Check Honda NC700X 6 Problems Before Buying

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The Honda NC700X, renowned for its versatility and efficiency, has been a favorite among motorcycle enthusiasts. 

Honda Nc700x Problems

However, like any vehicle, it isn’t without its issues. This article will dive into the common problems faced by NC700X owners.

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Honda Nc700x Problems

The Honda Nc700x is known for its durability and performance but is not without its quirks.

Here are some common problems reported by the owners over time.

1. Chain Failure 

The Honda NC700X relies on a chain drive system to transfer power from the engine to the rear wheel. 

While the NC700X is considered a reliable and well-engineered motorcycle, some owners have reported issues related to chain failure. 

Here are some reports related to the chain failure.

Premature Chain Wear

Some NC700X owners have reported premature chain wear, even with regular maintenance and lubrication. 

It can be due to various factors such as manufacturing defects, improper chain tension, or the use of low-quality chain lubricants. 

Premature wear can lead to reduced efficiency, increased noise, and, in extreme cases, chain breakage. 

Regular inspections and ensuring the chain is lubricated can resolve this issue.

Chain Stretching

Over time, all chains stretch due to the constant tension and load which they experience. 

However, some NC700X users have noticed excessive chain stretching in relatively short periods. 

This stretching can lead to poor gear shifts, reduced power transfer, and increased sprocket wear. 

Chain Rusting

While it is not exclusive to the NC700X, some owners have reported rusting issues.

Especially when the bike is exposed to wet conditions frequently or stored in damp environments. 

Using a high-quality chain lubricant with rust inhibitors and storing the motorcycle in a dry environment can help prevent this problem.

2. DCT Transmission ERROR

The Honda NC700X offers an automatic Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) option. While the DCT has been praised for its smooth shifting and ease of use.

However, some users have reported issues related to the Dct transmission.

Here are the detailed issues that are frequently reported by riders.

Delayed Gear Engagement

One of the most commonly reported issues with the NC700X’s DCT is a delay in gear engagement. 

Some riders have noted a noticeable lag between the moment they twist the throttle and when the bike starts moving. 

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It can be particularly dangerous in situations that require quick throttle responses, such as merging onto highways or overtaking. 

Abrupt Downshifts

Another problem faced by some riders is the DCT’s tendency to downshift abruptly. It can be unsettling when leaning into a curve. 

An unexpected downshift can upset the bike’s balance, potentially leading to a loss of control. 

This issue seems more prevalent when the motorcycle is in its automatic mode, as opposed to the manual mode, where the rider has more control over gear changes.

Inconsistent Shifting Patterns

The DCT’s computer system is designed to adapt to a rider’s style and provide optimal gear changes based on various factors like speed, throttle input, and engine load. 

However, some riders have reported that sometimes the DCT is inconsistent in its shifting patterns. 

Honda Nc700x Problems

3. Speedometer Glitches 

One of the most commonly reported speedometer issues with the Honda NC700X is erratic speed readings. 

Some riders have observed that the speedometer suddenly jumps to a higher speed or drops to a lower speed without any corresponding change in the actual speed of the motorcycle. 

It can be disconcerting, especially when trying to maintain a consistent speed in traffic or on highways.

Inaccurate Speed Display

Another issue that has been reported is the speedometer displaying an inaccurate speed

The motorcycle travels at 60 mph, the speedometer might show 55 mph or 65 mph. 

Intermittent Functioning

Some owners have reported that their speedometers intermittently stop working altogether. 

This means that the speedometer might function correctly for a while and then suddenly go blank or freeze, showing no change in speed even when the motorcycle is in motion.

4. Stalling At Lower RPMs 

The Honda NC700X is generally known for its reliability and innovative design. 

However, no machine is exempt from occasional issues, and some owners have reported problems related to stalling at lower RPMs. 

Here are the possible causes for this issue.

Common Causes

One of the primary reasons for stalling at lower RPMs can be linked to the fuel system

Clogged fuel injectors or dirty fuel filters, or issues with the fuel pump can restrict the flow of fuel to the engine. 

It can cause the engine to starve at lower RPMs, leading to stalling. Regular maintenance or cleaning the fuel system can prevent such issues.

Air Intake and Filter

The engine requires a precise mixture of air and fuel for optimal combustion. Clogged or dusty air filter can restrict air flow, creating an imbalanced air-fuel mixture. 

It can cause the motorcycle to stall, especially at lower RPMs where the engine might already be operating at a borderline air-fuel ratio.

Idle Setting

The NC700X, like other modern motorcycles, has an electronic idle control. If this is set too low or if there’s a malfunction, the motorcycle can stall when the throttle is released. 

In order to solve the issue, checking and adjusting the idle setting can often resolve this issue.

5. Seat Discomfort 

The stock seat of the Honda NC700X has been described by some riders as being too firm, leading to discomfort during longer rides. 

The shape and contour of the seat might not be suitable for all body types, leading to pressure points and reduced blood flow. 

Over time, it can result in numbness and soreness, particularly in the buttock and thigh areas.

Material and Padding

The material used in the stock seat might not provide adequate cushioning for some riders. 

Some riders have mentioned that the padding feels thin, not offering enough support, especially during longer journeys.

6. Windshield Issues

One of the most common complaints from NC700X riders is wind buffeting

It refers to the turbulent air that hits the rider, especially around the helmet area, causing discomfort and noise. 

The stock windshield is designed to provide a balance between aesthetics and functionality, but some riders reported that it does not offer adequate wind protection

Limited Height Adjustment

The stock windshield on the NC700X offers limited adjustability in terms of height

It can be problematic for riders who are either taller or shorter than average, as they might not find the optimal wind protection position. 

An ill-positioned windshield can direct wind straight into the rider’s face or helmet, exacerbating the buffeting issue.

Durability Concerns

Some owners have reported that the stock windshield develops cracks or breaks after minor impacts or due to wear and tear

Visibility Issues 

Over time, the windshield develops scratches or becomes cloudy, especially if cleaned with harsh chemicals or abrasive materials. 

It can impair the rider’s visibility, especially in weather conditions like rain or fog.

Honda Nc700x User Reviews 

“I have 30 thousand miles on my motorcycle, and I replace the sprockets and chain after about every 25 thousand miles.

I also change the filter and oil every 8,000 miles. I have also changed the rear tire after every season, and I will be changing the front tire and braking this weekend for the first time.

I noticed that my fork seals need to be replaced as soon as possible. While I have not seen them leaking yet, I will wait until I see the visual clue.

With that being said, I love it, and I will ride it until I die or it dies, whichever comes first.”


“As with the engine, handling feels effortless. The engine carries low frames and an empty space for the helmet where the tank should be, given the low centre of gravity of the bike.

Suspension is budget, but the forks are damped strong enough to give a feel and hold the bike under the heavy braking.

Honda makes a big deal about the NCS slim build and it aids city riding, making it easy to make around.

So much so that the daunting wet weight of 218 kg does not come into it.”



What is the fuel consumption of NC700?

The Honda NC700 series has a fuel consumption of around 68 mpg (miles per gallon), depending on riding conditions and style.

What is the top speed of a Honda NC700X?

The Honda NC700X has a top speed of approximately 115 mph (185 km/h). 

However, actual speeds can vary based on factors like rider weight, modifications, and environmental conditions.

How long does NC700 last?

With proper maintenance, Honda NC700 motorcycles can exceed 100,000 miles.

Wrapping Up 

The Honda NC700X, known for its fuel efficiency, innovative storage solutions, and versatility, is not without issues.

Some riders have reported concerns related to windshield, stalling at low RPMs, and seat discomfort. 

However, it’s crucial to note that no motorcycle is perfect, and the problems associated with the NC700X are relatively minor compared to its overall performance and value.

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