Verge TS Ultra Electric Motorcycle with AI Integration 

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A new era of electric motorcycling is upon us, as Verge Motorcycles unveiled their latest marvel, the Verge TS Ultra, at CES 2024, setting a new benchmark for the industry.

Verge TS Ultra Electric Motorcycle with AI Integration 
Verge TS Ultra the next-gen Electric Motorcycle with AI Integration

The Verge TS Ultra is not just another electric motorcycle. It’s a state-of-the-art, AI-integrated masterpiece that takes rider safety, customization, and performance to the next level.

Packed with StarMatter, an advanced software and intelligence platform, the Verge TS Ultra can receive over-the-air updates, akin to those on your smartphone. 

The adventure comes to the bike range because this bike provides 375 km with a single charge

Verge TS Ultra Electric Motorcycle with AI Integration 

When it comes to the torque the bike again does not disappoint the riders as it provides 1200 Nm torque.

This means your ride is always equipped with the latest technology, just like getting a new bike without changing your wheels.

Verge TS Ultra Electric Motorcycle with AI Integration 

But what truly sets this machine apart is its unique Human-Machine Interface. Riders have extensive control over their ride, from customizing modes to adjusting charging settings and diagnostics

Enhanced connectivity features – GPS, accelerometer, cellular connection, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi – ensure a seamless riding experience.

Safety has been given top priority in the Verge TS Ultra’s design. Armed with six cameras and high-end front and rear radars, the bike can detect nearby vehicles and potential road hazards, alerting riders to impending dangers. 

Verge TS Ultra Electric Motorcycle with AI Integration 
Integrated six-camera provides a 360-degree view for extra safety while changing lane

Moreover, the Verge TS Ultra is a joy for thrill-seekers and cautious riders alike, thanks to its advanced traction control, ABS, and customizable ride modes

Riders can set maximum speed and torque limits, ensuring a safe yet exhilarating ride.

Where the Verge TS Ultra truly shines is its innovative, maintenance-free hubless motor design

With no traditional moving parts such as chains or belts, it reduces the need for frequent maintenance. 

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