Harley Davidson Belt Size Chart (Complete Chart)

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Are you looking for the perfect fit for your Harley Davidson belt? With so many sizes available, it can be hard to know which one is right for you.

That’s why we’ve created this handy Harley Davidson Belt Size Chart! This chart provides all the information you need to identify and select the correct size belt for your specific model.

So don’t worry about getting stuck with an ill-fitting belt. Just use the chart and get it right every time.

Let’s dive in!

Importance of Knowing the harley davidson belt size chart?

Harley Davidson Belt Size Chart

Knowing the Harley Davidson belt size chart is important for ensuring a proper fit and comfort.

The size of a belt can have an impact on how comfortable you are while riding, which makes knowing your exact size essential.

Having a belt that is not the proper size can even be dangerous due to the fact that it could slip off or come undone while riding and cause serious injury.

Driving belt size chart of the Harley touring series

The touring series is one of the most popular and efficient motorbikes. The belt drive starts from the 24 mm to and expands to the 1-½ inches.

Model NameProduction YearWidth of Belt Number of TeethPulleys
FLT, FLHT1985-19961-1/2″13632/70
ALL Touring models2009-20141″14032/68
ALL Touring models2015-202024mm14032/68
FLT, FLHT, FLHR1997-20031-1/2″13932/70
FLHT, FLHR, FLTR2004-20061-1/8″13932/70
FLHT/R/X, FLTR2007-20081″13732/66

Drive belt size chart of the Harley Softail series 

The softail series of the Haley have various variations in the belt drive size and finding the right size of the belt drive may be changing.

Model NameProduction YearWidth of BeltNumber of TeethPulleys
ALL Softails Models2018-202024mm13432/66
Softail, FXST, FLS, FLST2012-201624mm13332/66
FXST/B/C, FLSTF, FLSTSB2007-201120mm13332/66
FLST/C/N, FLSTSC,FXSTD, FXCW/C/, FXS2007-20111”13332/66
FXST, FLST1995-19991-1/2″13032/70
FXST, FLST19941-1/2″13232/70
FXS, FLST19931-1/2″12832/61
FXST, FLST1986-19921-1/2″13232/70
Breakout FXSB2014-20171-1/2″13232/66
Breakout FXSB, FXSB 103201424mm13232/64

Drive belt size chart of the chart of the sportster series

The Harley sportster is known as the powerful and most stylish series and the belt drive sizes of the sportster starts from the  1 which is wider than the other models of Harley.

Model NameProduction YearWidth of Belt Number of TeethPulleys
XL 883L, XL 883N, XL1200C, XL 1200 TXL 1200 XS XL 1200 NS, XL1200X2008-20201″13729/6830/68
XL, 8832011-20141″13732/66
XL, 8832007-20101″136
XL, 1200, XR, 12002007-20141″13732/66
XL, 1200 R/C2004-20061-1/8″13729/68
XL, 883, 883C2004-20061-1/8″13628/68

Drive belt size chart of the Harley V Rod series

The V Rod series of the Harleys are most limited editions, the belt drive sizes of V Rod strats form the 1 to 1-⅜ inches.

We apologize that we were not able to find the pulleys of the Harleys V Rod, you should contact the mechanic for the better finding.

Model NameProduction YearWidth of Belt Number of TeethPulleys

Drive belt size chart of the Harley FX/FXR/FXD/FLD/Dyna Series

The Dyna series of the Harley have the belt drive size form the 1 to ½ inches and from 131 to 133 teeth number.

Model NameProduction YearWidth of Belt Number of TeethPulleys
ALL Dyna Models2007-20171″13132/66
FXD, FXDWG2000-20061-1/8″13332/70
FXD, FXDWG1991-19991-1/2″13332/70

Drive belt size chart of the Harley street series 

You will not need to think more about the width of the Harley street series because they have only 1 belt.

Model NameProduction YearWidth of Belt Number of TeethPulleys
XG500, XG7502015-20201″166N/A

Facts about Harley Davidson belt drive you should know?

Harley Davidson belt drives have been part of the iconic brand’s motorcycles for over 100 years. They are renowned for their reliability, durability, and smooth ride.

Here are some facts about Harley Davidson belt drive that you should know:

1. The belt drive is a low-maintenance solution for transmission systems, requiring no lubrication or adjustments throughout its lifespan.

2. It produces less noise than other transmission systems, allowing you to enjoy the ride in relative peace and quiet.

3. Unlike chain drives, belts require less effort to maintain tension, which can be done with an adjustable tensioner or idler pulley system.

4. Belt drives offer improved torque transfer compared to chain-driven systems, making them ideal for heavy-duty bikes like Harley Davidsons that require more power output from the engine.

5. A belt drive has a longer expected life than other transmission types due to its resistance to wear and tear from water and dirt.

This makes them ideal for off-road bikes and long rides down winding roads.

Wrapping Up 

Harley Davidson provides an extensive selection of belt sizes, and their belts are designed to offer superior support and comfort while also providing style.

Its curricula maintain the components and the belt drive of your Harley for a comfortable ride.

You should inspect the belt drive every month or daily to avoid any potential damage to the bike, as the damaged belt can damage the engine or transmission.

In order to respace the worn-out belt, you should read the belt drive sizes chart or the user manual to find out the fit belt according to your model or year of Harley.

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