Joan Pedrero Ready to Challenge AER 2024 with Harley Pan America

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The Harley Davidson renowned brand in the motorcycle industry has teamed up with well-known motorcyclist Joan Pedrero for Africa Eco Race 2024. 

Harley Davidson Team Up with Joan Pedrero for AER 2024

This race event will be held between 30 December 2023 to 14 January 2024 in Africa. AER was first started in 2008 by two men Jean-Louis Schlesser and René Metge who are part of the history of the greatest 4×4 rallies.

It will be the 15th edition of this race event which will be held in Africa while crossing three countries that are Morocco, Mauritania, and Senegal. 

Harley Davidson Team Up with Joan Pedrero for AER 2024
Picture of Joan Pedrero the expert rally motorcycle racer

So Harley Davidson is going to take part in this rally and they have collaborated with Joan as we stated earlier. 

The news comes from Harley Davidson’s official Twitter account and their tweet hashtags it clear that they are going to use their Harley Pan America motorcycle for this race. 

Still, there are 11 days left to start this rally and we are excited to see the champions of this event. If you don’t want to miss any latest updates regarding this event then make sure to follow Motorbike Dude on Google News

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