Triumph 2024 All-New Daytona 660 Vs 2022 Aprilia RS 660

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In the highly competitive middleweight sports bike division, the 2024 Triumph Daytona 660 and the 2022 Aprilia RS 660 have emerged as noteworthy contenders.

Triumph 2024 All-New Daytona 660 Vs 2022 Aprilia RS 660
Triumph 2024 All-New Daytona 660 Vs 2022 Aprilia RS 660

Both motorcycles offer distinct features and performance characteristics that cater to enthusiasts seeking a blend of performance, technology, and daily usability.

This in-depth comparison aims to provide you with a comprehensive analysis of these two exceptional motorcycles, enabling you to make an informed decision when choosing between the two.

Let’s dive into:

All-New Daytona 660 Vs Aprilia RS 660 – Comprehensive Comparision

Let’s first look at the key features of both bikes for a better understanding of which bike would be the best one for you.

FeatureTriumph Daytona 660 (2024)Twin Sided Swing Arm, Adjustable
Engine TypeLiquid-cooled, inline-threeLiquid-cooled, parallel-twin
Power93 hp @ 12,250 rpm100 bhp @ 10,500 rpm
Torque50 lb-ft @ 9,250 rpm67 Nm @ 8,500 rpm
Compression RatioNot specified13.5:1
Gearbox6-speed6-speed manual
Front Suspension41mm Showa Big Piston Fork, unadjustableInverted Fork, adjustable preload & damping
Rear SuspensionShowa RSU, preload adjustableTwin Sided Swing Arm, adjustable
BrakesTwin Sided Swing Arm, AdjustableNot specified
Seat Height810 mm (standard), 775 mm (low seat option)Not specified
Weight201 kg403 lbs / 182.8 kg (wet weight)
Fuel CapacityNot specified3.9 gal / 14.8 l
Ride ModesSport, Road, RainNot specified
Price$9,195 MSRPNot specified

Triumph Daytona 660 (2024)

The Triumph Daytona 660 is driven by a liquid-cooled 660 cc inline-three engine, making it a unique offering in its class.

With a claimed 93 hp at 12,250 rpm and 50 lb-ft of torque at 9,250 rpm, the Daytona 660 boasts a substantial power increase of 17% and a torque increase of 9% compared to the Trident 660.

What sets this motorcycle apart is the availability of over 80% of torque from as low as 3,125 rpm.

Performance and Handling

Equipped with a six-speed gearbox featuring revised gear ratios for improved top speed, the Daytona 660 offers a thrilling riding experience.

The suspension consists of unadjustable 41mm Showa Big Piston Fork units in the front and a rear Showa RSU with preload adjustment.

These components contribute to the bike’s excellent stability and handling.


The Daytona 660 comes equipped with three riding modes (Sport, Road, and Rain), integrated traction control, and ABS.

Notably, it features an emergency braking warning system, which enhances safety and rider confidence.

Design and Ergonomics

Triumph has focused on rider comfort with the Daytona 660. The forward-pushed handlebars and repositioned footpegs contribute to a more relaxed riding position.

Furthermore, the motorcycle offers a low-seat option, accommodating riders of varying heights.

Price and Accessibility

Priced at around $9,195 MSRP, the Daytona 660 positions itself as an affordable option in its segment.

This competitive pricing makes the motorcycle accessible to a wide range of riders.

2022 Aprilia RS 660 Specs

The Aprilia RS 660 is equipped with a 659 cc parallel-twin engine, delivering a strong performance of 100 bhp and 67 Nm of torque.

With a DOHC valve configuration and a high compression ratio of 13.5:1, this engine strikes an excellent balance between power and rideability.

Performance and Handling

Featuring a 6-speed manual transmission and chain final drive, the RS 660 is designed for both road and track use.

Its lightweight construction and advanced aerodynamics contribute to exceptional handling and maneuverability.

The motorcycle’s suspension setup includes a Kabaya inverted fork and a twin-sided swing arm rear suspension, offering adjustability to suit individual preferences.


Aprilia is renowned for its advanced electronics, and the RS 660 lives up to this reputation. Multiple ride modes and a sophisticated traction control system provide riders with enhanced control and customization options.

Design and Ergonomics

With a modern and sporty design, the RS 660 exudes style and aggression. Its aerodynamic features optimize stability at high speeds while maintaining a comfortable yet performance-oriented riding position.

Comparison of Features Daytona 660 Vs RS 660

The choice between the Triumph Daytona 660 and the Aprilia RS 660 ultimately depends on your preferences regarding style, engine characteristics, and brand loyalty.

The Daytona 660 stands out with its unique three-cylinder engine, offering a distinctive riding experience.

Its increased power and torque, as well as the availability of torque at low RPMs, provide exhilarating acceleration and flexibility on the road.

Furthermore, the focus on rider comfort makes it an excellent choice for those seeking a more relaxed riding position.

On the other hand, the Aprilia RS 660 impresses with its parallel-twin engine and high-tech features.

The engine’s performance characteristics strike a balance between power and rideability, making it suitable for both everyday commuting and spirited rides.

The advanced electronics, along with the adjustable suspension and robust braking systems, enhance the overall riding experience.

Editor Final Thoughts

The Triumph Daytona 660 and the Aprilia RS 660 are both exceptional motorcycles within the middleweight sports bike division.

The Daytona 660 distinguishes itself with its unique three-cylinder engine and focus on rider comfort, while the RS 660 boasts a parallel-twin engine, advanced technology, and a sporty design.

Ultimately, the choice between these two remarkable motorcycles comes down to personal preferences, riding style, and individual priorities.

Whether one seeks the thrill of a three-cylinder engine or desires the blend of power and technology offered by a parallel twin, the Triumph Daytona 660 and the Aprilia RS 660 are bound to provide an exhilarating and fulfilling riding experience.

Frequently Asked Question

2022 Aprilia RS 660 Top Speed

The Aprilia RS 660, with its 659cc parallel-twin engine, boasts a top speed of approximately 135 miles per hour (217 kilometres per hour).

This impressive speed is the result of the bike’s robust engine design and lightweight construction.

Is Aprilia RS 660 a superbike?

The Aprilia RS 660 is classified as a “middle-weight superbike” in the traditional sense of the term, which is typically reserved for higher-capacity, top-of-the-line sports motorcycles.

It’s designed with advanced aerodynamics, a twin-cylinder 659cc engine that delivers robust power, and state-of-the-art electronic controls and riding aids.

How fast is the Triumph 660?

The Triumph Trident 660 is a motorcycle that embodies a combination of power, nimbleness, and style.

With a liquid-cooled, 660cc, three-cylinder engine, it can reach top speeds of approximately 120 mph (193 km/h).

This speed, coupled with its light and agile design, makes the Triumph Trident 660 an exciting ride for enthusiasts seeking both performance and exhilaration.

Is the Triumph Daytona 600 a good bike?

Yes, the Triumph Daytona 600 is generally considered a good bike. Known for its precision handling and robust engine, it offers a balanced riding experience perfect for both novices and seasoned motorcyclists.

It stands out with its unique design and high-speed performance, making it a preferred choice for many bike enthusiasts.

However, like any vehicle, prospective buyers need to consider their specific needs and preferences before making a purchase.

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