Triumph in Moto2 Earns Coveted Torrens Trophy Recognition

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In a remarkable achievement, Triumph Motorcycles has been awarded the prestigious Torrens Trophy for their exceptional partnership with Moto2.

Triumph in Moto2 Earns Coveted Torrens Trophy Recognition
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The esteemed award recognizes Triumph as the highest achiever in British motorcycling and acknowledges their significant contributions to the industry.

Triumph Motorcycles received this coveted accolade for their supply of three-cylinder engines for the Moto2 World Championship.

Their Street Triple-derived 765 motor has powered the class for five seasons, with an extension already signed until 2029.

Throughout this period, the Triumph engines have covered an impressive combined distance of approximately 1.3 million kilometres in intense competition.

This remarkable feat has seen 21 different riders claim victory, reaching speeds of up to 190 mph.

Paul Stroud, Triumph’s Chief Commercial Officer, expressed his delight at being recognized for their contributions to Moto2.

Triumph in Moto2 Earns Coveted Torrens Trophy Recognition
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He commended the unsung heroes within Triumph Motorcycles who have played a crucial role in bringing this successful project to fruition.

The extension of their contract with Dorna, the commercial rights holder of MotoGP, further solidifies Triumph’s commitment to the sport.

The Torrens Trophy, presented to Triumph Motorcycles’ CEO Nick Bloor at the Royal Automobile Club in London, is voted upon by a committee of esteemed members.

It honours not only racers but also manufacturers, innovators, and other notable figures in British motorcycling.

During the award ceremony, Bloor expressed his gratitude to the Royal Automobile Club and the Torrens committee for this privilege. He emphasized the significance of the recognition and the pride it brings to Triumph.

This achievement showcases Triumph Motorcycles’ dedication to excellence and innovation in the motorcycling world.

Their partnership with Moto2 has proven to be a resounding success, driving the sport forward and thrilling fans worldwide.

As the news broke, enthusiasts and industry insiders alike admired Triumph Motorcycles’ well-deserved recognition for their outstanding Moto2 engine partnership.

The Torrens Trophy win further solidifies Triumph’s position as a leader in the field and leaves a lasting impression on the world of motorcycling.

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