Top 18 Harley Davidson Models You Should Know

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When it comes to iconic American motorcycles, Harley Davidson stands out as a name synonymous with power, style, and a rich history.

Harley Davidson Models

Harley Davidson Models are not just vehicles but a legacy that has roared down highways and into the hearts of enthusiasts for more than a century. 

Each model carries its unique personality, and all together, they offer a diverse range of options to grab a wide spectrum of preferences. 

Whether it’s for long-distance touring, city commuting, or off-road adventures, there’s a Harley Davidson model designed to deliver an unparalleled riding experience.

Here, we will take a glance at the eighteen known models of Harley Davidson and will talk about their features. 

Let’s dive into:

What are the Models of Harley Davidson?

There are almost eighteen models of Harley Davidson, and every model has its own unique specifications.

Some are popular for touring, and many others are for city commuting. But we will explore the whole world of Harley Davidson and will know about every model. 

The company is icon of motorcycling industry as their prices are very high as compare to other motorcycles but sitll there are few economic options available in Harley Davidson lineup.

1. Street Glide

The Harley Davidson Street Glide, a quintessential member of Harley Davidson’s touring motorcycle lineup, was first introduced in 2006.

Harley Davidson Models

Rooted in the legacy of the Electra Glide, the Street Glide was designed with the long-distance rider in mind, offering a sleek, stripped-down aesthetic combined with top-of-the-line touring capabilities.

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It is known for its stripped-down, hot rod aesthetic and smooth handling. It gives riders an unparalleled cruising experience.

It comes equipped with a high-performing Milwaukee Eight V Twin engine and responsive suspension.

Furthermore, the model features a sleek, aerodynamic batwing fairing, which enhances its iconic look and improves wind deflection for a more comfortable ride.

As the years have passed, the Street Glide has continued to evolve, incorporating innovative technology such as the Twin Cam 103 engine in 2012, the High Output Twin Cam 103 in 2015, and the Milwaukee Eight 107 in 2017. 

Despite these advancements, the Street Glide has maintained its classic Harley Davidson design, a testament to the iconic brand’s commitment to tradition and innovation.

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2. Road King 

The Harley Davidson Road King, a model steeped in tradition, made its debut in 1994. Drawing inspiration from the 1950s Hydra Glide, the Road King blended classic styling with modern performance.

Harley Davidson Models

The Road King is an iconic model in the Harley Davidson series, which is known for its classic styling and riding comfort.

Its design pays homage to the grand American touring spirit with a blend of modern performance and comfort features.

The first Road King boasted a 1340cc V-twin engine and quickly gained a reputation for its touring capabilities.

Harley Davidson continued to refine the Road King, and the model received a Twin Cam 88 engine in 1999. and by 2009, it was upgraded with a more powerful 1600cc Twin Cam 96 engine.  

Now, the Road King is powered by a Milwaukee Eight V Twin engine and features high-performance front and rear suspension, which makes it perfect for long-distance rides.

Whether it’s cruising on the highway or traversing the city streets, the Road King delivers an exceptional riding experience.

The Road King’s classic look is characterized by its large front fairing, detachable windscreen, and leather saddlebags. 

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3. Fatboy 

The Fatboy was launched in 1990 and has undergone several updates and redesigns over the years, which makes it one of Harley Davidson’s longest-running models.

Harley Davidson Models

The name ‘Fatboy’ derived from two bombs names that were dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima, ‘Fat Man’ and ‘Little Boy,’ respectively.

It is a standout model in Harley Davidson history, which is renowned for its distinctive styling and impressive performance.

It is powered by a muscular Milwaukee Eight engine 114 and 107, depending on different years of the model.

The Fatboy saw a transformation in 2018 with a major redesign featuring a lighter and stiffer frame, improved suspension, and the powerful Milwaukee-Eight 107 engine, enhancing the bike’s overall performance, maneuverability, and comfort.

The model features solid cast wheels, a fat front fork, and a commanding stance, encapsulating the essence of classic American cruisers. 

The Fatboy has also made appearances in popular culture, such as being featured in the movie Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

Other than its performance and design, the Fatboy is equipped with advanced technology like the Reflex Defensive Rider Systems (RDRS) and electronic cruise control that makes it a modern cruiser with safety and convenience features.

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4. Sportster 

The Harley Davidson Sportster, first introduced in 1957, is a unique model that has stood the test of time, captivating motorbike enthusiasts with its evocative design and powerful performance. 

Harley Davidson Models

Over the decades, the Sportster has seen various transformations but has always retained its core character.

Its compact frame, combined with a potent V twin engine, offers a powerful combination of power and agility.

The Sportster is renowned for its low seat height, making it a favorite among riders of various sizes. 

Its lightweight design, combined with its precision cooling system and responsive suspension, ensures an unrivaled riding experience.

The model offers unrivaled customization options, allowing riders to personalize their bike to reflect their style and personality. 

From the Sportster 883, beloved for its raw and minimalist style, to the Sportster 1200 custom, recognized for its classic, bold design, there’s a Sportster to suit every rider’s taste.

In the 1980s, the Sportster underwent a significant transformation with the release of the Evolution engine, which culminated in a more powerful and refined bike. 

The model has also seen various limited edition releases over the years, each showcasing unique design elements that pay homage to Harley Davidson’s rich heritage. 

The Sportster’s iconic status was solidified in 2018 when it was inducted into the coveted Harley Davidson Museum’s Design Hall of Fame.

Today, the Sportster continues to evolve, with the latest models featuring advanced technology such as ABS braking and electronic fuel injection systems.

However, despite these modern updates, the model’s classic design has remained unchanged, paying tribute to its timeless appeal. 

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5. Harley Davidson Street 

The Harley Davidson Street series, launched in 2013, marked a significant shift in Harley Davidson’s approach to motorcycle manufacturing.

Harley Davidson Models

This series was designed with urban riders in mind, offering a smaller, more maneuverable model perfect for city streets.

Two models were introduced, the Street 500 and Street 750, both powered by the new liquid-cooled Revolution X engine.

These motorcycles boasted nimble frames, responsive handling, and low seat height; they were designed to handle urban traffic with ease. 

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The dark, minimalist design, highlighted by blacked-out engines and teardrop fuel tanks, gave the Harley Davidson Street series its distinct, rebellious look. 

Additionally, their affordability made them an attractive option for new riders looking to experience the Harley-Davidson brand.

With its entry into the Street series, Harley Davidson also introduced a new technology, the all-new Harley Davidson app.

This app allowed riders to connect their smartphones to their bikes, providing real-time information on speed, RPM, and fuel level. 

It also offered turn-by-turn navigation and the ability to locate nearby gas stations and dealerships.

The reception of the Street series was overwhelmingly positive, earning the 2015 Cycle World Urban Bike of the Year award. 

This success prompted Harley Davidson to expand the Street line in 2016 with the introduction of the Street Rod, a sportier version with improved handling and more aggressive styling.

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6. Harley CVO 

The CVO line of motorcycles was first introduced in 1999 and, since then, has evolved into a luxurious collection of limited-edition models.

Harley Davidson Models

Each year, only a few handcrafted CVOs are produced by Harley Davidson, making them highly sought after by motorcycle enthusiasts and collectors alike. 

These models are embellished with exclusive features, premium finishes, and a magnificent level of customization. 

CVO Street Glide 

The CVO Street Glide is a spectacle of Harley Davidson brilliance. Aesthetically pleasing, it boasts a sleek design coupled with a robust engine that guarantees an exhilarating road experience. 

It’s a blend of style and performance, making each ride a thrilling adventure. 

CVO Road Glide 

The CVO Road Glide is a premium model in the Harley Davidson lineup, embodying the true spirit of the open road.

Known for its distinctive shark nose fairing and dual Daymaker Reflector LED headlamps, it is both stylish and functional.

It’s powered by a Milwaukee Eight 117 engine, the most potent V Twin engine offered by Harley Davidson. 

CVO Limited

The CVO Limited is a top-tier model from Harley Davidson, an epitome of luxury and comfort for long road trips. 

Boasting a Twin Cooled™ Milwaukee Eight® 117 engine, it delivers unparalleled power and performance. 

The CVO Limited also features a high-performing front and rear suspension, adjustable for preload and damping, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride. 

7. Road Glide 

After its introduction in 1998, the Road Glide has undergone several design and technological updates over the years.

Harley Davidson Models

The Road Glide stands as one of the most iconic Harley Davidson models, celebrated for its aggressive styling and streamlined touring capabilities.

Its unique shark-nose fairing, coupled with the powerful Milwaukee Eight 107 engine, offers a blend of performance and style that is hard to beat. 

Whether you’re cruising down a highway or navigating city streets, the Road Glide promises a smooth, responsive ride.

Road Glide ST

The Road Glide ST is a stunning Harley Davidson model that captures the heart of the open road. It boasts a sleek design and performance-driven features, ideal for riders who crave power and style.

Equipped with a Milwaukee Eight 117 engine, it offers an exhilarating ride, while its infotainment system and comfortable seating add to its appeal. 

Road Glide Special 

The Road Glide Special is a standout model in the Harley Davidson lineup. Known for its aggressive look and powerful performance, it features a blacked-out Milwaukee Eight 114 engine that delivers breathtaking torque. 

The aerodynamic, frame-mounted fairing houses dual headlights, offering brilliant visibility.

With its high-performing front and rear suspension and custom black turbine wheels, the Road Glide Special is built for those who want to take their adventures to the open road.

One of the key features that sets the Road Glide Special apart is its Milwaukee Eight 114 engine. 

Road Glide Limited 

The Road Glide Limited is a testament to Harley Davidson’s commitment to luxurious comfort mixed with classic styling.

It is equipped with a Milwaukee Eight 114 engine, promising both power and smooth performance.

With its sophisticated dual bending valve front suspension and emulsion rear suspension, it ensures a breathtakingly comfortable ride.

Its distinct frame-mounted shark nose fairing and 13.5-inch windscreen protect riders from the elements while enabling a clear view of the road. 

The model’s high-tech infotainment system, spacious saddlebags, and heated hand grips enhance the riding experience. 

8. Royal Enfield Classic 

The Royal Enfield Classic is a motorcycle that exudes an aura of timelessness, transporting riders back to the postwar era of British motorcycling.

Harley Davidson Models

Tracing its origin back to 1901, Royal Enfield is credited with producing the world’s oldest still-in-production motorcycle model, Bullet. 

The Classic model, debuting in 2008, is influenced heavily by its predecessors dating back to the 1950s.

This iconic motorcycle is distinguished by its signature postwar design, featuring a sprung seat, authentic postwar detailing, diecast headlight casing, and vintage graphics on the fuel tank.

It is equipped with a 499cc, single-cylinder, 4-stroke, air-cooled engine; the Classic delivers an impressive torque of 41.3 Nm at 4000 rpm.

The motorcycle is built for long rides with its comfortable ergonomics, robust build, and dependability. It is a favorite choice for motorcycling enthusiasts worldwide.

Over the years, the Classic has undergone several upgrades and variations, such as the Classic 350, Classic 500, and the recent addition of the Classic 350 Signals Edition. 

These models offer different engine sizes and varying features to cater to a wider audience. Featuring a retro look with modern technology, the Classic is equipped with electronic fuel injection, front and rear disc brakes, and electric start. 

It also offers optional upgrades such as an anti-lock braking system (ABS), tubeless tires, and a dual-channel ABS system for improved safety while riding. 

9. Softail 

The Harley Davidson Softail is a flagship model of the iconic motorcycle brand, Harley Davidson.

It was launched in 1984; this model pays tribute to the hardtail motorcycles of the post-World War II era but with a modern twist. 

Harley Davidson Models

The term ‘Softail’ refers to the innovative rear suspension system hidden under the frame, offering the visual appeal of a vintage hardtail with the comfort of modern suspension.

Key features of the Harley Davidson Softail are its vibrant, streamlined designs, robust engines, and iconic fat tires.

The Softail lineup is equipped with powerful Milwaukee Eight 107 and 114 engines, delivering exceptional performance and responsiveness. 

The model’s signature fat tires not only add to the bike’s commanding presence but also provide a comfortable ride on long journeys. 

10. Freewheeler

The Harley Davidson Freewheeler is a standout model in the prestigious Harley Davidson history, deeply rooted in the brand’s commitment to power, performance, and style.

Harley Davidson Models

It was first launched in 2014 and was designed to offer a unique blend of classic Harley Davidson aesthetics and modern touring capabilities. 

Its notable features include a Milwaukee Eight 114 V Twin engine, which delivers impressive power and torque, and a high-performing front and rear suspension for superior comfort and handling.

The model also boasts a stripped-down, hot rod style, with bobtail fenders and chrome slash-cut mufflers, reflecting Harley Davidson’s iconic design philosophy. 

Best Year for Freewheeler

In 2014, Harley Davidson launched the first-ever production model of the Freewheeler, making it their third three-wheeled offering alongside the Tri Glide Ultra Classic and Street Glide Trike. 

The Freewheeler was an instant hit among riders looking for a unique ride that combined classic styling with modern performance. 

It quickly gained a reputation as a top-performing touring model thanks to its powerful engine and advanced suspension system.

Over the years, the Freewheeler has undergone several updates and improvements, including an upgraded Milwaukee Eight 114 engine in 2018.

However, it has always stayed true to its roots as a three-wheeled touring motorcycle that offers the perfect balance of power, comfort, and style.

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11. Nightster

Introduced in 2007, the Harley Davidson Nightster, a part of the Sportster motorcycle series, made waves in the motorcycle industry with its unique blend of vintage design and modern technology. 

Harley Davidson Models

Born out of Harley Davidson’s commitment to superior riding experience, the Nightster boasted a raw, stripped-down style that resonated with riders seeking a minimalist but powerful machine.

The Nightster featured a 1200cc Evolution® engine that delivered robust torque, giving riders an unforgettable riding experience. 

It was styled with a low, drag-style handlebar, chopped rear fender, and a side-mounted license plate holder, harking back to the rebellious styling of the 1960s.

Further enhancing the bike’s retro appeal was its distinctive two-tone finish and classic fuel tank graphics. 

Despite its nostalgic appearance, the Nightster was equipped with modern features like electronic fuel injection for reliable performance and a rubber-mounted engine for reduced vibration. 

Over the years, the Nightster underwent minor updates, including a wider front tire and blacked-out engine.

Still, it remained true to its original concept of a no-frills, big twin cruiser. Today, the Nightster may have been discontinued from production, but its impact on the motorcycle industry and loyal following remain. 

12. Tri Glide Ultra Classic

The Harley Davidson Tri Glide Ultra Classic first hit the market in 2009, making a bold statement as Harley Davidson’s first three-wheeled motorcycle in the modern era. 

Harley Davidson Models

Designed with long-haul touring and comfort in mind, the Tri Glide Ultra Classic provides a unique blend of performance and luxury.

In terms of features, the Harley Davidson Tri Glide Ultra Classic is known for its twin-cooled Milwaukee Eight 114 engine, offering excellent power and smooth performance. 

Its 6-speed Cruise Drive transmission ensures a comfortable and responsive ride. 

The Tri Glide comes equipped with a Boombox GTS infotainment system, providing a high-quality audio experience and seamless navigation. 

The model also boasts Reflex™ Defensive Rider Systems, a set of advanced technologies that aid in braking, acceleration, and stability.

Lastly, its distinctive three-wheel structure and spacious passenger and cargo room set it apart in the realm of motorcycles, offering a riding experience that is both thrilling and comfortable.

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13. Ultra Limited 

The Harley Davidson Ultra Limited is a testament to the evolution and perseverance of one of the most iconic motorcycle manufacturers in history.

Harley Davidson Models

Born out of Harley Davidson’s ongoing commitment to creating top-tier touring machines, the Ultra Limited model made its debut in the product line in 2014.

It is packed with an array of features that ensure rider comfort and performance; the Ultra Limited stands out in the Harley Davidson lineup. 

At its heart lies the Twin Cooled™ Milwaukee Eight® 114 engine, providing remarkable power and torque for long-distance rides. 

The premium suspension system delivers smooth and responsive handling, while heated hand grips, a premium Tour-Pak® luggage carrier, and a high-performing front and rear braking system offer added comfort and safety. 

Furthermore, the model boasts a state-of-the-art infotainment system, complete with GPS and touchscreen, enhancing the riding experience with tech-savvy conveniences. 

With its blend of luxury, performance, and technology, the Harley Davidson Ultra Limited continues to define what a touring motorcycle can be.

The iconic batwing fairing and split stream air vent work together to reduce head buffeting while providing maximum airflow for riders. 

The streamlined saddlebags feature one-touch latch systems, making them easy to open and close even when wearing gloves. LED lighting illuminates the road ahead, ensuring visibility and safety during night rides.

The Ultra Limited is also available in several color options, including classic black, sleek silver, and bold red, allowing riders to choose a style that best suits their personality.

The Harley Davidson Ultra Limited model has been continuously updated and improved over the years, incorporating new technologies and features while staying true to the brand’s iconic design. 

14. Softail Standard

The Harley Davidson Softail Standard, first introduced in 1984, holds a prominent place in Harley Davidson’s esteemed lineup.

Harley Davidson Models

This series was a game changer in the motorcycling world, heralding a new era of design and engineering for the iconic American motorcycle manufacturer. 

The unique ‘softail’ design, featuring a swingarm that mimics the look of vintage rigid frames but with the benefit of modern suspension, became an instant classic.

As for features, the Softail Standard stands out with its raw, stripped-down design that exudes a rebellious attitude. 

It’s powered by a Milwaukee Eight 107 V Twin engine, delivering high torque for an exhilarating ride. 

The bike’s frame is lighter than its predecessors, offering better handling and performance.

Its classic high handlebar design, forward foot controls, and smooth top fuel tank enhance the motorcycle’s distinctive, old-school look. 

But the Softail Standard is not just about looks and power. The bike also boasts advanced technology, such as a digital instrument cluster, keyless ignition, and LED lighting.

These modern features enhance the overall riding experience while keeping the classic look intact.

In 2018, it received a major overhaul with a new chassis, upgraded suspension, and improved performance. The latest Softail Standard offers even more power with its Milwaukee Eight 114 engine option.

15. Nightster Special

The Harley Davidson Nightster Special, a unique model in the Sportster lineup, was first introduced to the market in 2007. 

Harley Davidson Models

It quickly gained the hearts of users due to its distinctive blend of classic and modern features.

With its pared-down design and mid-mount controls, it possessed a raw, gritty aesthetic that harkened back to the stripped-down motorcycles of the 1960s.

The Nightster Special came equipped with a 1200cc V Twin engine that delivered impressive power and performance. 

It boasted a rubber-mounted powertrain to reduce vibrations, enhancing riding comfort. The model’s lowered front and rear suspension, along with its 25.3-inch seat height, showcased a sleek, low-profile design.

The combination of a 3.3-gallon fuel tank and a 57 mpg rating offered a generous cruising range. A standout feature was the under-seat battery cover, enhancing the overall streamlined look.

Despite the Nightster Special’s discontinuation in 2012, it remains a beloved model among Harley Davidson enthusiasts, embodying the brand’s commitment to combining tradition with innovation. 

The Nightster Special was also known for its customization options, allowing riders to truly make it their own. 

16. Street Glide ST

The Harley Davidson Street Glide ST, a part of the prestigious Harley Davidson Touring series, boasts a rich history and a plethora of remarkable features that make it stand out.

Harley Davidson Models

It was introduced in 2006; it is known for its innovative design, combining the sleekness of a cruiser motorcycle with the comfort of a touring bike.

The Street Glide ST comes equipped with a potent Twin Cam 103 engine, delivering impressive power while maintaining smooth, reliable performance. 

Its ergonomic design, featuring a low seat height and a streamlined profile, ensures optimal rider comfort during long journeys. 

A distinguishing feature of the Street Glide ST is its Batwing fairing, designed to deflect wind effectively and reduce rider fatigue. 

Furthermore, it offers high-end technological features such as a Harman Kardon advanced audio system and a GPS navigation system, integrating modern technology with classic Harley Davidson craftsmanship.

The Street Glide ST continues to evolve with each new model, incorporating advanced technologies and enhanced comfort features. 

In 2014, Reflex-linked brakes with an Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) were introduced, providing improved braking performance and stability. 

The Milwaukee Eight engine upgrade in 2017 ensured even greater power and torque for a smoother riding experience. 

In 2020, the Street Glide ST received an upgraded infotainment system with a Boom! Box GTS touchscreen display and the addition of a Reflex Defensive Rider Systems (RDRS) offering advanced rider assistance features such as cornering, enhanced traction control, and vehicle hold control.

17. Breakout 

The Harley Davidson Breakout model, a contemporary classic in the motorcycle world, originated as a successor to the Softail series. 

Harley Davidson Models

It was launched in 2013, and the Breakout quickly garnered acclaim for its rugged aesthetics and powerful performance.

Dominating the Breakout’s design is the powerful 1690cc Twin Cam 103B engine, delivering impressive torque and a distinct, throaty roar that is unmistakably Harley. 

It boasts a low-slung, drag-style handlebar that offers an aggressive riding position, amplifying its racing pedigree. 

The large 240mm rear tire, the widest offered by Harley Davidson, provides enhanced traction and contributes to the Breakout’s muscular stance.

The Breakout model further stands out with its premium finish and details, including a sleek fuel tank, chrome-plated exhausts, and a signature Gasser cast aluminum wheel. 

Harley Davidson has introduced various iterations of the Breakout model, each with its unique design elements and performance upgrades. 

For instance, in 2018, the company launched the Breakout 114, featuring a larger displacement engine and improved handling capabilities. 

The 2020 Breakout 114 also received significant updates, including a re-engineered Softail frame for more responsive handling and an LED headlight for enhanced visibility.

18. Forty-Eight

Harley Davidson Forty Eight, a model in the Sportster series, was introduced to the motorcycle world in 2010. 

Harley Davidson Models

It is named in homage to the year 1948 when Harley Davidson first introduced its 125 cc two-stroke engine.

It is a reinterpretation of the iconic American bobber style, marked by its simplicity and rawness.

The Forty-Eight stands out with its distinctive design elements. It features a chunky front tire wrapped around a 16-inch wheel, giving it a powerful stance. 

The classic peanut fuel tank, a signature of Harley Davidson since 1948, adds to its vintage appeal. 

One cannot overlook the 1200cc Evolution® engine, noted for its massive torque. The low-slung, solo seat at just 26.2 inches off the ground complements the overall aggressive riding position. 

The bike also comes equipped with an adjustable rear suspension and a comfortable handlebar for an enhanced riding experience. 

In 2021, Harley Davidson launched the Forty Eight Special, a variant of the original model with unique styling and upgraded features.

It includes a larger front wheel, taller handlebars, and a more comfortable two-up seat for longer rides. The blacked-out finishes add to its dark custom appeal, making it stand out on the road.

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What is the most common Harley?

The Harley-Davidson Sportster is arguably the most common model of Harley.

Since its introduction in 1957, the Sportster has become a favorite among Harley enthusiasts due to its versatility and agility.

It’s perfect for both city and open-road riding, which makes it a popular choice for both novice and experienced riders.

How many Harley models are there?

As of now, they have five main model families: Sportster, Softail, Touring, Trike, and CVO.

Each family contains multiple models, leading to a total of more than 30 unique Harley-Davidson motorcycles currently available in the market. 

Which is the cheapest version of Harley-Davidson?

The Harley-Davidson Street® 500 is the most affordable model in the Harley-Davidson lineup. It boasts an authentic Harley-Davidson V-Twin engine, an elegant frame for agile handling, and an all-around sleek design.

While prices can vary based on location, optional accessories, and other factors, the Street® 500 typically stands as the cheapest entryway into Harley-Davidson ownership.


The various models of Harley Davidson showcase the brand’s commitment to quality, performance, and tradition.

Each model, with its unique design and specifications, carries the legacy of the Harley Davidson name, embodying the spirit of freedom and adventure.

Whether it’s the classic Softail models, the versatile touring bikes, or the powerful Street series, Harley Davidson’s lineup continues to captivate riders worldwide, offering an unparalleled riding experience.

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