6 Common Harley Davidson Switchback Problems

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Harley Davidson Switchback is one of the most popular motorcycles of the Harley. But it also has some problems which you can experience during your journey with this motorcycle. 

So, it is important for you to be aware of these problems and their solutions to keep your ride smooth. 

Therefore in this article, I will share the common problems of Harley Davidson Switchback with possible solutions. 

So, without further ado let’s get started!

Common Problems of Harley Davidson Switchback

Harley Davidson Switchback Problems

1. Bad Vibration

One of the most common problems that Harley Davidson Switchback owners reported is that the motorcycle vibrates a lot. 

Which ruins the whole riding experience. The main reason for this vibration is the loose chain. 

Because when the chain is loose it won’t properly align with the sprocket teeth which creates tension and because of that engine will vibrate. 

You can fix it by tightening the chain. Another reason for this issue is dirty engine oil. 

When oil becomes thicker and dirtier and burns hotter, it decreases its efficiency and increases engine vibration. So, to solve this you will need to change your engine oil. 

Also, if your motorcycle valve tappets are not correctly adjusted they can misalign the parts which causes your bike to vibrate. Similarly, if your motorcycle tire and wheel are not properly aligned, this can create vibration. 

You should check all of these things one by one and fix them according to requirements.

2. Floorboard Rattles

If you are a Harley Davidson Switchback owner, then you know floorboard rattling is the most common problem. Mostly this is due to the worn-out hardware such as bolts, exhaust, and front motor mount and bearing. 

The first thing that you should check is the right side head pipe exhaust because mostly it is the culprit. 

If you haven’t properly secured this part, it can rub against the rear board brackets and cause vibration and create noise while riding. To fix this, you will need to check whether the head pipe exhaust heat shield whether or not it’s loose. 

If yes, then you should properly mount and tighten it down. 

In some cases worn-out bearings can also create rattling in your motorcycle floorboard. 

You will have this issue when the rubber inserts inside the bearings dry out due to age and exposure to extreme weather. So, to resolve this you will need to replace these rubber inserts. 

Another thing that can create a rattling problem is damaged front motor mounts. Therefore you should also check them and replace them if required. 

3. Front Brake Lever Loses Power

A lot of people reported that their Harley Davidson Switchback front brake lever loses power. And they have to often go to the dealer to fix this problem. 

The main cause of this problem is the master brake cylinder. This cylinder won’t work properly when the outer air will enter its lines. 

Mostly the air can enter into line when you are changing the bar and brake line swap. Because many owners have said their brake was working fine before replacing the brake line. 

So to fix this you will need to flush out the line and for this, you will need to consult your dealer. 

4. Oil Leakage

You can also face oil leaking problems with your Harley Switchback. The most common sign of oil leakage is the burning smell when you will shut down your motorcycle. 

The main reasons for oil leakage are faulty seals and gaskets in the engine, which are located between the heads and cylinders. 

In some rare cases, it can also be due to loose screws, improper installation, and wear and tear with the time to seal. 

So, you should check these things, but if you don’t know much about them, then take your motorcycle to the dealer. If you still have a warranty they will fix it for you. 

You should service your motorcycle as soon as possible because oil leakage can lead to other problems as well.

5. Electronic Control Module Beeps

Another common problem that Harley Davidson Switchback owners reported is their motorcycle electronic control module beeping. 

Most of the time your motorcycle ECM will beep due to malfunctioning in the body control module which controls the circuits and connections. 

So, to fix this, you will need to check all the connections in the electrical system and ensure they are properly connected. Also, check the cables that are connected to external components such as lights. 

The beeping could also be due to your motorcycle engine overheating or a low battery. 

So, you should take a look at both of them. If any of these checks fail to resolve the issue, you should take your bike to the dealer.

6. Saddle Bag Coming Off

Some owners rarely have this problem with their Switchback motorcycle. Mostly this is due to improper installation and broken components. 

So, you should check all the things and make sure they are good. And I will also suggest you shouldn’t install the saddle bag yourself. 

Because I have seen a case myself where the owner changed the bag herself and after 1 week she lost her bag because she had not properly installed it.

Is Harley Davidson Switchback a Good Bike?

Yes, Harley Davidson Switchback is a good bike because of its powerful engine, reliable suspension, and comfortable seating. 

Also, this bike has a lot of cool features that you can enjoy while on long rides. 

Moreover, its stylish design makes it a great choice for those who want to turn heads when out on the road.

Is the Harley Switchback a Girls’ Bike?

No, the Harley Switchback is not a girls’ bike.

What Customers Say About Harley Davidson Switchback?

If we talk about the customers of this Harley Davidson Switchback they are hugely satisfied with their motorcycle. 

One has stated that “He had never owned a more powerful machine than this motorcycle. 

And he couldn’t believe how comfortable it was.” Also many appreciate the performance of this motorcycle. 

So, we can say most people are happy with this bike.


These are the problems that you can face while using Harley Davidson Switchback.

  1. Vibrate a lot
  2. Floorboard rattling
  3. The front brake lever loses power
  4. Oil leakage
  5. The electrical control module beeps
  6. Saddlebag keeps coming off

However, most of them are very easy to fix.

I hope you find this article helpful. Please share your experience with us through comments.

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