Lamborghini, Ducati test car-to-motorcycle communication system

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In a groundbreaking collaborative effort, renowned automobile manufacturer Lamborghini and legendary motorcycle brand Ducati have come together to test a new communication system aimed at increasing the safety of both car drivers and motorcyclists on the road.

Have you ever been about to switch lanes only to be caught off-guard by a motorcycle in your blind spot? 

Such heart-stopping moments are familiar to many and can sometimes lead to accidents, especially in areas of low visibility. 

While modern vehicles come equipped with blind-spot monitoring systems, other scenarios, such as intersections without traffic signals, pose risks between cars and motorbikes.

This is where the Connected Motorcycle Consortium (CMC), a group comprising major motorcycle brands, steps in. 

Their mission is to leverage technology to eradicate these dangerous situations. CMC recently showcased a pioneering system developed by Ducati, in collaboration with various suppliers, at the Lausitzring racetrack in Germany

The luxury automobile giant Lamborghini, a member of the Volkswagen Group just like Ducati, played an instrumental role in these tests.

Through intensive research and analysis, Ducati and CMC pinpointed scenarios that frequently lead to hazardous accidents between cars and motorcycles. 

These incidents were studied based on their occurrence rate and the severity of the resulting injuries. 

Subsequently, they identified situations where enhanced communication between a car and a motorbike could significantly reduce the possibility of a mishap.

Among the risk-prone scenarios that stood out, the top three were:

1. Intersections with limited visibility and absent traffic signals.

2. Situations involving a car and a motorcycle moving in opposite directions, especially during unprotected left turns.

3. A particular case where a motorcycle, intending to overtake a larger vehicle like a truck from the middle of the road, doesn’t realize that an oncoming car is preparing for a left turn.

Ducati’s revolutionary system addresses these concerns by facilitating communication between the car and the motorcycle. 

This system provides clear visual alerts for both the car driver and the motorcyclist, effectively warning them about potential threats.

CMC’s broader vision is to standardize this warning mechanism exclusively tailored for motorcycles. 

This would ensure that the system is compatible and can be incorporated into future vehicle-to-vehicle communication systems that other manufacturers and developers are creating. 

It’s worth noting that CMC’s ambitions aren’t unprecedented. Honda, another leading name in the automotive industry, showcased a similar system back in 2013.

With efforts like these from industry giants, the future of road safety looks promising. Lamborghini and Ducati’s endeavor reinforces the importance of innovation and collaboration in making our roads safer for everyone.


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