Honda Grom Weight Limit (Tested How much it is?)

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Honda Grom Weight Limit

The Honda Grom is a distinctive mini motorcycle, and it has gained popularity for its compact size and agile manoeuvrability. 

While this Bike stands out for its ease of use and playful design, it is essential to be cognizant of its weight limitations. A clear understanding of its weight capacity ensures safety and maintains the Bike’s performance.

We will explore in this article the weight limits for the newer and older models of the Honda Grom.

Let’s dive in!

An Overview of Honda Grom

The Honda Grom, also known as the MSX125, is a compact and elegant motorcycle that has gained immense popularity among all ages since its introduction in 2013. 

Its unique blend of playful design, affordability, and manageable 125cc engine makes it a favorite for city commuting, beginner riders, and enthusiasts looking for a fun ride.

Its 30-inch seat height makes it accessible for riders of varying sizes. 

Its lightweight frame and modest power output make the Grom easy to handle, especially in tight spaces. 

Its fuel efficiency is another notable characteristic that makes it economical for daily use.

Grom’s design is modern with a hint of aggression and characterized by its LED headlight, sleek body panels, and bold colour options

It doesn’t just cater to the commuting crowd and fosters a robust customization community, with many owners opting to modify their Groms to reflect their styles.

The Honda Grom is more than just a motorcycle; it’s a culture that combines practicality with fun, ensuring its place in the hearts of many riders worldwide.

Weight limit of new and old Honda Grom

Honda Grom started production in 2013 and has produced various models.

Older Models (2013-2020)

The Honda Grom was introduced in 2013. From its inception until 2020, the weight limit remained the same.

Weight (without fluids)

Approximately 229 pounds (104 kg)

Carrying Capacity

Though the exact weight limit for passengers and cargo isn’t mentioned explicitly in the official owner’s manual, a consensus among owners and riders suggests a maximum carrying capacity of about 220 pounds (100 kg).

While the Grom can carry heavier riders, it might lead to quicker wear and tear on the Bike, reduced performance, and potential safety issues.

Newer Models (2021 and beyond)

Honda released a revamped Grom in 2021 with several updates, including a new engine, design tweaks, and improved ergonomics

However, the weight and carrying capacity remained relatively consistent.

Weight (without fluids)

Approximately 231 pounds (105 kg)

Carrying Capacity

The carrying capacity for the newer models remains in the ballpark of 220 pounds (100 kg). It includes the rider, any potential passenger, and cargo.

Things to consider while putting weight on your Honda Grom

Here are vital considerations when adding weight to your Honda Grom.

Manufacturer’s Specifications 

Before making any modifications or adding weight, always consult the user manual or manufacturer’s specifications

It will indicate the maximum allowable weight (combined weight of rider, passenger, and cargo) for the Grom.

Weight Distribution

Distributing the weight evenly is essential. Uneven weight distribution can significantly affect balance and handling

When adding saddlebags or rear luggage, make sure to distribute the weight on both sides.

Suspension Setup

The Grom’s stock suspension is calibrated for a specific weight range. Adding extra weight might necessitate adjusting or even upgrading your suspension components, especially the rear shock, to maintain comfort and performance.

Tire Pressure and Condition

The weight will put more strain on the tires. Always ensure they are in good condition and inflated to the manufacturer’s recommended pressure. 

If you frequently carry heavier loads, consider upgrading to more robust tires.


Extra weight requires more braking force. Ensure that the stopping distances you increase while braking. 

Consider upgrading your brake pads, rotors, or even the entire braking system if you consistently carry more weight.

Acceleration and Fuel Efficiency

More weight means the engine has to work harder. It can lead to slower acceleration and reduced fuel efficiency. 

Be prepared for this change in the Bike’s performance and adjust your riding style accordingly.

Stability and Handling 

With additional weight, especially if high up or towards the rear, the Grom’s centre of gravity will shift, potentially affecting its nimbleness and stability. 

Practice in a safe environment before riding on the roads, especially if you’re new to riding with the added weight.

Accessory Mounts and Racks

Use mounts and racks designed specifically for the Honda Grom if adding luggage or accessories.

Passenger Considerations

If you’re considering carrying a passenger, ensure your Grom has adequate footpegs and seating

Always ensure that your and the passenger’s combined weight should not exceed the manufacturer’s maximum weight limit. 

It would help if you informed the passenger about basic safety rules, such as holding onto you, leaning with you during turns, and keeping their feet on the pegs at all times.

Regular Maintenance Checks

Carrying extra weight can lead to increased wear and tear on various motorcycle components. 

Regularly inspect the suspension, brakes, tires, and frame. It will ensure your Grom remains in optimal and safe operating condition.

Riding Skills and Experience

If you’re inexperienced with carrying extra weight or a passenger on a motorcycle, take it slow. 

Start by practising low-speed manoeuvres in an open area to get accustomed to the changes in the Bike’s behaviour.

Legal Implications

In some regions, modifications or exceeding certain weight limits could have legal implications, including potential fines or the nullification of insurance. 

Always check local regulations before making modifications.

How does weight affect the Bike?

Weight plays a pivotal role in a bike’s performance, efficiency, and handling. Firstly, a heavier bike requires more effort to accelerate, climb, or maintain speed, mainly uphill. Lighter bikes allow for quicker acceleration and more agile handling. The distribution of weight also affects stability. 

Bikes with a lower centre of gravity are generally more stable and easier to control, particularly at slower speeds. 

Bikes with a higher centre of gravity or with uneven weight distribution can feel tippy or unpredictable.

More weight can provide better grip, especially in wet or off-road conditions, but can also increase tire wear and braking distances.


Can a Honda Grom hold two people?

The Honda Grom is designed with a seat accommodating a rider and a passenger. 

The combined weight of both individuals should be at most the Bike’s recommended weight limit to ensure safety and optimal performance. 

What weight is a Honda Grom?

The Honda Grom, a compact street motorcycle, typically weighs approximately 229 pounds (104 kg) when fully ready to ride. 

Its lightweight design contributes to its agility and ease of handling, making it popular among novice and experienced riders. 

Is the Honda Grom a pocket bike?

Honda Grom is not considered a pocket bike. While compact and smaller than most standard motorcycles, it’s much larger than a pocket bike. 

Grom is a street-legal mini motorcycle designed for full-sized adults, whereas pocket bikes are miniaturized motorcycles often used for recreational purposes and not typically street-legal. 

The Grom combines the benefits of a small size with the capabilities of a regular motorcycle.

Wrapping Up 

The Honda Grom, a popular mini motorcycle, is designed for versatility and fun, but it has limitations like all vehicles. 

Its recommended weight limit ensures the safety of the rider and the optimal performance of the Bike. 

Exceeding the limit can cause handling, braking, and overall riding experience issues. You should adhere to the manufacturer’s specifications to guarantee safety, longevity, and the best riding experience.

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