7 Common Harley Davidson Rocker Problems

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Harley Davidson Rockers are great motorcycles because of their powerful engine, stylish design, and performance. 

But no matter how good your Harley Davidson Rocker is, it is still prone to some problems. 

So, in this blog post, we will discuss common problems of Harley Davidson Rocker so that you can understand and fix them easily. 

Let’s get started!

Common Harley Davidson Rocker Problems

Harley Davidson Rocker Problems

1. Clicking Noise From Front

One of the most common problems that owners have reported is the clicking noise from the front wheel. 

If you’re hearing clicking noise from the front of your motorcycle. It means something is wrong with the neck bearings. 

So, you should check these bearings because sometimes they are loose due to which your will hears sounds from your motorcycle. 

If these neck bearings are not properly tight, then you should tighten them to fix the noise problem. You should also check the wheels for grease. 

So, it can also be helpful to invest in a wheel polishing kit and regularly use Mothers polish on your bike, as this can help to keep the moving parts lubricated and reduce friction between them. 

2. Color Problem

One of the most common problems reported with Harley Davidson Rockers is a color problem. This can include issues such as discoloration, fading, and chipping. 

This can occur due to exposure to sunlight and other environmental factors, or simply from regular wear and tear during the operation of the vehicle. Another cause of a color problem could be poor maintenance. 

Failing to periodically wax or buff your motorcycle can lead to sun-induced fading or dulling over time. 

Also, if dirt or debris accumulates on the surface of the bike it can create an uneven appearance that looks faded or discolored. 

The good news is that many of these common color problems can be fixed by restoring the original look and shine with professional detailing services like those offered by an authorized Harley Davidson dealer.

3. Uncomfortable Seat

Uncomfortable Seat is a common issue with the Harley Davidson Rocker motorcycle. 

The stock trick seat often fails to provide adequate support and comfort, leaving the rider in an uncomfortable position that can cause neck, back, and leg pain. 

The shape of the stock seats can also put extra pressure on certain areas of the body, such as the tailbone or legs, which can lead to nerve-pinching sensations that cause significant discomfort. 

Also, the rigid material used to make these seats does not provide enough cushioning for long rides, leading to numbness and soreness after prolonged periods on a motorcycle. 

Replacing the stock seat with an aftermarket option is one way to improve rider comfort. 

Danny Gray solo seats offer enhanced comfort compared to stock options due to their ability to contour better to a rider’s body shape. 

4. Brake Lights Problem

Another common problem with a Harley Davidson Rocker is the brake lights fail to work. The problem often lies in one of two areas: either a faulty wiring connection or a problem with the tail light switch. 

Faulty wiring connections may be caused by inadequate insulation, corroded wires, or a buildup of dirt and debris. 

To fix this issue, it’s best to first inspect all electrical connections and clean them if necessary. 

If this doesn’t solve the problem, then it’s likely that the tail light switch needs to be replaced. 

5. Oil Leakage in the Gasket

Oil leakage in gaskets is also a common problem with Harley Davidson Rocker motorcycles. It is due to the constant expansion and contraction of engine parts due to heat, coupled with wear and tear on the gasket. 

This leads to oil seeping through parts of the seal that is not providing an adequate barrier anymore, leading to oil leaking out onto other components or even the ground. 

To fix this, check your Rocker’s gaskets regularly for signs of damage – tears, gaps, frayed edges – and replace them as soon as possible if they are no longer providing a tight seal. 

You should also make sure you use high-quality lubricants that can withstand high temperatures, as these can help keep your gaskets in top condition. 

6. Shaft Noise

Shaft noise is also a problem that has been reported by many owners. This is due to rocker shaft movement. To fix this problem, you will need to install the rocker lockers. 

This will ensure a tighter fit between the locking bolt and the rocker shaft and prevent any problems due to wear or excessive end play between them. 

To determine what the exact issue is, you should first locate where the noise is coming from. 

You can do this by using something like a broom handle to listen for any unusual noises coming from the engine compartment. Depending on how many miles are on your bike, it could indicate worn engine parts that need to be replaced. 

After finding out what’s causing the noise, you can then proceed with installing the rocker lockers to ensure a secure fit between all components. 

7. Engine Rattles

Engine rattling is a common issue with Harley Davidson Rocker motorcycles. The most common causes are worn motor mounts, loose exhaust system components, and lack of engine oil. 

Worn motor mounts can cause the engine to move around in the frame when running at higher speeds, creating a rattle or vibration that can be felt throughout the motorcycle. 

A loose exhaust system can also cause a rattle due to irregular heat expansion and contraction of metal components causing them to move around and rub against each other. 

Also, a lack of engine oil is another major cause of rattling engines because it allows metal parts to rub against each other without proper lubrication. 

To fix these issues, you should have an experienced mechanic check your motorcycle thoroughly to identify any loose parts or worn components as well as check your oil level and condition.

Does Harley Davidson Still Make the Rocker?

Yes, Harley Davidson still makes the Rocker. The Rocker is a classic cruiser-style bike that has been around since 2008. 

It features an air-cooled twin-cam 88B engine with a 6-speed transmission and a powerful braking system for improved control and safety. 

The Rocker also offers riders plenty of storage space in its saddlebags and a luggage rack. 

What Users Say About Harley Davidson Rockers?

Harley Davidson Rocker is a popular motorcycle model that has been praised by many riders. 

Users have described it as being powerful, stylish, and easy to ride. 

They appreciate the build quality of the bike, saying that it feels sturdy yet lightweight while still providing enough power to be enjoyable. 

The saddle is also comfortable and perfect for long trips. 

Many users say they feel safe while riding this model because of its solid construction and well-designed safety features. 


These are some common problems that Harley Davidson Rocker owners reported.

  1. Clicking noise from the front
  2. Color problem
  3. Uncomfortable seat
  4. The brake lights won’t work
  5. Oil leakage in the gasket
  6. Noise from the shaft
  7. Engine rattles

However, the good news is that these problems are really easy to fix. 

You can fix some of them by yourself and for some, you will need to consult the mechanic.

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