Honda Grom Vs Navi (Choose the Best)

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Honda provides compact and street-friendly motorcycles, and choosing the best one for yourself is challenging. Then here comes two bikes catching users’ eyes recently: the Honda Grom and the Honda Navi. 

Honda Grom Vs Navi

If you need clarification about choosing the best one from both bikes, don’t worry; we must work harder and write this guide article after testing both bikes.

Don’t worry because you can choose the best one for yourself at the end of this article according to your preferences. 

Let’s dive into:

Which is the Best, the Honda Grom or the Navi?

First, we will take a glance at both bikes separately and then will compare them to see the difference of both bikes. So, let’s dive into the adventure:

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Differences between Honda Grom and Honda Navi

In some markets, the Honda Grom (also known as the MSX125) and the Honda Navi are both small-displacement motorcycles from Honda.

Honda Grom Vs Navi

Still, they have distinct characteristics, purposes, and markets. Here’s a comparison based on various features:

Design and Appearance

Honda Grom has a mini-streetfighter look, resembling a miniature sport bike. It is popular among riders due to its compact and aggressive stance.

The Navi is more like a blend between a scooter and a motorcycle. It looks like a mini-bike but has design elements borrowed from scooters.


Honda Grom typically comes with a 125cc, single-cylinder, four-stroke engine.

But the Honda Navi comes with a 109.19cc, single-cylinder, four-stroke engine derived from the Honda Activa, a popular scooter in the market.

Honda Grom Vs Navi


Honda Grom offers a manual 4-speed transmission, making it more like a traditional motorcycle in terms of riding experience.

On the other hand, Navi uses a V-Matic transmission, essentially an automatic transmission similar to what you would find on a scooter.


Honda Grom is often used for city commuting, fun rides, and even for stunting by some enthusiasts. Its manual transmission offers a more engaged riding experience.

But Navi is primarily designed for urban commuting. It’s easy to ride and manoeuvre, especially for those uncomfortable with manual transmissions.

Market and Popularity

Honda Grom is prevalent in many global markets, including the U.S., where riders appreciate its unique style and the fun factor it brings to city commuting.

Honda Grom Vs Navi

Initially, Honda Navi targeted the Indian market; it’s designed to be an affordable and easy-to-ride option for urban commuters.

Customization and Accessories

Honda Grom due to its popularity, a wide range of aftermarket parts are available for the Grom, allowing riders to customize it extensively.

While Navi might have some customization options, they’re less extensive than the Grom’s.


Honda Grom is generally more expensive than the Navi due to its larger engine and more motorcycle-like features.

Navi is positioned as a more budget-friendly option, especially in markets like India.

Honda Grom will cost you almost $3500-$3600; Navi comes in nearly $1800-$1900, almost half of the Grom. 

Suspension and Brakes

Honda Grom features a more motorcycle-like suspension setup with inverted forks at the front. Braking is typically handled by disc brakes both at the front and rear.

But when we see the Navi, it has a more straightforward suspension setup, more in line with scooters. 

Features/Specification Honda Grom Honda Navi 
Type Mini Street Motorcycle Mini-Moto Scooter
Engine 124.9 cc109.19 cc
Power Approx 9.7 hp Approx 7.9 hp  
Torque Almost 10.5 Nm Almost 8.9 Nm
Transmission 4-Speed Manual V-Matic 
Fuel System Fuel Injection Carburetor 
Front Suspension Upside Down Fork Telescopic Fork 
Rear Suspension Mono ShockSpring Loaded Hydraulic Type 
Brakes Front/RearDisc/Disc Drum/Drum 
Fuel Capacity Approx 5.5 Liters Approx 3.8 Liters 
Weight 1o4 Kg 101 Kg 
Seat Hight 765 mm765 mm
Tyers Front/RearBoth 12 InchesBoth 10 inches 
Price Range $3500-$3600$1800-$1900

Pros and Cons Honda Grom and Honda Navi

Before making the results, you should glance at the pros and cons of both bikes so it becomes easier to choose the best one for your preferences. 

Pros and Cons Honda Grom


  • Fuel Efficiency
  • Maneuverability
  • Low Maintenance
  • Customization
  • Learning Platform
  • Smaller Size


  • Limited Speed
  • Limited Range
  • Cargo Space is Less
  • Less Resale Value
  • Much Expensive

Pros and Cons Honda Navi


  • Compact Design
  • Affordable Price
  • Lightweight
  • Fuel Efficiency
  • Customization
  • Automatic Transmission
  • Storage


  • Limited Power
  • No Front Disc Brake
  • Limited Features
  • Small Fuel Tank
  • Stability Concerns

Honda Grom Review 

Design and Aesthetics

The Honda Grom captures attention with its compact design, aggressive styling, and playful aesthetics.

Over the years, Honda has made minor tweaks to its design, ensuring it remains modern and appealing. Its small stature makes it look approachable, especially for new riders.

Honda Grom Vs Navi


Powered by a 125cc single-cylinder engine, the Grom isn’t built for speed, but that’s not its purpose. It delivers enough power for city commuting, zipping through traffic, and having fun.

With a top speed of around 55-60 mph, it’s best suited for city roads rather than highways.

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One of the most celebrated aspects of the Grom is its handling. Its lightweight frame and nimble design make it incredibly fun to ride.

The Grom is responsive and forgiving whether you’re weaving through city traffic or taking on twisty roads.

Honda Grom Vs Navi


Considering its mini-bike status, the Grom offers a surprisingly comfortable ride. The seating position is upright, and the controls are within easy reach.

However, taller riders might be a bit cramped for longer rides.


The Grom is incredibly fuel-efficient, often achieving 100+ mpg. This, combined with its affordable price tag, makes it a cost-effective option for new and experienced riders.


One of the standout features of the Grom is its customizable nature. The aftermarket support for this mini-bike is vast, allowing riders to personalize and tweak their Groms to their liking.

From exhaust systems to body kits, the possibilities are extensive.


While the Grom is a favourite among new riders due to its approachability, it also has a cult following among experienced riders.

Many appreciate its fun factor and use it as a secondary bike for city commutes or short joy rides.

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  • Not suitable for highway speeds or long-distance travelling.
  • Limited power might only be for some, especially those looking for adrenaline-pumping performance.
  • Taller riders might find the space limiting.

Honda Navi Review

Design and Styling

The Honda Navi stands out in the crowd due to its quirky design. It’s a cross between a scooter and a motorcycle, giving it a distinct look.

Honda Grom Vs Navi

It is compact, which makes it ideal for zipping through city traffic. The minimalistic design may appeal to younger riders or those seeking something unconventional.

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Engine and Performance

The Navi is powered by a 109.19cc engine borrowed from the Honda Activa. This engine produces around 8 bhp of maximum power and 8.96 Nm of peak torque.

While these figures aren’t groundbreaking, they are sufficient for city commuting. The Navi’s light weight enhances its agility and quick response.

Ride and Handling

With its small 10-inch front and 10-inch rear wheels, the Navi is nimble and easy to handle. It can easily manoeuvre through tight spaces, making it a good option for congested city roads.

However, it may not feel as stable on highways or at higher speeds as traditional motorcycles.

Comfort and Ergonomics

The seating might feel a tad small for larger riders, given its compact size. However, for short city rides, it offers decent comfort.

Honda Grom Vs Navi

The upright seating position is ergonomic, reducing rider fatigue on longer journeys.

Fuel Efficiency

Being powered by the same engine as the Activa, the Honda Navi offers commendable fuel efficiency, making it economical for daily commuting.

Price and Value

One of the major selling points of the Navi is its affordable price tag. The Navi is a compelling option for those on a budget looking for a two-wheeler that stands out.


The Honda Grom and Honda Navi are both remarkable two-wheelers, each catering to a distinct audience. The Grom, with its sportier appearance and higher power output, appeals to those seeking a compact street bike experience.

Its performance and build quality are suited for urban commuting and weekend rides. On the other hand, the Honda Navi, with its scooter-inspired design, is more accessible to a broader range of riders.

It’s perfect for daily commutes, especially in congested cities, due to its lightweight nature and ease of manoeuvrability.

When deciding between the two, potential buyers should consider their primary bike use, budget, and personal style preferences. Both bikes embody Honda’s reputation for reliability, which concerns individual needs and desires.

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