Harley Davidson Street 500 Problems (Possible Solutions)

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When it comes to iconic motorcycles, Harley Davidson holds a special place in the hearts of enthusiasts.

The Street 500 model has gained popularity among its lineup for its accessibility to new riders.

However, as with any machine, it has quirks and issues.

This article will meticulously explore the Harley Davidson Street 500 problems, shedding light on mechanical concerns, maintenance hurdles, and performance-related issues.

What are Harley Davidson Street 500 Problems?

Here is the list of the problems faced by the riders of the harley davidson street 500.

  • Clutch problems 
  • Non Availability of Rear Reflector
  • Brake Failure 
  • Poor Exhaust System
  • Saddlebag detachment 
  • Front Tyer Issues
  • Loose Sealing of Fuel Pump  

Clutch Problems

The Harley Davidson Street 500, though celebrated for its blend of classic Harley design with modern performance, is not without its share of issues, particularly in the clutch department.

Some owners have reported clutch problems, such as difficulty engaging gears, slippage, and a heavy clutch lever.

These issues can sometimes be attributed to using suboptimal lubricants, improper clutch cable adjustments, or wearing of the clutch plates.

You should have to inspect and maintain the clutch system regularly and, if needed, visit a professional mechanic familiar with Harley Davidson motorcycles.

Using high-quality lubricants, ensuring proper clutch cable adjustment, and replacing worn-out components can prolong the life of the clutch system and ensure a smoother riding experience on Street 500.

Non Availability of Rear Reflector

The non-availability of a rear reflector on the Harley Davidson Street 500 raises concerns regarding the safety and visibility of the motorcycle. 

A rear reflector is essential for the bike’s visibility to other road users, especially in low light conditions such as dawn, dusk, or night-time. 

Without it, the motorcycle is more prone to being overlooked by drivers of other vehicles, which may lead to accidents. 

Additionally, many countries have stringent regulations concerning vehicle safety features, and lacking a rear reflector might lead to non-compliance. 


This problem leads to an accident risk and a violation of the traffic rules. 

So I will personally recommend you to visit a certified mechanic who is an expert in the repair and maint of Harley motorcycles and install the rear reflectors on your harley davidson street 500. 

You can buy these rear reflectors online and install them at home, but I highly recommend you choose an expert mechanic.

Brake Failure

A Harley Davidson Street 500 brake fault can manifest in various ways, such as spongy brake lever feel, unusual noises, or reduced braking efficiency.

These issues could stem from problems with the brake lines, calipers, pads, or brake fluid. It’s paramount that riders address any suspected brake fault immediately, as the braking system is critical for safe riding.

Mainly this brake fault occurs due to the non-flushing of the DOT 4 fluid regularly. When you use your Harley Davidson Street 500 without flushing DOT 4 fluid, then corrosion will occur between the disc and brake clipper.

After this corrosion, you will also notice a silly noise while riding the bike and applying the brakes. 


This problem can be fixed by changing the DOT 4 fluid regularly. You can do this at your end, but I recommend hiring a mechanic because he will also maintain the brake, not just flush the DOT 4 fluid. 

Poor Exhaust System

The exhaust system of the Harley Davidson Street 500 has been a point of dispute among many riders due to several issues that contribute to an overall poor experience. 

The exhaust system is a significant feature in a bike that contributes to the overall riding experience.

This is primarily due to a restrictive stock exhaust system installed for emissions compliance, often necessitating aftermarket modifications to achieve a satisfying roar. 

Moreover, the stock system has been cited for having inadequate heat shielding, causing discomfort during long rides as heat emanates from the exhaust onto the rider’s leg. 

It also lacks the performance tuning that more advanced systems offer, contributing to less efficient engine operation and lower fuel economy. 

Additionally, some riders have reported issues with durability, citing rusting and premature wear, which not only impairs function but also detracts from the bike’s overall aesthetic appeal. 

Saddlebag Detachment 

The Harley Davidson Street 500 is a great motorcycle for urban commuting but has a common issue with saddlebag detachment.

The saddlebags are secured with two bolts that can become loose over time, making the bags detach from the motorcycle while riding.

It can be dangerous as the bags can get caught in the wheel or other bike parts, leading to potential accidents.

To solve the issue, you should take extra care to ensure that the saddlebags are securely attached.

You should also regularly inspect the bolts to ensure they are tight and secure.

Another solution is that reduce the number of items in the saddlebag so that it can bear the load. If you have no emergency, then you should have to ride the bike without the saddlebag. 

Front Tyer Issue

One of the issues commonly experienced with the Harley Davidson Street 500 is a problem with the front tire. 

Specifically, riders have reported that the front tire can wear out prematurely or become damaged due to improper inflation or alignment. 

In some cases, riders have noted a tendency for the front tire to develop flat spots due to prolonged periods of use when not properly inflated or aligned. 

Additionally, some riders have noted that the tread pattern on the front tire is not designed for high-performance riding and tends to wear out quickly compared to other models within the Harley Davidson range.

Loose Sealing of Fuel Pump

The Harley Davidson Street 500 is known for its loose sealing of the fuel pump, which can cause several problems. 

If left unchecked, the fuel pump can leak gasoline, leading to higher exhaust emissions than expected. In addition, if a lot of oil leaks out, it can reduce performance and cause the engine to run hot. 

This could lead to further issues such as loss of power, stalling, or even catastrophic engine failure. 

It is recommended that you check your fuel pump regularly and replace any seals that are worn out or not providing a tight fit. 

Additionally, ensure that your oil level is appropriate and that the oil has been changed regularly by manufacturer recommendations. 


Harley Davidson Street 500 is a great motorcycle for riders, but some of its problems, like the absence of rear reflectors and front tire issues, frustrated the users.

But fortunately, these are the basic issues and could be fixed. On the other hand, the loose sealing of the fuel pump could be fixed by replacing the sealings. 

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