Vespa Riding in Threes with Sidecars by Congenia and Velorex

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Are you a Vespa enthusiast who dreams of sharing the joy of riding with more than one partner? 

Vespa Riding in Threes with Sidecars by Congenia and Velorex
Ride your Vespa with three-person for more fun then ever

If so, your dreams are about to become reality. Congenia, Austria’s leading sidecar specialist, believes that the fun of Vespa should be a shared experience. 

They have ingeniously paired a Vespa GTS 300 with a Velorex model 562 sidecar, creating an exhilarating team for three

This unique setup is available for just 14,900 euros. But what if you already own a Vespa? No worries! Congenia offers bespoke conversions for your existing Vespa, starting from as low as 7,000 euros

And the good news doesn’t stop there. Recently, Congenia has expanded its portfolio, now offering sidecar setups based on Enfield Interceptor or Jawa Perak motorcycles.

Of course, they continue to import robust Ural vehicles as well.

Now, let’s take a moment to appreciate the craftsmanship of Velorex, our sidecar manufacturer. 

Since 1957, this Czech Republic company has been producing practical, affordable sidecars

Today, under the energetic leadership of brothers Martin and Tomas, Velorex is innovating at a rapid pace. 

From low chassis and luxurious interiors to versatile mounting kits, Velorex is revolutionizing the sidecar industry.

Consider the Velorex sidecar model 562, the perfect companion for lightweight motorcycles. 

Vespa Riding in Threes with Sidecars by Congenia and Velorex
Velorex sidecar model 562 is best for lightweight motorcycles

Built from two fibreglass halves, this sidecar boasts a reinforced lower part resistant to stone chips. 

The upper half, meticulously crafted, comes in glossy black as standard but can be customized to any colour at an additional cost.

For a more modern look, Velorex offers the sidecar model 563. With a larger running board, a wider wheel, and a contemporary taillight, the 563 model offers a fresher take on the classic sidecar design.

Vespa Riding in Threes with Sidecars by Congenia and Velorex
Velorex Sidecar 563 for more modern and fresher looks

Whether you’re a Vespa owner looking for an upgrade or a motorcycle enthusiast seeking a unique ride experience, Congenia and Velorex have got you covered. 

Their innovative approach to sidecars is not just about adding an extra seat; it’s about multiplying the joy of riding.

To check out these sidecars online you can visit the congenia website for in-depth details and pricing.

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