What Happens If You Ride Honda Grom on Highway? Myths Vs Facts

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The Honda Grom is a compact and elegant motorcycle, and it has gained popularity among enthusiasts for its unique blend of fun and functionality. 

However, a common question that arises among potential buyers and riders is whether it is legal on highways.

are honda groms highway legal

The answer to this question varies based on regional regulations and the specific requirements for highway-approved vehicles. 

In this article, we will dive into the complete details of whether Honda Groms are highway-legal or not.

Let’s dive in!

Are Honda Groms Highway Legal?

The Honda Grom is not highway-legal in some states due to its small engine capacity and lowest top speed.

If you need clarification on the rules in your area, consult local law enforcement or the relevant transportation department.

Here’s a detailed look at the Honda Grom highway legal:

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Engine Displacement and Power

The Honda Grom features a 125 cc engine. In many states, the engine displacement and power requirements are higher than 150 cc for motorcycles to be highway-legal. 

are honda groms highway legal

So, in this case, the Honda Grom’s 125cc engine falls short of this requirement.

Speed Capabilities

Another consideration is the motorcycle’s top speed. Highways often have minimum speed limits.

If a motorcycle cannot maintain that speed, it might not be safe or legal to operate on the highway. 

The Honda Grom’s top speed is around 55-60 mph (88-96 km/h) under ideal conditions.¬†

It might be adequate for some highways, especially with lower speed limits, but it could be insufficient for significant interstates or freeways with higher minimum speed limits.

Local and State Regulations

The most crucial factor determining the highway legality of the Honda Grom is the specific regulations of the country, state, or region where you will ride it. 

The U.S. highway legality is determined at the state level, and some states might allow 125 cc motorcycles on the highway, while others might not. 

Equipment and Safety Features 

Highway-legal motorcycles often need to have specific equipment, such as mirrors, turn signals, headlights, and brake lights. 

The Honda Grom comes equipped with these features, so it generally meets equipment requirements for highway use.

Why is the Honda Grom Not Allowed on Highways?

Honda Grom is a fun and elegant motorcycle for city riding, and its limitations make it less suitable for highway use. 

It has a low engine displacement and lower top speed to be legal on the highways.

The “law of 150 cc” specifically bans motorcycles with engine displacements under 150 cc from highways.

Here’s a detailed explanation of why smaller motorcycles like the Honda Grom should not be allowed on highways.

Safety Concerns 

Highways are designed for high-speed traffic. Motorcycles with smaller engines, like the Honda Grom, may not be able to maintain the minimum speed required for safe highway operation. 

It can create a dangerous situation where the faster vehicles come up behind slower-moving motorcycles, which increases the risk of rear-end collisions.

Performance Limitations

The Honda Grom has a 125 cc engine and is not designed for sustained high-speed travel.

Prolonged operation at top speeds can lead to engine wear and potential issues.

are honda groms highway legal

Lack of Visibility

Due to their smaller size, motorcycles like the Honda Grom can be more challenging for other motorists to see, especially in high-speed highway conditions, which increases the risk of accidents.

Local Regulations 

Many states have specific laws and regulations that dictate the minimum engine displacement or power output required for a motorcycle to be legally operated on a highway. 

For example, in U.S. states, a motorcycle must have an engine displacement of at least 150cc to be highway-legal.


Can you go off-road with a Honda Grom?

The Honda Grom is primarily designed for street use. While it can handle light off-road conditions, it’s not built for off-road trails. 

What is the top speed of the Honda Grom?

The Honda Grom, with its 125cc engine, has a top speed of approximately 55-60 mph, depending on rider weight and conditions. 

It’s designed primarily for city commuting rather than high-speed highway use.

Are Groms Road legal in the U.K.?

Yes, Honda Groms are road-legal in the U.K. They are classified as 125cc motorcycles, which means riders need a CBT (Compulsory Basic Training).

Riders should also be certified and L-plates if they haven’t passed their full motorcycle test. Riders must also be at least 17 years old.

Can a Grom carry 2 people?

A Honda Grom can carry two people, as it is designed with a passenger seat and foot pegs. 

However, you should ensure you’re not exceeding the bike’s weight limit and prioritize safety and comfort for rider and passenger.

Wrapping UP 

Honda Grom is popular and versatile due to its compact size and design.

However, it is not designed for highway speeds and does not meet the minimum engine displacement or power requirements set for highway use. 

It’s always a good idea to check local and state regulations before taking a Grom onto the highway.

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