Milwaukee 107 Vs 114 [Differences, Reasons & Facts]

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Milwaukee 107 Vs 114

If you are stuck between Harley Milwaukee 107 and 114, cannot decide which is best for you, and have no ideas, don’t worry because you are in the right place.

Today in this article, I will explain the features of both Milwaukee 107 and 114 and this guide will help you to choose the best one for yourself. 

So, let’s go till the end of this article with me to find the differences and choose the best for yourself.

Let’s dive into:

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Look back to the Milwaukee 107 vs. 114 engines. 

The Milwaukee 107, also known as the Milwaukee-Eight 107, is a V-twin engine introduced by Harley-Davidson in 2016. 

It marked a significant departure from the previous Twin Cam engines, offering improvements in power, cooling, and overall refinement.

Key Features:

Displacement: 107 cubic inches (1753 cc).

Cooling System: Oil-cooled or water-cooled variants.

Torque: Approximately 111 lb-ft.

Design: 4 valves per cylinder, resulting in increased airflow and better combustion.

Milwaukee 114:

On the other hand, the Milwaukee 114 was introduced as an option for those seeking a bit more punch. 

It is essentially an upgraded version of the 107 with more displacement.

Key feature:

Displacement: 114 cubic inches (1868 cc).

Cooling System: Available in both oil-cooled and water-cooled versions.

Torque: Roughly 119 lb-ft, indicating a significant boost from the 107.

Design: Retains the four valves per cylinder design but offers increased power and a better torque curve.

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Comparison between the Milwaukee 107 vs. 114

According to the Harleys, these bikes are designed with 10% more boosted torque than the old models.

Here is the table to consider which is best and how they differ.

CriterionMilwaukee-Eight 107Milwaukee-Eight 114
Capacity (cc)107114
Capacity (cc)17501870
Torque (ft-lb)111.4124
Torque (rpm)32503250
Compression ratio10.0:110.5:1
Fuel consumption (combined highway/city) 45 mpg43 mpg
Engine sizeSmaller than 114Bigger than 107
Stroke typeA bit shorterA bit longer
ESPFIAvailable Available 

A complete comparison of Milwaukee 107 vs 114

In this comparison, we will compare Milwaukee 107 vs 114.

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Additional features of 107 Milwaukee engine 

Reduced Vibration: 

One of the primary features of the 107 Milwaukee engine is its reduced vibration due to a rubber-mounted design.

So you can enjoy a smoother experience without compromising on the feel of the power they’re harnessing.

Improved Heat Management: 

Compared to its predecessors, the 107 Milwaukee engine boasts enhanced heat management. 

With a refined cooling system, the engine remains at optimal temperatures, prolonging its life and ensuring maximum performance.

Better Fuel Economy: 

A significant perk of this engine is its improved fuel economy.

Whether you are cruising down the highway or navigating city streets, this engine ensures you get more miles for your gallon.

Increased Torque: 

The torque delivery of the 107 Milwaukee engine is impressive. Offering increased torque at low RPM, you can feel the power without pushing your bike to the limit.

Quieter Operation:

Many enthusiasts appreciate the rumble of a powerful engine. However, the 107 offers a balance.

It’s quieter than many of its counterparts but delivers that satisfying roar when pushed.

Dual Spark Plugs: 

This engine achieves complete combustion with dual spark plugs for each cylinder. 

It not only leads to improved efficiency but also enhances the overall performance of the motorcycle.

Slimmer Design: 

The design of the 107 engine is slimmer than its predecessors, making it more aesthetically pleasing and giving it a more modern appearance.

Additional features of 114 Milwaukee engine 

The Milwaukee-Eight engine, notably the 114 version, has garnered significant attention in the motorcycle world. 

Manufactured by Harley-Davidson, it’s not just about power and torque; it’s the myriad of additional features that make it stand out. 

Enhanced Cooling System

One of the most commendable features of the 114 Milwaukee engine is its advanced cooling system. Unlike previous versions, the 114 offers precision oil-cooled or liquid-cooled heads.

It not only helps maintain optimal temperature but also ensures the engine’s longevity, even in the most demanding scenarios.

Refined Vibration Management

Harley-Davidson made sure to address one of the common concerns of motorcycle enthusiasts.


The Milwaukee 114 engine comes with an internal counter-balancer that effectively cancels 75% of the primary vibrations at idle.

It ensures a smoother ride without compromising the feel that die-hard Harley fans love.

Improved Fuel System

The 114 boasts a superior fuel system that offers better fuel efficiency, more power, and reduced emissions. 

Its refined fuel injectors ensure an optimal mix of air and fuel, leading to an efficient combustion process. 

Innovative Valve Train

A significant standout in the 114 Milwaukee engine is its innovative valve train. The single camshaft design, replacing the previous twin cam, allows for a quieter and more efficient valve operation. 

Its lightweight design ensures lesser wear and tear and reduced mechanical noise.

Future-Proof Technology

Understanding the growing demands of the modern rider, the 114 Milwaukee engine incorporates future-proof features. 

It includes its compatibility with newer technologies and the potential for integration with advanced electronic systems. 

It’s an engine designed not just for the present but also for the years to come.

Comparison of engine specs

CriterionMilwaukee-Eight 107Milwaukee-Eight 114
Engine typeTwin-cooledTwin-cooled
Displacement107 cu inches114 cu inches
Compression Ratio10.0:110.5:1
ESPFIPart of the fuel systemPart of the fuel system

Comparison of engine performance 

CriterionMilwaukee-Eight 107Milwaukee-Eight 114
Torque (ft-lb)111.4124
Torque (rpm)32503250
Lean angles (right)32°34.3°
Lean angle (left)31°33.4°
Highway/city fuel economy 45 mpg43

Which one should you consider, Milwaukee 107 or 114

When diving into motorcycle engines, especially if you’re a fan of the iconic Milwaukee, two engines stand out the Milwaukee 107 and the 114. 

Both engines have carved out their market niche and won over many enthusiasts. But when it comes to choosing between the two, which one is the better pick? Let’s dive in!

Milwaukee 107

The Milwaukee-Eight 107 is renowned for its reliability and versatility. Introduced as a replacement for the Twin Cam engine, this V-twin has 107 cubic inches, translating to roughly 1750cc. 

Milwaukee 114

Stepping up in sheer power and performance, the Milwaukee-Eight 114 comes with 114 cubic inches or about 1868cc.

Which one you should consider 

Given its features, the 114 is generally suited for those looking for a bit more punch in their ride. 

It’s also ideal for riders who often embark on long trips and need that extra power to maintain high speeds for prolonged durations.

The 107 best suits you if you’re looking for low vibration and fuel consumption.


Is there a big difference between 107 and 114?

The 107 and 114 refer to the engine displacement in cubic inches for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. 

The 114 engine has a more significant displacement, providing more power and torque than the 107. 

The choice between them depends on your preference for performance, ride feel, and potential customization.

How much horsepower does a 107 Harley have?

Harley-Davidson does not typically release official engine horsepower figures, as they often focus on torque values.

For the Milwaukee-Eight 107 engine, torque is typically emphasized and is around 111 to 114 ft-lbs, depending on the model and conditions. 

Third-party dyno tests suggest that the Milwaukee-Eight 107 produces somewhere in the ballpark of 80 to 92 horsepower, though this can vary based on the specific bike model, tuning, and other factors.

Always refer to official sources or specific dyno tests for precise figures.

How much HP does a Harley 114 have?

The Harley-Davidson Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine produces approximately 90 to 100 horsepower.

Although official figures can vary and depend on specific models and tuning, always refer to particular dyno tests for precise figures.

Wrapping Up 

In comparing the Milwaukee-Eight 107 and 114 engines, the 114 offers a more significant displacement resulting in increased power and torque. 

While both engines deliver the signature Harley-Davidson experience, if you’re seeking more robust performance, you might lean towards the 114, whereas the 107 is a reliable standard option.

But the choice between the 107 or 114 largely depends on individual preferences and riding requirements.

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