 is an exceptional middleweight dual-sport motorcycle, often acclaimed for its versatility and reliability.

Its responsive V-twin engine and smooth power delivery are well-suited for city commutes and long-distance touring. 

Best Touring Motorcycles For Short Riders
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The bike features a sturdy, compact frame, providing an excellent balance between comfort and performance.

A distinguishing feature of this model is its seat height, which stands at 820mm (32.39 inches).

Ultimately, the V-Strom 650’s blend of performance, comfort, and off-road capability makes it a strong choice for any motorcycle enthusiast. 

It’s an impressive machine worth considering, especially for those seeking a low-height seat and greater ground clearance. 

2. Kawasaki Ninja 650

The Kawasaki Ninja 650, a mid-range sports bike, is renowned for its performance, comfort, and affordability blend. Its stylish design and powerful 649cc, twin-cylinder engine offer a thrilling ride. 

Best Touring Motorcycles For Short Riders
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Yet, its comfortable ergonomics and easy-to-manage power output make it an excellent option for seasoned and novice riders.

One standout feature of the Ninja 650 is its accessibility for shorter riders. A seat height of just 31.1 inches offers an easier reach to the ground.

This makes it less intimidating for riders who may be vertically challenged and enhances the bike’s overall maneuverability, providing a more enjoyable and controlled riding experience.

Furthermore, due to its adjustable seat height, the Ninja 650 also offers a narrow profile and ergonomic handlebars, making it easier for shorter riders to grip and control the bike. 

The lightweight design adds agility and maneuverability, allowing easy handling in tight corners or city traffic. 

1. Honda Rebel 500

The Honda Rebel 500 is a fantastic middleweight motorcycle that perfectly balances performance and style.

Endowed with a meaty 471cc parallel-twin engine, it delivers a smooth, linear power output manageable for novice and experienced riders.

Best Touring Motorcycles For Short Riders
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Its design, with a blend of modern and classic aesthetics, is eye-catching and comfortable. Now, to address the concerns of shorter riders, the Rebel 500 is designed with a low seat height of just 27.2 inches.

This low-to-the-ground design allows for greater control and increased confidence for riders of all heights but is particularly beneficial for shorter riders.

The positioning of the handlebars and foot controls also contribute to its ergonomic excellence, making it a comfortable ride for hours. 

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