Honda Grom Top Speed (Tested How much KM/H)

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The Honda Grom, known for its compact design and nimble handling, has gathered a popularity among motorcycle enthusiasts. 

While it may not be the fastest bike on the market, many riders are curious about its top speed. 

With its 125cc engine, the Grom’s performance is surprisingly spirited for its size. In this article, we’ll dive into the top speed of the Honda Grom and what factors can influence it.

Whether you’re a potential buyer or just a curious enthusiast, read on to find out more about the Honda Grom.

Let’s dive in!

How Fast Does Honda Grom Go?

The Honda Grom, also known as the MSX125 and it is a compact motorcycle with a 125cc engine. 

Its top speed is typically around 55-60 mph (88-96 km/h) but most of the riders reported that it can rev up to 72 mph.

The speed is also dependent on various factors like rider weight, terrain, and modifications. 

In fact not a specific speed is confirmed among the grom models as the riders and enthusiasts share the different speeds of different models.

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Here is the top speeds of various modes of Honda grom:

YearOfficial Top SpeedHighest Claimed Top SpeedHighest Claimed Modded Top Speed
202259 mph73 mphNA
202054 mph62 mphNA
201656 mph62 mph78 mph
201455 mph65 mph72 mph

The factors which affect the Honda Grom speed

Honda grom is not built for high-speed racing, it is a fun and nimble machine that can be surprisingly quick in the right conditions. 

However, several factors can influence its speed.


Uphill vs. Downhill

The gradient of the road plays a significant role in determining the speed.

When you’re riding uphill, the small engine has to work harder against gravity, which reduces its speed. 

Conversely, when going downhill, gravity assists the bike, allowing it to reach higher speeds than on a flat surface.

Flat Terrain

On flat terrains, it can maintain a consistent speed, but its top speed might still be influenced by other factors like weight, modifications, and riding skills.


Rider’s Weight

The weight of the rider can significantly affect the speed. A lighter rider will generally allow the bike to accelerate faster and potentially reach a higher top speed.

In contrast, a heavier rider might reduce the bike’s acceleration and top speed.

Cargo and Accessories

Carrying additional weight in terms of cargo or adding heavy accessories can also reduce the speed.

You should be mindful of the load you’re carrying, especially on a bike.

Specs and Mods

Engine Specifications

The grom comes with a 125cc engine. While it’s peppy for its size, it’s not designed for high-speed performance. 

However, the engine’s state of tune, maintenance, and overall health can influence its performance.


Many enthusiasts modify their bikes to enhance performance. Upgrades like a performance exhaust, air intake systems, or even engine modifications which can increase the speed. 

However, you should ensure that any mods are compatible with local regulations and don’t compromise on the bike’s safety.

Your Riding Skills

Throttle Control 

An ability to manage the throttle effectively can influence the speed. Smooth throttle application can help maintain a consistent speed, while abrupt changes can reduce efficiency.

Gear Shifting

Efficient gear shifting can also help to maintain the momentum, especially when accelerating or climbing hills.

Body Position

If you tucks in and reduces wind resistance you can achieve higher speeds than one sitting upright.

The Riding Terrains

Road Surface

A smooth road surface allows for better traction and can help to maintain higher speeds. 

On the other hand, rough or uneven surfaces can reduce speed and also affect stability.

Weather Conditions 

Riding in wet or slippery conditions can reduce the speed as the tires might not grip as effectively. 

Tips to make your Honda Grom faster 

There are various factors to consider so you can improve your Honda Grom performance. Here are some tips to make your bike faster:

Reduce the Overall Weight

Reducing the weight of the motorcycle can significantly improve its acceleration and overall performance. 

Aftermarket Parts 

Replace stock parts with lighter aftermarket alternatives and consider swapping out the stock exhaust for a lighter exhaust. 

It will not not only reduce weight, but it also improves exhaust flow and potentially increases horsepower.

Remove Unnecessary Components

If you don’t need the passenger pegs or certain guards then you must consider removing them and ensure you’re not compromising on safety.

Lightweight Battery 

Opt for a lightweight lithium-ion battery instead of the stock lead-acid battery. It will also save a few pounds and offer better cranking power.

Replace the Fork Oil

By replacing the fork oil, you can achieve better handling and top speeds.

Choose the Right Viscosity 

Fork oil comes in different viscosities. A thicker oil will stiffen up the front suspension, making it more responsive.

Regular Maintenance 

Over time, fork oil can degrade and collect contaminants. Regularly changing the fork oil ensures optimal performance and longevity of the fork seals.

Consider Upgraded Fork Springs

If you’re serious about improving the front suspension, consider pairing your fork oil change with stiffer aftermarket fork springs; it will give you a more significant performance.

Upgrade the Brakes

While upgrading the brakes might not directly make your bike faster in terms of top speed, it will allow you to brake  later and harder, which can improve overall lap times and make your rides safer.

Performance Brake Pads

Swap out the stock brake pads for high-performance ones. These pads offer better bite and can handle higher temperatures without fading.

Stainless Steel Brake Lines

Replace the rubber brake lines with stainless steel braided lines due to these lines expanding less under pressure and providing a firmer and more consistent brake feel.

Larger Brake Discs 

Consider upgrading to larger brake discs. They will provide more surface area for the brake pads to grip. 

Before purchasing it ensure that the discs are compatible with your bike wheel size and callipers.

Brake Fluid

Use high-quality brake fluid and ensure it’s changed regularly. Over time, brake fluid can absorb moisture which reduces its effectiveness. 

Due to a high-performance brake fluid can handle higher temperatures and provide consistent braking performance.


Can you make a Honda Grom fast?

The Honda Grom is a small, lightweight motorcycle that has gained a cult following due to its fun factor, affordability. 

While it is not designed to be a speed demon, there are several ways to increase its performance. 

One of the most drastic ways to increase the speed is to swap out its stock 125cc engine for a larger one. 

A more common way is to install a big bore kit, which will increase the engine’s displacement. 

Replacing the stock exhaust will improve the flow of exhaust gases which leads to a slight increase in power. 

Upgrading the air intake system can allow the engine to breathe better, potentially increasing performance. 

Can a Grom go on the freeway?

The Honda Grom is not designed for freeway speeds. While it might reach speeds over 55 mph.

It’s not recommended for sustained freeway travel due to safety and performance limitations. Always check local laws to determine if it’s legal to ride on the freeway.

What CC is a Honda Grom?

The Honda Grom is equipped with a 125cc engine and is known for its agility and fun factor which makes it popular among urban riders and beginners.

Is a Honda Grom a sportbike?

The Honda Grom is not classified as a sportbike. It’s a mini street motorcycle. 

While it has a sporty appearance it lacks the power, speed, and performance features typical of sportbikes. 

It is popular for its fun factor, ease of maneuverability, and affordability which makes it a favourite among urban riders and beginners. 

But it doesn’t offer the high-speed capabilities and aggressive riding dynamics which are usually associated with true sportbikes.

Wrapping Up 

The Honda Grom is known for its compact size and playful appearance and has gathered significant attention for its performance capabilities. 

With a top speed around 55-60 mph, it’s evident that it isn’t built for high-speed highway runs or racing on long stretches. 

Instead, its strength lies in its agility, ease of use, and urban commuting efficiency. 

If you’re seeking a nimble ride for city streets or a beginner-friendly motorcycle, then it is an excellent choice.

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