Electric Motorcycle on the Market: 99% Cannot Ride It

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Public test-ride opportunities have recently been unveiled for the highly-anticipated Arc Vector, one of the globe’s priciest electric motorcycles to date.

However, the daunting price tag associated with this exclusive two-wheeler may likely place test rides, let alone ownership, out of reach for the average consumer.

arc vector electric motorcycle test ride

Priced at a staggering starting cost of $128,000 for the most fundamental, entry-level model, the Arc Vector isn’t your run-of-the-mill electric motorcycle. 

Each unit is meticulously handcrafted and tailored to the precise specifications and preferences of its individual rider, ensuring a unique, bespoke riding experience that justifies its premium cost. 

Recently, the company unveiled the initiation of a unique test riding initiative, available exclusively in the United States and the United Kingdom. However, participation is not open to all. 

Interested individuals must not only show the financial capability to acquire one of these bikes but also need to provide verifiable evidence of their prior riding experience before they can kick up the sidestand and commence their ride.

This dual-requirement approach effectively filters out the casually curious and those who possess more money than riding skills, with the latter group perhaps driven by a nostalgic desire to recapture the thrills of their youth. 

Such caution is understandable, considering the impressive performance packed into the Arc Vector.

With a remarkable 0-100 km/h acceleration time of just 3.2 seconds, the Arc Vector is undeniably swift. 

While it’s noteworthy that the $15,500 LiveWire S2 Del Mar can marginally edge out the Vector with a 3.1-second acceleration time, the Arc Vector’s speed is nonetheless impressive by any standard. 

The selective entry barrier for the test ride thus serves to ensure that this high-performance machine is handled only by riders who can truly appreciate and safely harness its potent combination of speed and power.

In a melding of speed and advanced design, the Arc Vector motorcycle offers more than meets the eye. Not only does it promise rapid acceleration, but the bike also boasts a rapid 40-minute charging capability and an intriguing aesthetic. 

Crafted meticulously with a carbon-fiber monocoque frame, the vehicle presents a cutting-edge cafe racer silhouette while the battery case serves dually as a vital structural component, eliminating the need for a conventional frame. 

In a departure from the commonplace, the Arc Vector features front swingarm suspension, substituting the standard telescopic forks, culminating in hub-center steering that is typically reserved for concept motorcycles, bestowing upon the bike a distinct and unique design appeal. 

This avant-garde motorcycle is driven by an electric motor with an output of 95 kW (127 hp), propelling it to an electronically confined maximum speed of 200 km/h (124 mph).

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Furthermore, its 16.8 kWh battery pack is not just a power reservoir but a promise of extended adventure, offering a riding range of up to 322 km (200 miles) within city limits and approximately 200 km (124 miles) on highway terrain. 

While the official NEDC cycle urban range touted by many manufacturers tends to be on the optimistic side, Arc claims an even higher range of up to 582 km (362 miles) under those particular conditions.

Designed for a seamless interplay between humans and machines, the motorcycle comes equipped with a specialized interface that encompasses a technology-infused jacket designed to deliver haptic feedback warnings. 

To complement this, riders are provided with a custom HUD helmet, designed meticulously to allow crucial information display without compromising the rider’s focus on the roadway.

It was initially introduced in 2018, but the Arc Vector had a turbulent inception, with financial constraints threatening its continuity. However, infused with renewed capital and vigor, the company not only sustained but announced earlier this current year that it’s gearing up for the delivery phase. 

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The spotlight shone brighter on Arc recently, with Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds endorsing the brand, catapulting the company into a whirlwind of increased inquiries and heightened interest. Riding this wave of popularity, Arc is now in an accelerated motion to respond to the growing demand.

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So, when are you considering taking the Arc Vector out for a test ride? Share your expectations in the comments section below! 

Have you had any memorable experiences with electric bikes, or is the Arc Vector going to be your first? We are eager to hear about your experiences. 

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