Super Star 200 R is a Roadster Motorcycle from Pakistan

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The motorcycle manufacturing company Super Star is a well-known brand in Pakistan due to their economic motorcycles.

Super Star 200 R is a Roadster Motorcycle from Pakistan
2024 Super Star 200 R | Picture taken from @Sumra’s World

They have just unveiled the new special edition for 2024 with the name of Super Star 200 R in Pakistan.

It boasts a 223 cc engine and comes with a new colour scheme and the rims color is blue which gives this bike a more appealing look.

The front headlight’s silver colour just catches the eyes of the customers and looks amazing. The carburettor of the bike is enhanced and now it is PZ-30 which will improve the speed of the bike and enhance the riding experience.

The bike comes in three colours in the market in 2024 which are silver with black, red with black and yellow colour is expected to launch soon.

The blue and black colour comes with black tire rims and the white with black comes with a blue color rims option.

Booking for this bike has now started and you will cost this bike almost Rs. 6,00,000 after booking this bike you will get this bike almost in the first quarter of 2024.

The details are still not clear about this bike and we will update very soon when clear specs are released officially.

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