Ducati Monster 659 Common Problems with Fixes

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The Ducati Monster 659 is known for its distinct Italian style and thrilling performance on the road. 

Ducati Monster 659 Problems

However, behind the sleek design and powerful engine, riders have reported some issues that can take away from the pure joy of riding. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the most common problems that users are facing and provide you with solutions.

Let’s dive in!

Ducati Monster 659 Problems

Ducati Monster 659 problems are battery issues, oil spillage issues, side stand, mirror hanging position, gear shifting issues, high cost of maintenance, and seat height problems.

Ducati Monster 659 Problems

1. Bike Battery Problems

This could happen if the bike hasn’t been used for a while, as batteries lose charge over time. Sometimes, extreme temperatures, either too hot or too cold, can also affect the battery life.

The battery itself might be old and not able to hold a charge well anymore. Or, there might be something wrong with the bike’s charging system, which means the battery isn’t getting charged properly.

To fix the problem, you should try a few things. If you think the battery isn’t charged, you can charge it using a battery charger.

If the battery is old, you might need to get a new one. If you have a new battery and still have problems, it might be the charging system. 

You can check the motorcycle manual for how to look at the charging system components like the alternator and regulator/rectifier. 

2. Oil Spillage Problem

This problem makes a mess and can also be dangerous if oil gets on the bike’s tyres or brakes, which could lead to accidents. 

The causes of oil spillage could be a loose or damaged oil filter, overfilling the engine oil, or a problem with the oil seal. 

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So, you can look out for signs of an oil leak, like spots under the bike when it’s parked.

To prevent oil spillage, you should regularly check the oil level, ensuring it’s not too much or too little.

You should also inspect the oil filter and seal for any wear and tear or damage, and replace it if necessary.

If you notice the oil spillage issue on your Monster 659, you should address it quickly to maintain the bike’s performance and safety.

3. Side Stand Problems

When there are problems with the side stand, the bike may struggle to stay upright, which can be a real hassle.

The reasons for these issues often include a bent stand, worn-out springs or a faulty safety switch. 

A bent stand might happen if the bike falls or if too much weight is put on it. Over time, the springs can lose their strength, causing the stand to droop. 

Also, the safety switch, which stops the bike from moving while on the stand, can sometimes stop working right.

In this situation, you should check if the stand is bent and try to straighten it. However, this might need special tools.

If the springs look old, you can replace them to help the stand hold up the bike properly.

For a faulty safety switch, you should consider cleaning it, but if it’s broken, you’ll need to replace it.

4. Mirror Hanging Position

The mirror hanging issue can be due to the vibrations from the engine loosening the mirror fittings over time. 

Another reason might be improper initial installation or adjustment. Sometimes, it’s just down to the mirror design not matching the rider’s height and sitting position.

To fix this, you should manually adjust the mirrors to see if they can be set to a more suitable angle. 

If vibrations are the problem, you can tighten the mirror fittings with simple tools like a wrench, and ensure to check and re-tighten them regularly. 

For a more permanent fix, you might consider using thread-locking fluid on the fittings to keep them secure. 

Finally, if the issue is the mirror design itself, you can replace the mirrors with aftermarket options. 

5. Gear Shifting Issues

This issue might happen because the gear parts are not well-oiled or maybe there’s an adjustment that needs to be made in the clutch system. 

To fix these gear issues, firstly you should ensure a regular check and maintenance of your motorcycle. 

This includes changing the oil on time, ensuring that the clutch is properly adjusted, and keeping all moving parts clean from dirt and debris. 

If proper lubrication and adjustments do not improve the shifting, parts like the clutch or gear cogs may need to be checked for damage and replaced if required. 

6. High Cost of Maintenance

Owning this motorcycle means dealing with expensive service fees because it’s specialized parts and sophisticated technology demand more money for upkeep. 

Regular maintenance is crucial to ensure the smooth operation of a high-performance bike, as its components undergo increased stress, resulting in greater wear and tear.

To manage these costs, you can learn basic maintenance tasks, such as oil and filter changes, chain lubrication, and brake pad inspections. 

Using third-party parts that are compatible and of good quality, though not branded by Ducati, can also help reduce the expense significantly. 

7. Seat Height and Wide Handlebars

Some riders have reported discomfort due to the seat height and the width of the handlebars.

The seat height can be problematic for individuals with a shorter stature, making mounting and controlling the bike at low speeds challenging.

Wide handlebars can also contribute to an awkward riding position, especially during long rides, leading to fatigue.

To resolve this you should consider installing a lower seat accessory or getting the existing seat customized to reduce the height.

To narrow the handlebars, you can either replace them with aftermarket options designed for comfort or adjust their current position if possible.

These small modifications can significantly improve the riding experience on the Ducati Monster 659.

Ducati Monster 659 User Review

The Ducati Monster 659 on ProductReview.com.au has a user rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars based on 14 reviews. 

Users like its premium feel, especially as a LAMS option, with top-notch suspension, brakes, and tyres. 

The L-twin engine’s sound stands out among LAMS bikes. It offers great handling, scoring high in braking and acceleration. 

Maintenance is easy, but build quality may vary. Some users face starting issues and find gear shifting and value for money less satisfactory.

Is the Ducati Monster 659 Reliable?

Generally, it’s seen as reliable, especially if you take good care of it with regular maintenance. 

It uses high-quality parts and Ducati’s famous engineering, which means it’s built to last. 

However, like any vehicle, how reliable it stays over time can depend a lot on how you ride it and look after it.

Ducati Monster 659 Technical Specifications

These are the Ducati Monster 659 technical specs:

Make ModelFour-stroke, 90°“L” twin cylinder, SOHC, desmodromic 2 valves per cylinder
Year2014 – 2015
Capacity659 cc / 40.2 cu in
Bore x Stroke88 x 54.2 mm
Compression Ratio10.2:1
Cooling SystemAPTC wet multi-plate with hydraulic control
InductionMarelli electronic fuel injection, 45 mm throttle body
IgnitionMarelli electronic
Max Power38 kW / 51.7 hp @ 8250rpm
Max Torque46.5 Nm / 34.3 ft-lb @ 7500 rpm
ClutchAPTC wet multiplate with hydraulic control
Transmission6 Speed
Final DriveChain; front sprocket 15; rear sprocket 39
FrameTubular steel trellis frame
Front SuspensionShowa 43mm upside-down fork
Rear SuspensionProgressive linkage with preload and rebound adjustable Sachs monoshock
Front Brakes2 x 320 mm Discs, 4 piston calipers
Rear BrakesSingle 245 mm disc, 2 piston caliper
Front Tyre120/60 ZR17
Rear Tyre160/60 ZR17
Seat Height770 mm
Dry Weight163 kg / 369 lbs
Wet Weight187 kg / 412 lbs
Fuel Capacity15 L / 4.0 US gal / 3.3 Imp gal

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