6 Harley Davidson 110 Engine Problems

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When you hear the name “Harley Davidson,” you think of big, powerful motorcycles. 

But sometimes, even these strong machines can have problems. One engine, the Harley Davidson 110, has had some issues that we need to talk about. 

So, we’re going to explore what these problems are, and what we can do about them. 

Let’s begin!

Harley Davidson 110 Engine Problems

Harley Davidson 110 Engine Common Problems

The most common Harley 110 engine problems include; overheating, faulty lifter, piston slap, bogging engine, oil leaks, and improper adjustment of timing chain.

1. Heat Problem

One common issue with the 110 Engine is what we call a heat problem. In simpler terms, the engine gets too hot, more than it should, and that’s not good for your motorcycle. 

When the engine overheats, it can cause your bike to perform poorly, and it can even damage the engine parts.

Here is how you can solve this overheating problem:

  • First, ensure to change your oil regularly; it can help keep the engine cool.
  • Second, try not to ride your bike too hard when it’s really hot outside. 
  • Lastly, you should consider getting your Harley checked by a professional.

2. Faulty Lifter

This issue is more common in older models and manifests as a loud tapping noise, especially noticeable when starting from a stop.

This means there’s something wrong with a small part inside the engine that helps it work right.

For example, if you had a small stone in your shoe when you were trying to run, it would make running harder, right? 

A faulty lifter can cause noises to reduce the bike’s power, and if not fixed, it can create bigger problems in the engine.

So, fixing a faulty lifter is not too hard. Solutions range from proper lubrication hydraulic tappet replacement, and pushrod adjustment. 

Also, it’s important to get this fixed as soon as you notice the problem to prevent any other parts of the engine from getting damaged. 

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3. Piston Slap

Piston slap is a term used in the motor world to refer to a noise problem in engines, including the 110 engine. 

Sometimes, this can get a little loose and hit the side of the hole it’s moving in; this is what we call a “Piston Slap”

It’s like a clapping sound that you hear when you start up your bike. Piston slaps can happen over time, especially if you ride your Harley a lot. 

It’s not a good thing because it can make your engine wear out faster. But don’t worry, there are ways to fix it. 

One common solution is to use a high-quality oil designed for motorcycles. This can help cushion the piston and prevent it from slapping against the side. 

If the problem is severe, you might need a mechanic to replace the piston or make adjustments. 

4. Improper Adjustment of Timing Chain

One of the other issues with the 110 engine is the improper adjustment of the timing chain. This means the chain that helps different parts of the engine work together isn’t set right

Its symptoms include engine misfires, loss of power, increased fuel consumption, and rough idling. 

If the timing chain isn’t adjusted properly, the engine can run poorly or cause damage.

The best way to fix this problem is to have a professional check and adjust the timing chain

They have special tools and knowledge to make sure it’s set just right. But remember, it’s always better to prevent problems before they happen. 

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5. Bogging Engine

In this problem, your engine will make a rough or ‘bogging’ sound and may not give as much power as it should. 

This can happen because of many reasons, like old spark plugs, dirty air filters, or bad fuel.

To fix this problem, you can try these solutions:

  1. Old or worn-out spark plugs can cause the engine to bog. Simply replacing them with new ones can often fix the problem.
  2. A dirty air filter can make it hard for the engine to breathe. Cleaning or replacing the air filter can help improve the engine’s performance.
  3. If the fuel is old or contaminated, it can cause engine issues. You should ensure that fresh fuel is used from a trustworthy source.

6. Oil Leaks

The 110 engine’s oil leaks are also a common issue that many riders face. In simpler terms, “Oil Leaks” means that oil from the engine is coming out from places it shouldn’t. 

This can be a problem because the engine needs oil to work properly, just like your body needs blood to function. 

If too much oil leaks out, the engine can get damaged. So, in order to solve the problem, you should replace any worn-out parts that might be causing the leak. 

It’s also a good idea to regularly check your engine’s oil level; not too much, and not too little, just perfect.

 Keeping the engine clean can also help spot oil leaks earlier. These tips will keep your motorcycle running smoothly and avoid any oil leak problems.

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Harley Davidson 110 Engine Maintenance 

First, you need to change the oil regularly; this is like giving your engine a fresh drink so it runs smoothly. 

You should also use the right type of oil. Your owner’s manual can tell you what’s best.

Next, keep an eye on the spark plugs; these are like little fire-starters for your engine. 

If they’re dirty or worn out, they can’t do their job well, and your engine might not start.

Your engine belts and hoses are like the veins and arteries of your engine, carrying fluids and power where they need to go. If they’re cracked or damaged, they need to be replaced.

An air filter is like the engine’s nose – it needs to breathe clean air to work its best. If it’s dirty, your engine has to work harder and can lose power.

You should also listen to engine noise. If it sounds weird, get it checked out. Just like a pet, your engine can’t tell you in words when something’s wrong, but it can show you signs. 

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Final Thoughts

The Harley Davidson 110 engine sometimes has overheating, faulty lifter, piston slap, and bogging engine problems. 

But don’t worry; these are just common issues that many bikes face, not just Harley Davidson. 

You can always prevent or fix this by regularly checking your bike for any signs of oil leakage and taking it to a knowledgeable mechanic when needed. 


Can You Resolve These Issues At Home?

Yes, you can fix some of your Harley 110 problems at home, but it depends on what the issue is. 

If it’s an oil leak, you might be able to solve it by tightening the engine parts or replacing the gasket if it’s worn out. 

However, some problems are more complex and may require a professional mechanic. 

Can overheating be a significant issue for the Harley engine?

Yes, overheating can certainly be a big problem for the Harley engine. When the engine gets too hot, it can cause damage to the engine parts. 

This can make your ride less smooth and might even lead to more serious engine problems. So, it’s important to keep your engine cool. 

How much horsepower does a Harley-Davidson 110 engine have?

The Harley-Davidson 110 engine, often found in bigger bikes, has around 80 horsepower. 

What is a Harley 110 in CC?

The Harley 110 is a type of engine made by Harley-Davidson, and the “110” number means it has a volume of 110 cubic inches. 

In other measurements, “cubic inches” can be converted to “cubic centimeters” (or CC). So, a Harley 110 engine is about 1800 cubic centimetres (or 1800 CC).

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