Harley Davidson Production Numbers By Year

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Harley started their production in 1903, and Harley Davidson is the most iconic American motorcycle brand with a storied history.

The crucial measure of the company’s success and its impact on motorcycle culture is reflected in its yearly production numbers.

Diving into the production numbers not only reveals the company’s fortune but also offers insights into the economic trends, consumer preferences, and innovation in motorcycles.

This article will explore the production numbers of Harley Davidson year by year.

Let’s dive in!

Harley Davidson overview

Harley started their motorcycle production in 1903; the Harley went through various transformations, and production numbers were often influenced by wars and global trends.

The unique design and sound of Harley and brand loyalty cause their success.

Why production numbers matter 

Production numbers reveal the brand health market demand and potential widths in customer preferences.

Generally, high production numbers on Harley mean a prosperous economy.

Harley Davidson production numbers by year

These are the production numbers of Harley Davidson by year.

Early years 1903-1920

During 1903-1920, the production was in its infancy, but there were challenges.

But the Harley managed to get traction, especially after introducing the V-twin engine in 1909.

Depression years 1930

The year 1930 poses many challenges for every industry, including motorcycles. So Harley navigated through the reduction in production numbers.

Wars years 1940

During world war II, Harley produced motorcycles for the military, which led to a surge in production numbers, especially with the WLA model.

Post-war era 1950-1970

The post-war era saw a resurgence of interest in motorcycles, so Harley increased their production numbers, and the years 1950 to 70 were golden years for the brand.

Evolution ERA 1980-1990

While facing competition from Japanese manufacturers, Harley Davidson revamped its lineup and introduced the Evolution engine.

So this trick worked for the Harleys, then there was a big upward trend and also increased the number of production.

New Millennium 2000

Despite challenges like the 2008 economic recession, Harley continues to innovate in motorcycles, which leads to stable production numbers.

Recent decade 2010

Harley had innovated due to the increase in the number of global competitors and changes in the preference of consumers.

So Hley introduces the LiveWire electric bikes that indicate the shift in the production focus.

Present time and beyond 

Today the Harley Davidsons continue to be a force in the motorcycle world While the specific production numbers fluctuate.

Harley’s Commitment to quality innovation remains unmatched.

How much Harley Davidson sells? The number of motorcycles

The sales of Harley increased year by year; usually, Harley released their annual sales figure as part of their yearly earning report.

Gnarly Harley Davidson sells roughly 194256 motorcycles every year. But if you want more accurate and specific numbers of sales.

You should consult the latest financial statement or annual report from Harley Davidson, which is publicly available on their website or through the financial database.

Factors that influence production numbers 

Various factors impact production, economic downturns, wars, global competition, and technological advancements.

All of these factors play a role in shaping the number of bikes that the Harley Davidson rolls out each year.

Significant for collectors 

The production number may be invaluable for motorcycle collectors Because the limited fetch models and the produced motorcycles in the scarce years mostly fetch a higher value in the collector markets.

Prediction for future 

As we read about the more sustainable innovations in the Harley productions it’s more likely that the Harley will adopt the more environmentally friendly and electric bike modes.


How many Harley-Davidsons are made each year?

Harley Davison



Production output 



4.540 Billion$ 

Operating income 

823 Million$

Is Harley-Davidson growing?

The annual revenue of Harley Davidson in 2022 was 5.755 Billion$ which was a 7.85% increase from 2021.

And the revenue of Harley in 2021 was 5.336 Billion$, a 31.62% increase from 2020.

What is the number 1 selling Harley-Davidson model?

Hatley released various motorcycles over the years with a wide range of capabilities and variations.

But the one model of Harley stood up from the others as the selling motorcycle of all time is the Harley Davidson Sportster.

The Harley Sportster was introduced in 1957 and became most popular among riders.

Wrapping Up 

Tracking the Harley production numbers by year will provide more lens into the brand journey.

As esthetic, these figures remind us of Haley Davidson’s resilience and innovation-driven ethos.

These figures reflect the popularity and the challenges of the Harley Davidson, which it has faced over the years and in various economic climates.

As Harley Davidson continues to navigate the evolving motorcycle market, these production numbers remain a vital metric to gauge its success and understand its tragedy in the industry.

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