Harley Davidson Battery Size Chart (Complete Chart)

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Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, knowing the battery size of your Harley Davidson motorcycle is important.

Not only will it help you determine which size and voltage battery to purchase for your bike.

In order to make things easier, we have created this handy chart that outlines all of the battery sizes available in Harley Davidson motorcycle models.

With this guide, you’ll quickly discover exactly what type of battery powers your vehicle. 

Let’s get started!

Why do you need a Harley Davidson battery size chart?

Harley Davidson Battery Size Chart

Harley Davidson battery size charts, are essential tools for your motorbike to ensure that the vehicle is equipped with the right type of battery.

The size and voltage of a battery must match the requirements of the machine in order to provide optimal performance, reliability, and safety.

Installing the wrong type of battery can lead to various issues, such as rapid discharge, poor starting power, or even complete failure.

With a Harley Davidson battery size chart, you can quickly identify the exact type of battery needed for any specific model and year bike.

Harley Davidson battery size chart

Harley has used various battery sizes for its models for over 110 years.

This helps the Harley maintain the bike’s engines as the battery is important to start the bike in the cold seasons.

It is also important to consider the right battery sizes while replacing it with a new one.

Finding the right size may be a time-consuming, troublesome process, so we embed the list of the battery sizes according to the models of the Harley.

You can also find the right size using the user manual, but it may be time-consuming.

Model Year OEM number specificationSuperstart part number Yuasa part number 
LH, FLT, FLR Series Touring1998-202166010-97CCA: 400; Ah:31,6ETX30LAYIX30L-BS
FL, FLH, FLT Series Touring1965-198466007-84CCA: 200; Ah:29,5CHD4-12YHD-12
FL, FLH, FLT Series Touring1985-199666010-82CCA: 350; Ah:22,1ETX18LYTX24HL
FX, FL Softail Series1984-199065991-82CCA: 310; Ah:18,9CB16BYTX20H-BS
FX, FL Softail Series1991-202165989-97CCA: 310; Ah:18,9ETX20LYTX20HL-BS
FXR Series1999-200065991-82CCA: 310; Ah:18,9ETX20LYTX20HL-BS
FXD (Dyna) All1991-201765989-90CCA: 310; Ah:18,9ETX20LYTX20HL-BS
FX/FXR Series1979-199465991-75CCA: 310; Ah:18,9CB16BYTX20H-BS
VRSC V-Rod2007-201765989-97CCA: 310; Ah:18,9ETX20LYTX20HL
FX Series (Electric Start)1971-197865991-82CCA: 310; Ah:18,9GTX20BSYTX20H-BS
FX Series (Kick Start)1971-1972CCA: 105; Ah:8,4CB16BYB7-A
VRSC V-Rod2002-200665948-00CCA: 240; Ah:12,6ETX14YTX14
VRSCR200765948-00CCA: 240; Ah:12,6ETX14YTX14H
XL, XLH Sportster1987-199665991-82BCCA: 310; Ah:18,9CHD4-12YTX20H-BS
XL, XLH, XR1200X Sportster2004-202165958-04CCA: 200; Ah:12,6ETX14LYTX14L-BS
SS350All Years6V; Ah:11,6YB7AFP6N11A-1B
XLH (Sportster Electric Start)1967-197866007-84CCA: 200; Ah:29,5CHD4-12YHD-12H
XL Series (Sportster)1979-199365991-75CCA: 310; Ah:18,9CHD4-13YTX20H-BS
SS250, SX250, SS175, SX175, SS125, SX125, SXT1251974-1978CCA: 75; Ah:8,4YB7AFPYB7L-B
XLCR Cafe Racer1977-197865991-82CCA: 255; Ah:20ETX17YB16-B-CX
XLCH Series (Sportster Kick Start)1970-197866006-70CCA: 105; Ah:8,4YB7AFPYB7-A
MT500 (Military)All YearsCCA: 210; Ah:12,6ETX14LYTX14AHL-BS
Street2014-202165958-04CCA: 200; Ah:12,6ETX14LYTX14L-BS
XL, XLH Sportster1997-200365989-97CCA: 270; Ah:18,9ETX20LYTX20L-BS

What type of batteries does the Harley Davidson use?

The Harley Davidson motorbikes typically use 12-volt sealed lead acid batteries. 

They are rechargeable, maintenance-free, and spill-proof, making them a popular choice for classic bikes. 

It also depends on the bike model; some Harleys may have multiple batteries in series for higher voltage applications.

The Harley electrical systems will determine the exact type and size of battery that needs to be used.

How to consider the right battery?

When considering the right battery, there are various factors to consider. First, it is essential to understand the use case for the battery.

Is it a consumer device or an industrial product? Because the different applications require different types of batteries with varying capabilities.

The size and capacity of the battery should also be considered when selecting one.

Smaller batteries may be preferred for consumer devices to reduce weight and cost, whereas larger batteries may be necessary for industrial applications to ensure longer life cycles and more reliable performance.

Battery chemistry should also be considered when deciding on the right battery. 

Lithium-ion technology is popular in consumer electronics due to its high energy density and low self-discharge rate.

However, lead-acid batteries may offer better performance at lower costs for some industrial applications.


Are all Harley-Davidson batteries the same size?

No, not all Harley-Davidson batteries are the same size. Different models and model years may have different sizes of batteries.

It is important to check your owner’s manual before purchasing a new battery to ensure you get the correct size for your specific model and year of bike.

What kind of battery is on a Harley?

Harleys typically come with a 12-volt battery. It is usually a sealed lead-acid (SLA) battery; it’s maintenance-free and doesn’t need to be filled with additional water.

Some newer Harley models are equipped with lithium-ion batteries for even better performance and durability.

What is the battery capacity of Harley-Davidson?

The average battery capacity of Harley-Davidson motorcycles depends on the model and size of the bike.

Smaller models, such as the Street 500 and 750 cruisers, are powered by a 500-watt lithium-ion battery with an amp-hour rating (Ah) of 12.

The larger models, such as the Road Glide Ultra, feature a 12V/30Ah lead-acid battery.

How many amp-hours is a Harley battery?

A Harley-Davidson battery typically has a capacity of 12V and 36 amp-hours. It can provide a current of 12V for up to 3 hours before its power is depleted.

The size of the battery depends on the type of Harley-Davidson motorcycle, as different models require different sizes.

Some popular models include the Softail Slim, Sportster 883, Streetglide Special, and Electra Glide Ultra Classic.

These Harleys require batteries with capacities in the range of 28-34 amp-hours.

Wrapping Up 

Harley Davidson has various models and different battery sizes, so we managed to provide most of the model’s battery sizes.

You can easily buy or order the battery using the chart, model, and OEM numbers.

Before replacing the battery, you should also consider which type of battery Harley has. Usually, Harleys have lithium batteries.

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