Who Makes Harley Davidson Oil [Unveiling the Mystery]

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Harley Davidson are high-performance motorcycles that take special care in ensuring every component of the bikes, including the oil used.

Who Makes Harley Davidson Oil

However, the question of who makes Harley Davidson oil can intrigue many enthusiasts, given the critical role that oil plays in the smooth and efficient operation of these iconic motorcycles. 

In this article, we will dive into the specific manufacturers behind this crucial product and explore the unique formulation that makes Harley-Davidson oil a preferred choice for many.

Let’s dive in!

Who Makes Harley Davidson Oil

Harley Davidson’s oil, known for its superior quality and compatibility with its motorcycles, has been produced by various manufacturers over the years. 

The Harley Davidson oil is manufactured by oil giant group Sunoco, a US company.

Most Harley oils are manufactured by Sunoco, but some are manufactured by Citgo and other companies.

Where are The Harley Davidson Oils Made?

The Harley oils are manufactured in the US by Sunoco in Dallas, Texas US. Sunoco also refined and packed the oils by themselves.

Harley does not only get the oil from the US; they also get their oils from Canada and other countries.

What Type Of Harley Oils Are Available On The Market?

Harley-Davidson is a name that commands respect in the motorcycling world. The brand is synonymous with high-performance engines, unrivalled horsepower, and the quintessential American riding experience.

An essential factor in maintaining the superb performance of a Harley motorcycle is choosing the right oil type. 

Who Makes Harley Davidson Oil
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Three main types of oils are suitable for Harley bikes: mineral, synthetic, and semi-synthetic.

Minerals Oils 

Mineral Oils are petroleum-based products refined from crude oil. They have been used in engines for decades and are often preferred for older, classic Harley models. 

Mineral oils provide excellent lubrication, safeguarding the engine components from wear and heat. 

However, they do not possess the same high-temperature stability as synthetic oils, meaning they must be changed more frequently. 

Mineral oils are typically less expensive, making them a budget-friendly option for riders who prefer routine oil changes.

Synthetic Oils 

Synthetic Oils are man-made products designed to provide maximum engine protection. 

They are engineered to offer superior high-temperature stability, longer oil life, and enhanced engine performance. 

Synthetic oils resist breakdown better than mineral oils, allowing longer intervals between oil changes.

Although they are more expensive than mineral and synthetic oils, they can extend the life of your Harley’s engine and improve its performance. 

They are an excellent choice for newer models and those who demand the best from their motorcycles.

Semi-Synthetic Oils 

Semi-synthetic oils, as the name suggests, offer a compromise between mineral and synthetic oils. 

They comprise a blend of mineral oil and synthetic oil, taking on some characteristics of both.

Semi-synthetic oils provide better high-temperature stability than mineral oils and a longer life. 

At the same time, they are less expensive than fully synthetic oils. Semi-synthetic oils are an excellent middle-ground choice for Harley riders who want enhanced engine protection but are mindful of cost.

Are Harley Oils Good?

Harley-Davidson, a renowned name in the motorcycle industry, also produces its own line of oils specifically tailored to its engines’ requirements. 

Many users swear by Harley oils due to their superior performance and compatibility with their Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

Harley oils are specially formulated with high-grade ingredients that provide excellent lubrication, ensuring the engine runs smoothly and efficiently. 

Their high viscosity index ensures they maintain their viscosity at various temperatures, protecting the engine component from wear and tear.

Harley oils boast impressive heat resistance. The oils are designed to withstand the heat, reducing the risk of oil breakdown and preserving the engine’s longevity.

Moreover, these oils are tailored to meet the specific demands of the Harley’s V-twin engines. 

These oils prevent the formation of sludge and deposit buildup, keeping the engine clean, efficient, and performing at its best.

Harley oils are generally considered good, particularly for those who ride Harley-Davidson motorcycles. 

They offer specific advantages such as high heat resistance and superior performance, which make them worth considering despite their slightly higher price.

What Are The Alternatives Of Harley Oils?

Harley Davidson’s line of motorcycle-specific oils gathered a lot of attention due to the brand’s well-established reputation for quality and performance.

However, there are alternative oils that offer similar benefits for your motorcycle. Some of them are mentioned below.

Motul Synthetic Oils

Motul Synthetic Oils are renowned for their thermal stability and anti-oxidation properties. 

They offer excellent engine protection, particularly in hot operating conditions, and help to reduce engine wear and tear.

These oils are known for maintaining their viscosity even under extreme pressure, ensuring efficient lubrication.

Redline Full Synthetic Oils 

They are formulated with ester base stocks with inherent multi-grade properties, enabling them to perform well across a wide range of temperatures.

Redline oils contain more zinc and phosphorus, which provide superior anti-wear protection, making them an excellent choice for high-performance motorcycles.

Amsoil Synthetic Oils

They are formulated with premium synthetic base oils, and their unique additive package provides superior, long-lasting wear protection. 

It also helps maintain peak performance by effectively cleaning the engine and improving fuel efficiency. 

These oils are tested to excel in extreme conditions and offer extended drain intervals, which can save time and money.

Mobile1 Synthetic Oils 

They are engineered to keep your motorcycle running smoothly and efficiently. 

Their synthetic formulation helps to resist thermal breakdown and reduces oil sludge, ensuring a clean, healthy engine. 

They also offer excellent cold-weather starting and fast protection to help extend engine life.


Harley-Davidson, the iconic American motorcycle manufacturer, Sunoco, and its own line of motorcycles produce oils.

The oil is specifically engineered to meet the rigorous demands of high-performance engines, ensuring optimal functionality and longevity. 


What kind of oil does Harley-Davidson use?

Harley-Davidson motorcycles typically use Harley-Davidson’s own proprietary motor oils. 

Their 360 Motorcycle Oil is a common choice, specifically designed to handle the high operating temperatures and heavy loads of their engines. 

However, they also offer other options, such as the Screamin’ Eagle Synthetic Motorcycle Oil, for higher performance. 

Is Harley oil synthetic?

Harley oil is not inherently synthetic. However, they provide a synthetic option called Harley-Davidson Screamin’ Eagle SYN3 Full Synthetic Motorcycle Lubricant. 

SYN3 is designed to protect the engine, transmission, and primary chain case. 

It can be used in all three compartments of Harley-Davidson V-Twin motorcycles from 1984 to the present, offering full synthetic benefits.

Can I use car oil in my Harley?

Using car oil in the Harley-Davidson motorcycle is generally not advisable. 

Most car oils lack the necessary additives that are specifically designed to protect motorcycle engines and transmissions. 

On the other hand, car oil is typically designed for lubricating car engines and may not have the same protective qualities when used on a motorcycle. 

Harley-Davidson motorcycles use the same oil to lubricate the engine, clutch, and transmission as the other motorcycles.

Therefore, they require a specialized oil to handle all these tasks efficiently. 

Can you use regular oil in a Harley?

While it’s technically possible to use regular automobile oil in a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, it’s not recommended. 

Harley-Davidson engines are air-cooled and operate at higher temperatures than most automobile engines. 

They require specific oils specially formulated to resist breaking down under these conditions. 

Regular automobile oil might not provide the same level of protection and could potentially shorten your engine’s lifespan. 

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