P1511, B1121, P1510, B2156, U1040 Harley Code (Meanings, Facts, Solutions)

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P1511 Harley Code

If you are wondering about the P1511 Harley code error and its fixation then don’t worry because you are in the right place. This is important to know about every error code if you are a rider of Harley Davidson.

Because if you have the knowledge about these codes then you will identify the possible problems and will be able to fix these problems timely.

In this guide article, I will discuss almost all the error codes and also give you the possible solutions for these codes. 

Let’s dive into:

Harley error codes: meanings, facts, and solutions

Codes Meanings
P1511Throttle Grip sensor
B1121Left turn output fault
P1510EFI limited performance mode
B2156Right rear turn signal output open
U1040Loss of abs serial data

We will focus on these errors and these issues in detail and discuss the possible solutions for these issues.

P1511 Harley Code

I hope this works for your Harley bike.

P1511 Harley code 

This is the most common error which you will find in your Harley bike. Luckily solving this issue is so easy.

You can also check the meanings and the solutions of the error codes by using the manual instructions which came up with your bike.

What is the P1511 code? 

According to the bike manual, the code P1511 refers to the issue with the throttle grip sensor. This code usually shows on the speedometer LCD.

These are the possible conditions of your bike shown in this code:

  • Check engine light may come on and maybe go into the limp home mode 
  • Loose bolt on the proper switch housing 
  • Damages on the throttle body wiring plug 
  • ECM may be burnt or damaged 

Why does the p1511 error code appear 

Here are the possible reasons why the P1511 error code appears:

  • When you’re riding your bike in the aggressive style 
  • When the de-electric grease washed out near the connection behind the air cleaner 

Aggressively riding the bike is not to ride it at a higher speed, but it means riding the lightweight Harley with the highest rates.

How to solve the P1511 code error

Here are the possible solutions to fix the P1511 code error:

  • Unplug the connection behind the air cleaner facing the rear, clean it carefully, and then replace the exciting grease with di-electric grease.
  • Tighten the bolt and run the throttle up and down to avoid the throttle stick and clear all faults. 
  • Try to maintain the average speed if you do not have any emergency; gnarly pro riders and Harley recommends a rate between 55 MPH to 65 MPH for the best riding experience.

 B1121 Harley code 

For the complete guide about the P1121 code, check the user manual to find out about this error, and do not forget to inspect all parts of your bike.

What is the B1121 error code?

According to the Harley user manual, the bike has two types of B1121 error codes. The B1121 (TSM) error code refers to the left turn output fault, and the B1121(HFSM) error code refers to the left turn output open.

All of the error codes usually appear on the speedometer LCD of the bike; the B1121 code occurs due to the malfunctioning bulb.

These codes point towards:

  • There is a wrong or corrosion contact between the terminal and the bulb.
  • There may be a faulty bulb or a minor issue with the bulb.

Why the B1121 code appears 

These are the possible solutions for why the B1121 code appears:

  • If the terminal and the bulb are not connected properly 
  • When you switch the LED turn signal 
  • If the bulb indicator is faulty or not working 

How to solve the B1121 error code 

Here are the possible solutions to quickly solve the B1121 error code and work on your bike again.

  • Firstly clean the bulb and the terminal and apply the quality bulb and contact lubricant
  • Buy or order a quality load equalizer and use it on your Harley 
  • Install the resistor on your Harley 
  • Apply the new bulb with the built-in resistor 

Follow the above solutions to solve the issue. They will not only solve the problem but also improve your riding experience while riding in the nighttime or dark tunnels.

P1510 Harley code 

This error code refers to the poor electric connection or the issue with the throttle. Usually, the P1510 code appears due to an accident.

You should check your bike for potential damage, then check the user manual for more knowledge about the P150 code.

What is the P1510 code?

According to the Harley user manual, the P1510 code refers to the EFI limited performance issue.

These are the means of the P1510 code:

  • It may be damaged in the throttle side grip 
  • Open or short throttle body harness 
  • The poor electrical connection in the throttle body circuit 

Why the P1510 code appears 

These are the possible reasons why the P1510 code appears:

  • When anything is prone to damage to the throttle body 
  • If there is any of the plugs make a mess in the throttle electric body 
  • If you cut the green plug 

How to solve the P1510 error code

Here are the possible solutions to solve the P1510 error code with your Harley:

  • Pull the twist throttle and inspect it for visible damage. If there is any damage, it would be best to repair or replace it.
  • Inspect the condition of the electronic throttle control connector. 
  • Clean the connector pins with the Q-tip using bike-friendly rubbing alcohol. 
  • Ensure that you’re not cutting the green plug. If you have already missed it, then get in touch with a professional mechanic to repair it.

B2156 Harley code 

When you get the B 2156 error code with your bike, you must check the bike for visible damage and then check the Harley user manual for more details about this code.

What is the B2156 error code? 

According to the Harley user manual, you may face this error code if there is an issue with your bike’s proper rear turn signal.

These are the conditions when you face this code:

  • The light may be damaged or faulty, installed on the FLHTK or FLHTCU.
  • There may be an issue with the electric glow LED. 

Why does the B2156 error code appear 

These are the possible solutions for why the B2156 error code appears:

  • If you have installed the faulty Electra Glo LED light 
  • When you see the saddlebag lights of your bike 

How to solve the B2156 error code

Here are the possible ways to solve the B 2156 error code with your Harley:

  • Remove the old tour pack and avoid any incompatible or faulty Electra glo light. 
  • Install the detachable kit to the flash at the right speed. 
  • Runs the wires along the left saddlebag frame 
  • Usually, the B2156 error is associated with the wiring and the LED incompatibility, so ensure you have set everything correctly. 

U1040 Harley code 

This error code is usually linked with the abs brake fuse; you should inspect your bike parts first to ensure that they are all correctly set or not faulty.

Then check the Harley user manual for more details about the U1040 error code.

What is the U1040 Error code? 

The U1040 error code refers to the abs data error according to the Harley user manual.  

These are the possible reasons why the code happens:

  • Open abs fuse 
  • Open circuits of battery, ground, and serial data
  • Short to ground in the power circuit 
  • ECU malfunctioning 

Why the U1040 code appears 

Here are the possible reasons why your bike shows the U1040 error code:

  • The fuse in the ABS may be faulty or damaged 
  • Faulty electronic brake control module 
  • ABS may not be healthy to work properly 

How to solve the U1040 Error code quickly 

These are the possible solutions to soccer the U1040 error code with your Harley bike and get it back to working condition.

  • First, check the fuse and ensure it is not faulty. If it is, then replace it with a new one 
  • Ensure that the power is transmitting properly to the ABS module 
  • Inspect that the ground wires of the ABS module are appropriately grounded 
  • You should also inspect the serial number or can bus wiring to make sure there is excellent communication between the ABS module and BCM
  • Inspect all the wires and ensure there is no short circuit. If there is, then you must solve it. 


What is the code PO 151 on a Harley Davidson?

PO151 is the diagnosis trouble code for the O2 sensor circuit low voltage; it can appear for various reasons.

To solve the issue, you should check the Harley user manual to check the knowledge about the PO151 error code.

What is the code P2135 on a Harley Davidson?

When the p2135 code appears on your Harley, then it’s most likely that the ECM has found that the throttle sensor accelerator pedal sensors are not producing enough signals which should be needed.

When the ECM detects it, it may put the bike in a fail-safe condition, limiting the throttle opening to 5 to 15%.

What is code po 118 Harley?

PO118 code refers to the issue with the engine coolant temperature circuit and its accompanying sensor.

 ECT is the thermostat or an electric resistor whose resistance is significantly reduced by reducing heating.

Wrapping UP 

If any of the above codes appear on your Harley speedometer, do not panic because these are common issues with the Harley, and you can quickly fix them.

Suppose the problem still persists after trying the above solutions. In that case, you must take your bike to a qualified and professional mechanic.

Generally, codes appear on your bike when you need to maintain your bike properly, so you must keep your bike regularly.

When you maintain your bike, there are low chances of the error code, so you can enjoy your riding experience.

Safe Riding!

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