Harley Davidson Tire Pressure Chart [All-Models]

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Maintaining the proper tyre pressure on your Harley Davidson is essential for your safety, bike performance, and fuel economy.

It’s important to check the air pressure in your tyres regularly, at least once a month, or before long trips.

Harley Davidson Tire Pressure Chart

But for common users, it’s difficult to understand the right tyre pressure for their specific model of Harley Davidson.

Looking for your this need we have compiled a list of models with their recommended tire pressures.

Let’s get started:

Harley Davidson Tire Pressure Chart

Harley Davidson tyre pressure ranges from 36 to 40 PSI for the front and rear tyres. However, the different models have different tyre sizes and need different air pressure.

The tyre pressure also changes in different temperatures and seasons, so the recommended air pressure is not ideal for your model.

That’s why you should maintain the air pressure according to your motorbike model and tyre size.

Model Wise Tire Pressure for Harley Davidson

Harley has introduced stylish and powerful motorcycles over time, and they marked them according to their generations and styles and gave them various names.

Here’s the chart for every Harley model:

Models Front Tire Pressure (PSI)Rear Tire Pressure (PSI)
Electra Glide 3640
Fat boy 3642
Pan America 12503236
Harley Forty Eight 36 40
Harley Forty-Eight Special 3640
FXDC Super Glide 3036
Harley Iron 8833040
Street Rod 3236
Dyna 3642
Harley Road King 3640
Harley Davidson 1200 Custom3036
Harley Low Rider 3236
Super Low Rider 3642
Heritage Softail Classic3640
Low Rider ST2840
Harley Ultra Classic 36 40
Harley Ultra Limited3640
Harley Street Glide3642

As you read before, most Harley models maintain air pressure of around 36 to 40 PSI, and some have low PSI.

If you do not know your motorcycle tyre pressure, use the user manual or read the chart according to your bike model to boost your riding.

Harley Davidson Tire Pressure Chart

In case we miss the Harley model that you own then don’t worry feel free and leave your model name in the comment so that we can add that model to the chart.

Harley Davidson Tire Pressure in Different Conditions

You’re not always riding your motorcycle in the same weather conditions, and the air pressure is also not the same for the various weather and temperatures.

You should use the rule of 2 that many of the expert riders prefer the rule of subtracting or adding the 2 PSI in both tyres.

1. Highway Ride

Highway streets are designed to keep traffic moving smoothly. They typically have multiple lanes, wide shoulders, and gentle curves to help drivers maintain a safe speed and reduce the risk of accidents.

Most highways feature median dividers and cement barriers to further separate traffic.

To ensure safety on the roads, you should maintain the correct air pressure in your Harley Davidson tyres.

You should add the 2 PSI before riding on the highways, or if you are riding in cool condition and the Harley tyres have the 36 and 40 PSI, then you should also add 2 more PSI.

2. Summer Riding

If you’re planning or riding in the summer season, you should subtract the 2 PSI from the original air pressure.

It will help to maintain the right tyre engagement on the road. If your Harley has 36 and 40 PSI air pressure, it will suit the winter conditions.

After subtracting the 2 PSI from both tyres, you should ensure 34 PSI in the front and 38 PSI in the rear tyre.

3. Riding in the Mountains 

You should be very careful while riding the motorcycle in the mountains and at high altitudes.

Small stones or rocks can puncture the tyre or can cause major damage to the tyre. To maintain the right pressure, you should subtract the 2 PSI from both tyres.

How to Measure the Air Pressure?

The tyre pressure gauge is used to measure the air pressure; you can find it at the service stations and auto parts stores.

Harley Davidson Tire Pressure Chart
Overview of a tire pressure gauge

But you can also buy a pressure gauge for yourself if you are a professional rider and ride your motorcycle on long routes.

Sometimes you cannot find a service station near your location and then that gauge will help you to measure the pressure.

You can check the air pressure by following the below steps:

1. First, remove the cap from the air valve on the tyre 

2. Now press the air gauge against the open valve stem for a second or two, then you will hear a hiss of the air 

3. Read the air gauge; on the normal gauges, dial points indicate how far the air pressure is pushed out

4. Now compare the showed number or air pressure to the recommended air pressure 

Every rider needs to understand the need for accurate tyre pressure. Because this is important for the safety of the rider and also for ride comfort.

So if you do not know the actual pressure recommendation for your motorcycle model then remember that the general tire pressure for most of the Harley models is 36 to 40 PSI.

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