7 Common Harley Davidson Street 750 Problems

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The Harley Davidson Street 750 is a popular motorcycle due to its powerful engine and stylish design. 

However, it also had a few problems that many people faced during rides. 

In this article, we will discuss common problems of Harley Davidson Street 750 so that you can understand what to check when you have a problem. 

We will also share how you can fix these problems.

Common Problems of Harley Davidson Street 750

1.Engine Overheating-Install heat deflectors 
-Check the coolant level and change it if necessary
-Regularly clean cooling system
2.Dim Headlight Bulb-Replace faulty headlight bulb
3.Small and Uncomfortable Seat-Replace with an aftermarket seat that offers better comfort
4.Brakes are Not Powerful-Inspect brake pads and rotors and replace them if necessary 
-Check brake fluid levels and fill if low
5.Defective Speedometer-Set up an appointment at the dealer for warranty repair
6.Coolant Leaks-Check for damaged or blocked radiator
-Check thermostat
-Check the coolant-to-oil ratio
7.Difficulty Starting-Store bike indoors in cold climates
-Keep the trickle charger connected to the battery

1. Engine Overheating

One of the common problems faced by Harley Davidson Street 750 owners is engine overheating. 

And this is a really big issue because when the engine overheats, you will not be able to ride a motorcycle comfortably due to the heat. 

This problem is usually due to improper cooling systems and damaged engine components. To fix these problems you will need to install the heat deflectors. 

If your motorcycle’s coolant level is low, or if it has not been changed in a long time, then it may not be able to properly dissipate heat from the engine. 

This can lead to rapid temperature increases. 

Also, debris and dirt build up in the cooling system can block airflow and reduce its effectiveness. Therefore you should regularly clean the cooling system of your motorcycle.

2. Dim Headlight Bulb

Another common problem that many riders reported is a dim headlight bulb. This issue can be incredibly dangerous, as it reduces the visibility of the rider on the road, making them harder to see for other drivers and potentially leading to an accident. 

To ensure your safety while riding a Street 750, it’s important to fix this problem right away. 

Fortunately, replacing a faulty headlight bulb isn’t difficult or expensive on a Harley Davidson Street 750. 

All you need is a new headlight bulb and the proper tools (which are included in most basic toolkits). 

The procedure itself is fairly straightforward – just unscrew the old bulb, screw in the new one, and you’re good to go.

3. Small and Uncomfortable Seat

One of the big problems with the Harley Davidson Street 750 is its seat is really small and uncomfortable. 

The seat of this motorcycle is too narrow and doesn’t provide enough support for long rides. 

It also lacks cushioning due to which you will feel uncomfortable after extended use or long rides. 

Also, it doesn’t have a height adjustment feature, which means you cannot set it according to your height. 

The only way to fix this problem is to replace this seat with an aftermarket seat that offers better comfort.

4. Brakes are Not Powerful

Harley Davidson Street 750 is a great motorcycle that offers an enjoyable ride. However, some riders have reported that the brakes on this motorcycle are not very powerful. 

This is a manufacturer defect or we can say Harley should make brakes better. 

However, it can also be due to worn brake pads and rotors or low brake fluid levels. 

So, you should first inspect the pads and rotors of the brakes. If they are damaged, you should replace them. Then you should check the brake fluid levels and fill more if it is low. 

If all else fails, it may be necessary to take a look at the caliper itself. 

If it’s sticking or otherwise malfunctioning, it could cause a lack of power when braking. This can usually be rectified with some basic maintenance and lubrication of the caliper. 

5. Defective Speedometer

Another common problem on Harley Davidson Street 750 is that the speedometer doesn’t work properly.  

This issue is due to a defective speedometer itself or due to some underlying problems. 

The symptoms of this problem are the needle staying at the last displayed speed, the backlight and LCD display going out, and the check engine light coming on later. 

If you encounter such issues with your bike’s speedometer, then it is better to set up an appointment at the dealer for warranty repair. 

6. Coolant Leaks

Coolant leaks are a common issue with Harley Davidson Street 750s. 

These leaks can occur due to a damaged or blocked radiator, a faulty thermostat, a cracked head gasket, or an incorrect coolant-to-oil ratio. 

The most common symptom of a coolant leak is the presence of steam or smoke from under the hood and the smell of burning antifreeze. In some cases, the coolant may also pool in the engine compartment or on the ground beneath the motorcycle. 

If left unchecked, coolant leaks can result in severe damage to the engine and other components. 

Therefore you should regularly check your motorcycle if you are getting any of these signs you should take your bike to the dealer or mechanic.

7. Difficulty Starting

You can also face difficulty in starting your Harley Davidson Street 750, especially in winter This is due to the bike’s carburetor being more likely to clog with condensation when the temperature drops. 

Also, the battery has a tendency to lose power more quickly in cold temperatures, making it difficult to generate enough electrical current for ignition. 

To prevent difficulty starting, it is recommended that owners of the Harley Davidson Street 750 take extra precautions when storing their motorcycles outside in cold climates. 

Storing the bike indoors helps protect against condensation and keeps the battery warmer, thus preventing some common starting issues. 

It may also be beneficial to keep a trickle charger connected to the battery at all times to make sure it stays properly charged.

Is Harley Davidson Street 750 Worth Buying?

Yes, this motorcycle is worth buying because it is affordable. And despite its low price, it is still a quality bike due to its power and smooth performance. 

Moreover, it is really easy and cheap to maintain. 

Also, this motorcycle has advanced technology like ABS brakes and traction control for enhanced safety on the roads. 

Is a Harley Davidson Street 750 Good for Beginners?

Yes, Harley Davidson Street 750 is a great bike for beginners because of its low seat height and ease of manage. This is a good entry-level bike due to its classical style and reliable performance. 


The Harley Davidson Street 750 no doubt is a great motorcycle. 

However, it’s important to be aware of problems associated with this so that you can make an informed decision when purchasing this motorcycle.

These are the most common problems in Harley Davidson Street 750.

  1. Engine overheating
  2. Dim headlight bulb
  3. Small and uncomfortable seat
  4. Unreliable front brakes
  5. Defective speedometer
  6. Coolant leaks
  7. Difficulty starting

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