10 Best Middleweight Adventure Motorcycles For 2024

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Adventure motorcycles are one of the popular categories that off-road riders love most.

10 Best Middleweight Adventure Motorcycles For 2024

It’s not only about buying an adventure bike but it’s also difficult to maintain these bikes for the long term.

So, as you are going to spend a lot of money then why not choose the best option between the range of adventure bikes.

If so then don’t worry because we have done our research and our team will work hard to compile the list of best middleweight adventure motorcycles in 2024

Let’s dive into the adventure.

10 Best Adventure Motorcycles For 2024 

To give our readers more accurate and updated information our team sources information from different sources. 

The list of bikes is based on the power output of the adventure bikes, with the most powerful bike at number one and the least powerful bike at number ten. 

10. Yamaha Tenere 700

The Yamaha Tenere 700 is a robust adventure motorcycle designed for versatile off-road and on-road performance. 

10 Best Middleweight Adventure Motorcycles For 2024
Yamaha Tenere 700 deliver 72 horsepower

Powering it is a reliable and torque-rich 689 cc, liquid-cooled, inline 2-cylinder engine derived from the MT-07. 

Its frame, constructed from compact, high-strength steel tubing, offers superior agility and control, ideal for unpredictable terrains. 

The suspension comprises a telescopic fork with 210mm travel at the front and a link-type mono-shock with 200mm travel at the rear, ensuring smooth rides over bumpy landscapes.

With a fuel capacity of 16 litres and a wet weight of 205kg, the Tenere 700 is engineered for endurance and durability. 

Its switchable ABS allows riders to disengage the system for more control when off-roading, further reinforcing its adventure credentials.

Engine 689 cc 
Torque 68 Nm 
Power 72 hp 
Price €10, 110

9. Moto Guzzi V85 TT Adventure 

The Moto Guzzi V85 TT, an adventure motorcycle, is powered by an 850 cc, air-cooled, transverse-mounted 90-degree V-twin engine that delivers 76 horsepower and 80 Nm of torque

10 Best Middleweight Adventure Motorcycles For 2024
Moto Guzzi V85 TT Adventure delivers 76 horsepower

This versatile bike comes with a 6-speed transmission and shaft drive, offering a smooth and reliable ride. 

Its chassis features a high-strength steel tubular frame, while the suspension is handled by 41 mm upside-down forks at the front and a mono-shock at the rear, both with 170mm of travel, making it capable of handling both city streets and off-road trails. 

The Moto Guzzi V85 TT is also equipped with modern tech features such as LED lighting, a digital instrument cluster, and a Moto Guzzi MIA multimedia platform for smartphone connectivity.

Engine 850 cc 
Torque 82 Nm 
Power 76 hp 
Price €10, 300

8. Aprilia Tuareg 660

The Aprilia Tuareg 660 is a potent adventure motorcycle boasting impressive specifications.

10 Best Middleweight Adventure Motorcycles For 2024
Aprilia Tuareg 660 delivers 80 horsepower

It is powered by a 660 cc parallel-twin engine producing a robust 80 horsepower and 70 Nm of torque, providing ample power for both on and off-road rides. 

The motorcycle features a 43mm adjustable upside-down fork and a rear mono-shock, ensuring a comfortable ride on diverse terrains

The Tuareg 660 also incorporates an 18.5-litre fuel tank for extended range, Brembo brakes for superior stopping power, and a dry weight of 187 kg, making it a lightweight yet powerful option in the adventure motorcycle segment. 

The bike is equipped with a comprehensive electronics package, including ride-by-wire throttle, multiple riding modes, and ABS, further enhancing its adventure credentials.

Engine 660 cc 
Torque 78 Nm 
Power 80 hp 
Price €9, 850

7. Suzuki V-Strom 800

The Suzuki V-Strom 800 is known for its comfort and adventure touring capabilities.

The new 2024 model comes with an all-new 776 cc parallel-twin engine which uses 270 degree firing order for more torque.

10 Best Middleweight Adventure Motorcycles For 2024
Suzuki V-Strom 800 delivers 83 horsepower

Suzuki offers a large capacity radiator with a control cooling fan which helps to keep the coolant’s temperature at low speed and stops. 

The bike comes in two different versions the V-Strom 800 focuses on road touring and the V-Strom 800 DE is specifically for more off-road capabilities. 

Both bikes come in three different colours for each bike which makes it crazier to choose over the other bikes.

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The DE model comes with a more commanding riding position and more vibrant looks as compared to the base model of V-Strom.

It also offers aluminium wheels with 21 21-inch front and a moderate amount of suspension level. It is also a bit taller than other bikes which gives it more ability over rough terrain. 

Engine 776 cc 
Torque 78 Nm 
Power 83 hp 
Price €9, 889

6. Honda Transalp XL750

Honda Transalp XL750 is the most affordable adventure bike with so many amazing features and technologies.

It comes with a liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, 8-valve parallel twin engine which comes with 755 cc displacement

10 Best Middleweight Adventure Motorcycles For 2024
Honda Transalp XL750 delivers 90 horsepower

The bike produces 75 Newton Meter torque at 7250 rpm and produces a max power of 67.5 kw @ 9500 rpm. 

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This adventure comes with a 3.9 L fuel tank capacity and features 5 riding modes for different ways to ride. 

As for the chassis, it’s a little bit more road-backed than off-road with a bit less suspension and height than some of the other offerings on this list. 

The motorcycle is available in three different colours which are rose white, matte ballistic black metallic and matte idirium grey metallic. 

Engine 755 cc
Torque 75 Nm 
Power 90 hp 
Price €10, 000

5. KTM 890 Adventure

The KTM 890 Adventure is an exceptional adventure motorcycle, powered by a compact, 889 cc twin-cylinder engine that delivers an impressive 94 horsepower

10 Best Middleweight Adventure Motorcycles For 2024
KTM 890 Adventure delivers 94 horsepower

It features a steel-trellis frame, adjustable WP suspension, and KTM’s signature aggressive styling – promising peak performance in a variety of terrains. 

Equipped with a 6-speed gearbox, a quick shifter, and a slipper clutch, it offers a smooth and responsive riding experience. 

It boasts a fuel capacity of 20 litres, providing a substantial range for long-distance journeys.

Additionally, the motorcycle is fitted with advanced electronics like traction control, cornering ABS, and offroad ride mode, further enhancing its adventurous appeal.

Engine 889 cc 
Torque 100 Nm 
Power 94 hp 
Price €10, 499

4. Husqvarna Norden 901

The Husqvarna Norden 901 is a compelling adventure motorcycle that harmonizes robust performance with intrepid capacity. 

10 Best Middleweight Adventure Motorcycles For 2024
Husqvarna Norden 901 delivers 103 horsepower

It’s equipped with a powerful 889.5cc parallel-twin engine, which provides ample torque across the rev range. 

The chassis incorporates a 21-inch front wheel and an 18-inch rear wheel, both designed to handle varied terrain with ease. 

Its advanced WP suspension system ensures a smooth and comfortable ride, even on the roughest terrains. 

With an impressive fuel tank capacity of 20 litres and a comprehensive suite of rider aids, including multiple riding modes and ABS, the Norden 901 is positioned as a worthy contender in the field of long-distance motorcycling.

Engine 889.5 cc 
Torque 100 Nm 
Power 103 hp 
Price €12, 889

3. BMW F900GS

The BMW F900GS Adventure is a dynamic and powerful adventure motorcycle, designed for thrill-seekers who crave off-road travel. 

10 Best Middleweight Adventure Motorcycles For 2024
BMW F900GS Adventure delivers 105 horsepower

Powering this machine is an 895 cc parallel-twin engine that pumps out 105 horsepower and 68 lb-ft of torque, enhancing its on-road and off-road capabilities. 

The bike features an impressive fuel capacity of 6.1 gallons, providing a considerable range for long-distance travel. 

Technological features include a 6.5-inch TFT display, ABS Pro, Dynamic Traction Control (DTC), and LED lighting. 

Its ergonomic design and adjustable seat ensure maximum rider comfort, even on the roughest terrains. 

This blend of advanced features and rugged performance makes the BMW F900GS Adventure a compelling choice for motorcycle adventurists.

Engine 895 cc 
Torque 93 Nm 
Power 105 hp 
Price €11, 995

2. Triumph Tiger 900

The Triumph Tiger 900 Adventure motorcycle is a powerhouse of features and specifications, designed for the avid adventurer. 

10 Best Middleweight Adventure Motorcycles For 2024
Triumph Tiger 900 Adventure delivers 106.5 horsepower

It is powered by a new, 888 cc liquid-cooled, 12-valve, DOHC, in-line triple engine that delivers 106.5 bhp at 8750 rpm and 87 Nm of torque at 7250 rpm

This adventure motorcycle flaunts a cutting-edge technology suite that includes a new ride-by-wire throttle with up to six riding modes, ABS, and switchable traction control

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With a seat height of 810 – 830 mm and a tank capacity of 20 litres, it ensures enduring comfort and range for long-haul journeys. 

Its lightweight modular frame, combined with the new, lighter 20-spoke wheels, enhances the adventure motorcycle’s off-road capability and handling. 

The Triumph Tiger 900 Adventure also offers a top-class suspension setup with adjustable Marzocchi USD forks at the front and a Gas RSU at the rear, ensuring a smooth and dynamic ride on any terrain.

Engine 888 cc 
Torque 87 Nm 
Power 106.5 hp 
Price €12, 195

1. Ducati Desert X

The Ducati Desert X is a remarkable adventure motorcycle, embodying a blend of both aesthetics and performance. 

10 Best Middleweight Adventure Motorcycles For 2024
Ducati Desert X delivers 110 horsepower

It is powered by a potent 937 cc Testastretta 11° engine, which provides a robust 110 horsepower

With a dry weight of 205 kg, it demonstrates a remarkable power-to-weight ratio. Its fuel tank has a generous capacity of 20 litres, promising a significant range for cross-country adventures. 

Moreover, its trellis frame is designed with off-road durability in mind and fitted with Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR tires for optimum grip in all conditions. 

The Desert X also features a fully adjustable suspension system and a ground clearance of 220 mm, offering the ability to tackle varied terrains with ease. 

Its advanced electronics package includes multiple riding modes, traction control, and cornering ABS, to ensure a safe yet thrilling ride. 

Notably, the Ducati Desert X also features a retro-inspired design, capturing the spirit of desert rally bikes from the ’80s, but with a modern twist.

Engine 937 cc 
Torque 92 Nm 
Power 110 hp 
Price €14, 995

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