Motorcycle Thefts On The Rise In Major US Cities

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Motorcycle thefts in the United States saw a significant increase of 7% from 2021 to 2022, a consistent trend of climbing theft rates. 

The latest report from the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) highlighted that a monthly average of 4,561 motorcycles were reported stolen in 2022

The data shows a discernible pattern of thefts; numbers started at 2,879 in February and escalated to a peak of 6,394 in July. 

Motorcycle Thefts On The Rise In Major US Cities

The warmer months, specifically from May to October, recorded thefts surpassing the monthly average.

David J. Glawe, president and CEO of NICB, urged motorcycle owners to be more vigilant. He emphasized, “Vehicle thefts have been witnessing an upward trend year after year. 

It’s crucial for all vehicle owners, especially motorcycle riders, to proactively protect their assets. By taking some straightforward steps, they can help deter potential thieves.”

California stands out as the state with the highest number of reported motorcycle thefts for 2022, registering a whopping 9,838 cases

This accounts for almost 30% of all motorcycle thefts across the country. Following California, Florida, and Texas reported the second and third-highest numbers, with 4,563 and 4,145 thefts, respectively. 

The top 10 states for motorcycle thefts amounted to 60% of the total 54,736 theft reports for 2022.

On a brighter note, more than 40% of these stolen motorcycles were eventually recovered. This can be attributed to the persistent efforts of law enforcement agencies across the nation. 

The NICB works closely with both state and federal agencies to address criminal activities related to insurance fraud.

To combat the rising number of thefts, the NICB has put forth several precautionary measures for motorcycle owners. 

They advise parking in well-lit areas, always locking the ignition, and never leaving the keys behind. Even if a motorcycle is stored in a garage, it should remain locked. 

Motorcycle Thefts On The Rise In Major US Cities

An alarm system investment can also go a long way in deterring potential thieves. Motorcycle owners should never store the vehicle’s title in the bike’s storage compartment, and marking the motorcycle with unique identifiers can be invaluable in recovering stolen property. 

Unattended motorcycles, even for short durations, are a prime target; hence, riders should always be watchful.

Should a motorcycle be stolen, immediate action is necessary. The owner must promptly contact law enforcement and their insurance provider. NICB data suggests that a swift response can greatly improve the odds of a successful recovery.

Additionally, the NICB has recently alerted the public about the rising issue of contractor fraud, especially following natural disasters.

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