Harley Exhaust Fitment Chart For Top 24 Models

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The Harley Exhaust Fitment Chart is your go-to resource for ensuring your Harley’s exhaust system fits perfectly. 

This indispensable tool provides detailed information about different exhaust systems and their compatibility with various Harley models. 

Harley Exhaust Fitment Chart

In this article you’ll get: 

  • Harley exhaust system has different types
  • Detailed exhaust fitment chart
  • Importance & impacts of exhaust fitment

Let’s dive in! 

Harley Exhaust Systems Types

Harley Davidson offers various exhaust systems, each with unique characteristics:

Harley Exhaust Fitment Chart

1. Two Into One Exhaust System

This type of exhaust combines the flow of gases from two pipes into one. In simple terms, the twin exhausts from the engine merge into a single pipe. 

The design enhances exhaust air velocity which can lead to improved engine performance. 

This system is known for creating a unique, deep exhaust note, which adds to the appeal for Harley riders. 

2. Two Into Two Exhaust System

In this setup, each of the two cylinders in your Harley’s engine has its own separate exhaust pipe. 

This allows each cylinder to expel exhaust gases independently, which leads to better expulsion efficiency and, consequently, improved engine performance. 

Because of this unique feature, many Harley enthusiasts prefer the 2-into-2 exhaust system. 

3. Two Into Two With Crossover

In this setup, each cylinder’s exhaust is directed out through its own pipe. A significant feature of this system is the ‘crossover’ pipe, which connects the two separate pipes. 

This crossover allows the exhaust gases from each cylinder to mix, creating a smoother flow and enhancing the motorcycle’s power. 

It’s an upgrade from the standard system that improves performance and also contributes to a unique, deeper exhaust note. 

4. Two Into Two Without Crossover

This design does not involve any crossover between the two pipes. Each pipe functions independently, delivering a clean and distinct sound. 

This system adds style to your Harley, offers a classic look and an aggressive roar that you’ll appreciate. 

Furthermore, it can boost your bike’s performance by allowing for a smoother and quicker exhaust flow. 

5. True Dual Exhaust Systems

A True Dual system provides each cylinder with its own separate exhaust pipe. This design enhances the bike appearance and improves its performance. 

The separate pipes eliminate the back pressure and allow the exhaust to exit more freely, potentially boosting horsepower. 

Also, True Dual systems produce a unique, distinctive rumble that many of you’ll find appealing. 

Harley Exhaust Fitment Chart

Here’s a chart of Harley Exhaust Fitment:

1. Harley Sports

Model Exhaust TypeMuffler Type
Nightster2-into-1Inside Header
Sportster S2-1-2Inside Muffler
Nightster Special2-into-1Inside Header

2. Harley Cruiser

Model Exhaust TypeMuffler Type
Lowrider S2-into-2Offset shotgun with catalyst inside muffler
Fat Boy 1142-into-2Staggered with the catalyst inside the muffler
Street Bob 1142-into-2Offset shotgun with catalyst inside the muffler
Low Rider ST2-into-2Offset shotgun with the catalyst inside the muffler
Fat Bob 1142-into-22-into-2, Shorty Dual with Catalyst inside muffler
Softail Standard2-into-2Offset shotgun with catalyst inside the muffler
Heritage Classic2-into-2Shorty Dual with Catalyst inside muffler
Breakout 1172-into-2Offset shotgun with catalyst inside the muffler

3. Harley American Grand Touring

Model Exhaust Type Muffler Type
Street Glide Special2-1-2Tapered mufflers
Ultra Limited2-1-2Tapered mufflers
Road Glide STDual exhaust (crossover)NA
Road Glide Limited2-1-2, 4Tapered mufflers
Road Glide2-1-2Tapered mufflers
Street Glide2-1-2Tapered mufflers
Electra Glide Highway King2-1-2Tapered mufflers
Street Glide STDual exhaust (crossover)NA
Road King Special2-1-2Tapered mufflers
Road Glide Special2-1-2Tapered mufflers
CVO Road Glide LimitedDual exhaust (crossover)NA

4. Harley Adventure Touring

ModelExhaust TypeMuffler Type
PAN America 1250 Special2-1-1Catalyst inside Header
Pan America 12502-1-1Catalyst inside Header

Why Exhaust Fitment is Important and Its Impact?

1. Performance Implications 

When the exhaust system is properly installed, it effectively removes the emissions generated by the engine and allows it to run more smoothly. 

This leads to improved fuel economy, enhanced power output, and an overall better driving experience. 

A well-fitted exhaust system also reduces the amount of harmful gases released into the environment and contributes to a cleaner environment. 

2. Sound and Aesthetic Implications 

On the other hand, a properly fitted exhaust system ensures an optimal and pleasant sound output

It reduces noise pollution and creates a satisfying auditory experience for both the rider and those around the motorcycle. 

In terms of aesthetics, an appropriately installed exhaust system boosts the visual appeal of your motorcycle. 

It can lend your motorcycle a sleek, polished look, signalling meticulous upkeep and attention to detail. 

3. Safety and Durability Implications

Improper exhaust system installation can lead to harmful gas leaks into the cabin, posing significant health risks to the rider. 

Therefore, correct fitment is vital to ensure the safety of all motorcycle occupants. On durability, a properly fitted exhaust system can last longer and perform efficiently. 

An ill-fitted system might experience increased wear and tear, leading to frequent repairs and replacements. 

4. According to Your Bike Model

First, you should ensure that you’re aware of your bike’s model and year, as exhausts are often designed to fit specific models. 

For example, a Street Glide exhaust might not fit a Softail. Next, you should consider bike’s performance needs.

If performance is your primary goal, you should look into full exhaust systems. They may be a bit pricier, but the performance enhancement is worth it. 

However, if you’re after that recognizable Harley rumble sound, slip-on mufflers are an excellent choice. 

You should also consider the exhaust style that complements your bike’s aesthetics; choose something that aligns with your bike’s design and your personal taste. 

5. Sound

The roar of your Harley should be satisfying and in tune with your personality. 

A louder, deeper sound often gives the perception of a powerful bike, while quieter tones might be preferred by riders who enjoy peaceful rides. 

Remember, it’s not just about volume, but the quality of the sound too. It should resonate well and not be too harsh or grating. 

6. Quality Materials

Stainless steel or chrome exhausts are durable and also resist rust, they provide longevity to your Harley. 

You should ensure that the exhaust you select is heavy-duty and built to withstand high temperatures.

As you know a quality exhaust will deliver an optimal balance between performance and noise control. 

So, remember, a higher price tag often represents superior materials and craftsmanship, leading to a better riding experience. 

7. Design

Harley Davidson exhausts come in different designs, such as slash cut, fishtail, and straight cut. Choose a style that complements your bike’s overall aesthetic.

Also, ensure the exhaust you choose fits your Harley Davidson model. The exhaust should not interfere with the bike’s other components or your riding comfort.

An efficient exhaust design will promote better airflow, which can improve your Harley Davidson’s horsepower and torque.

Assess Installation Process

When choosing a Harley Davidson Exhaust, assessing the installation process is a vital step. So, you should consider the complexity of the installation process

While some exhaust systems can be installed with basic tools and a moderate level of mechanical knowledge, others may require professional assistance. 

You should look for an exhaust with clear, comprehensive installation instructions. Also, check if the exhaust system includes all necessary mounting hardware. 

Check for Legal Compliance

Each state or region has specific laws and regulations regarding noise levels and emissions from motorcycle exhausts. 

So, always ensure the exhaust system you select complies with your local laws to avoid penalties or fines. 

You can choose an exhaust system that is stamped with EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) approval, as this typically indicates legal compliance in most areas. 

Bottom Line

The Harley exhaust fitment chart is an essential tool for Harley Davidson enthusiasts and mechanics alike. 

It provides clear and concise information on exhaust compatibility and helps you to ensure that your choice of exhaust will fit your specific Harley model. 

By utilizing this chart, you can avoid installation mishaps and maintain the superior performance and iconic sound of your motorcycle. 


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