Harley-Davidson CVO Pan America Confirmed for 2024

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Harley-Davidson is going to announce the models including CVO to be launched in 2024 on Jan 24 but it’s now confirmed that Pan America CVO will be coming.

Harley-Davidson CVO Pan America Confirmed for 2024

The news comes from the trusted motorcycle news source Motorcycle.com and they have claimed that they get proof of CVO Pan America 2024 from the California Air Resources Board which has issued an executive order certifying the Pan American range for 2024. 

The certification confirmed the Pan America 1250 Special that had already been announced with the base 1250 model for all markets other than the U.S. and also added CVO Pan America. 

CVO models come with a bit larger engine sizes as compared to the base models and the same with this bike which will come with a 1252 cc revolution max engine as the RA1250 and RA1250S

The weight of the bike will also be heavier than regular Pan Americas, but the original measurements are not yet confirmed. 

The colour scheme is also expected to be different from the regular models of Pan America 2024

Remember these are only expectations original announcements are awaited from Harley-Davidson on Jan 24. 

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