15 Best Harley for Beginners in 2024

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Harley-Davidson is the most iconic brand to manufacture the touring motorcycle in the world. Another iconic thing about this brand is its price tag which is very high when compared to other brands. 

Best Harley for Beginners

So, in this most expensive and well-reputed brand, most beginners find it hard to get the best models and bikes for themselves. 

We understand the problems of beginners and their struggle to choose the best bike which must also be affordable.

That’s why we come with the list of best beginner Harley-Davidson models that will also be under budget.

Let’s dive into the world of Harley:

15 Best Harley For Beginners

The best Harley for Beginners is the Harley-Davidson X350 which was launched in 2024 and boasts a 353 cc liquid-cooled, inlined twin engine.

It’s the most affordable and best beginner entry-level motorcycle for new riders to start their two-wheeler journey with Harley.

Best Harley for Beginners

Some other models that are best for beginners are the Harley Street 500 and Harley Street Bob due to their low seat height and ease of handling.

15. Harley Davidson Live Wire

Venturing into the electrifying realm of motorcycling, beginners have an intriguing option with Harley-Davidson’s LiveWire, the brand’s trailblazing electric marvel.

Best Harley for Beginners

This bike is a technological tour de force, thanks to its Revelation motor and water-cooled systems that promise a surge of power as smooth as it is silent

New riders will appreciate the simplicity of the single-speed transmission, eliminating the need to juggle gears and clutches, which makes the learning curve far less steep. 

Yet, the LiveWire’s quick 0 to 60 mph sprint signifies it’s not just another muted city commuter; this machine packs a sporty punch. 

Balancing its 549 pounds is effortless once in motion, a testament to its nimble steering and sportbike-like chassis. 

The price, reflective of its advanced innovation and premium build, stands at around $29,799. 

While the LiveWire’s range hovers at a decent 146 miles in the city, it brings a fresh perspective on what starting on two wheels can look like electric, exciting, and entirely Harley.

14. Harley Freewheeler 

Harley-Davidson Freewheeler stands out as an exceptional choice for those eyeing a trike’s stability with classic charm and state-of-the-art features.

Best Harley for Beginners

Introduced in 2015, this trike is a nod to Harley enthusiasts desiring solid footing on three wheels, perhaps due to health considerations or a preference for such stability.

At its heart, the Milwaukee-Eight 114 V-Twin engine is renowned for its robust torque and horizon-chasing prowess. 

Maneuverability comes smoothly thanks to a thoughtful design that significantly lowers the centre of gravity, cutting down steering effort

Safety isn’t left to chance either; the Harley Freewheeler is armed with advanced systems like RDRS to ensure a ride that’s not only thrilling but secure, adapting seamlessly to various conditions. 

While this trike may not be the go-to for absolute beginners, given its grandeur and power, it indeed makes a compelling option for those with a bit of experience who seek a blend of performance and reassurance. 

As for the investment, starting at $27,999 for a 2020 model, the Freewheeler commands a premium indicative of its quality and Harley-Davidson’s heritage, making it a prized possession worth every dollar.

13. Harley Softail Standard

Harley-Davidson can be an exhilarating experience for beginners, and the Softail Standard stands out as a prime candidate.

Best Harley for Beginners

With its inviting price tag of $21,495, this model represents the quintessential cruiser spirit coupled with the flexibility to carve your own stylistic path through customization. 

The bike’s soulful 1746cc Milwaukee-Eight 107 V-twin engine delivers smooth, robust torque, ensuring rides are as pleasurable as they are memorable. 

Upgraded handling dynamics, courtesy of a lighter frame refined Showa forks, and improved rear shocks, mean that new riders can navigate bends and bumps with increased confidence and ease. 

And while it may not be the go-to choice for cross-country touring due to its urban-centric design, its city cruising capabilities are second to none. 

This blend of affordability, performance, and customization potential makes the Softail Standard a stellar starting point in the Harley family for novice riders eager to begin their two-wheeled adventure.

12. Harley Davidson Low Rider S

The 2024 Harley-Davidson Low Rider S is a marvel of engineering, crafted for those who crave the rush of unbridled power beneath them.

Best Harley for Beginners

With its Milwaukee-Eight 117 engine, this cruiser doesn’t just promise but delivers heart-thumping torque of 125 ft-lb and 103 HP, rocketing you to the forefront of exhilaration on the open road. 

Its West Coast-inspired design, complete with an aggressive riding stance and moto-style handlebars, echoes the rebellious spirit of Harley’s racing heritage, a homage clearly visible in the tank’s FXLRS and “H” insignia

Yet, at 650 pounds before fuel and fluids, this heavyweight demands respect and seasoned skill for precise maneuvering, steering experienced riders through thrills that a beginner might find daunting. 

Priced at the upper echelon of $19,999, it represents not just a motorcycle but a commitment to performance and style.

11. Harley Dyna Wide Glide

Harley-Davidson Dyna Wide Glide is a motorcycle that perfectly marries classic design and rider-friendly features, making it a top pick for beginners.

Best Harley for Beginners

Its signature look, with the confidently skinny front and robust wide rear tires, isn’t just about turning heads – it’s about offering stability on the straightaways while providing a steady introduction to the cruiser lifestyle. 

The heart of the Wide Glide beats with a High Output Twin Cam 103 engine, delivering power in a smooth, controllable fashion that both excites and reassures new riders. 

While its urban maneuverability shines, allowing for an easy ride through busy streets, the cruiser also promises comfort with its thoughtfully designed ergonomics. 

Despite its substantial appearance, the Dyna Wide Glide is surprisingly kind to the body, thanks to its feet-forward riding stance and drag bars that make for an inviting cruising posture. 

In 2017, this bike hit the scene with a price tag of $15,999 for the base Vivid Black model, a modest outset for entering the revered ranks of Harley ownership.

10. Harley Davidson Street Bob

The 2021 Harley-Davidson Street Bob, is an exemplary fusion of classic charm and modern muscle that makes for an ideal entry point into the Harley lineage for novices.

Best Harley for Beginners

Nestled within the renowned Softail series, the Street Bob captivates with its Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine, delivering a hefty 119 foot-pounds of torque at a low 3,000 rpm, a testament to its raw strength that’s surprisingly manageable for beginners. 

Weighing in at 655 pounds when fueled, its design lends itself to remarkable maneuverability, particularly in cityscapes, instilling confidence even in those just starting their motorcycle journey. 

The ride quality is enhanced by the Showa Dual Bending Valve fork, ensuring a smooth experience that complements the bike’s easy-going riding posture, courtesy of the mini-ape handlebar and mid-mounted foot controls. 

With its distinctive aesthetic, including the iconic chopped fenders and wire-spoke wheels, available in eye-catching colours like vivid black and deadwood green, it stands as a beacon of individuality. 

Priced around $15,000, this 2021 Street Bob holds the distinction of being the most accessible model sporting the mighty 114 engine, offering a blend of affordability and performance that’s hard to match for those eager to join the Harley-Davidson riders’ elite.

9. Sportster Nightster

Immerse yourself in the realm of classic American motorcycling with an innovative twist – the Harley-Davidson Nightster is a beacon for those at the start of their two-wheeled journey.

Best Harley for Beginners

A proud lineage within the Sportster family, the Nightster is engineered to impress, presenting the intuitive Revolution Max 975T engine a marvel that merges raw power with remarkable control, making it ideal for beginners craving that authentic Harley vroom without feeling overwhelmed. 

This bike strikes a perfect chord between venerable Harley aesthetics and contemporary handling, boasting a lighter frame that elevates maneuverability and ensures ease of use for newcomers to biking. 

With its rider-friendly ergonomics, the Nightster welcomes new enthusiasts to the exhilarating world of motorcycling with open arms, all while staying true to the deep-seated Harley heritage. 

And when we talk accessibility, the 2022 model comes with an attractive entry point, carrying a price tag of approximately $13,499, granting more riders the chance to claim their slice of the legendary Harley-Davidson dream.

8. Harley Davidson V-Rod

The Harley-Davidson V-Rod, a pioneer in Harley’s lineup with its Porsche-engineered liquid-cooled Revolution engine, brings a dash of sport to the cruiser domain.

Best Harley for Beginners

Unveiled in the early 2000s, it departs from tradition, boasting a 1250cc engine that churns out an impressive 125 horsepower, making it a true powerhouse. 

Although it may not be the quintessential beginner bike due to its potent performance, the V-Rod offers a low seat and comfortable ergonomics, melding the ease of a cruiser with the thrill of a sportbike, which could suit those with a bit of riding experience under their belt. 

It comes equipped with a silky gear shift and dependable ABS brakes, enhancing rider confidence. 

The V-Rod captures attention with its sleek design and robust capabilities, appealing to riders who are drawn to a motorcycle that fuses heritage with innovation. 

While new models come with a higher price tag, browsing the used market is wise for those seeking value.

7. Harley Sportster XL883

The 2024 Harley Davidson Iron 883, a jewel in the Sportster XL883 crown, shines brightest for beginners.

Best Harley for Beginners

Nestled at a sweet price point of $11,249, this two-wheeled wonder is no less than a masterclass in blending Harley’s timeless design ethos with beginner-friendly features. 

Its inviting 25.7-inch seat height and well-balanced 564-pound heft provide new riders with a grounded feel and navigational ease across bustling cityscapes or tranquil country roads.

The beating heart of the Iron 883 is the venerable air-cooled Evolution engine, delivering a sensible yet spirited 54 ft-lb of torque at 3750 RPM, enough to stir soulful excitement without overwhelming novice palms. 

Fuel efficiency soars at an impressive 51 mpg, a nod to practicality amidst the thrill.

Seasoned with a smooth 5-speed transmission, comfortable Showa suspension, and steadfast dual-piston brakes, this machine doesn’t just offer a ride; it promises a rite of passage into a storied lineage dating back to 1957, continuously refined to turn today’s beginner into tomorrow’s road legend.

6. Sportster Forty-Eight

Dive into the world of Harley Davidson with the Sportster Forty-Eight, a standout in the Dark Custom lineup that’s perfect for beginner riders seeking to combine style with substance.

Best Harley for Beginners

With its aggressive “street brawler” aesthetics punctuated by fat tires and a distinctive peanut tank, this model isn’t just a motorcycle—it’s a statement on wheels. 

Priced between $10,000 to $15,000, it offers an entry point to the brand’s heritage without compromising on the very essence of the ride. 

The 1200cc heart of the Forty-Eight delivers power with a growl that’s robust yet manageable for those new to the saddle. 

The low seat height, an absolute boon for beginners, promises sure-footed confidence at stops, while the upright riding posture and well-placed foot pegs ensure comfort is not left by the wayside. 

Though you might feel the road’s chatter more keenly due to limited suspension travel, the bike’s forgiving brakes and smooth clutch action provide a sense of control that’s paramount when you’re cutting your teeth on two wheels. 

5. Harley Softail Night Train

The Harley-Davidson Night Train is a Softail marvel that captivates with its dark allure and distinctive silhouette.

Best Harley for Beginners

The 2006 iteration is a masterpiece of relaxed cruising, thanks to its stretched and low-slung design that surprisingly permits nimble turns. 

Balancing this ease of ride is an 88 cubic inch V-twin engine, producing a robust 85 ft/lbs of torque at just 3000 rpm, which propels the bike’s heft effortlessly. 

Riders find unity with the machine, seated low in the saddle, amidst the rumble of power, comfort ensured by a custom-designed seat for those long, soul-searching rides. 

Despite its forward-leaning stance and wide handlebars, handling remains approachable due to a thoughtful low centre of gravity. 

A beginner may find this Harley a touch more challenging than others due to its dimensions and vigour, but for those who yearn for a bike with a character that eschews the shine for the shadow, this could be your spirited steed. 

Since production ceased in 2010, used models are your gateway to this legend, with prices varying widely based on condition and mileage, expect to scout the local market or trusted dealers to find your Night Train, with your investment likely ranging between $7,000 to $10,000, a true value for a bike that offers so much personality.

4. Harley Sportster Iron 1200

The Iron 1200 stands out as an exceptional contender within the Sportster range for beginners.

Best Harley for Beginners

Melding timeless Harley craftsmanship with contemporary performance, the bike’s 1200cc Evolution engine roars to life with an impressive 60 HP and 73 lb-ft of torque, offering a dynamic ride that’s both robust and exhilarating

With its retro vibes inspired by the 1970s, from the distinctive paintwork to design details, the Iron 1200 is a rolling tribute to a classic era, yet it doesn’t shy away from modern advancements. 

The blacked-out aesthetic, the rise of the mini-ape handlebars, and the café-style solo seat not only elevate its old-school cool but also promise a ride experience steeped in comfort, thanks to thoughtful ergonomic touches and upgraded rear shocks

While its increased torque over its brethren like the Iron 883 sharpens its edge for urban adventures, providing swift acceleration without sacrificing stability or handling, the Iron 1200 remains approachable for novices aware of its heft and vigour

With a price point of $9,999, it’s an accessible passage into the revered Harley Davidson lineage, making it a top pick for beginners eager to forge their path on the open road.

3. Sportster Super Low

The Harley Davidson SuperLow, a crown jewel in the Sportster lineup, beckons beginners with its cruiser charm and user-friendly dynamics. 

Best Harley for Beginners

Priced competitively, it’s a wallet-wise gateway into the esteemed world of Harley, $8,699. 

This machine isn’t just about looks; it’s about legacy and innovation seamlessly blended.

Its air-cooled 883cc Evolution engine, a marvel of engineering, delivers a stout 50 bhp, all while flaunting aluminium heads and cutting-edge Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection for that perfect mix of old-school rumble and contemporary efficiency

The SuperLow’s design, featuring a walnut-shaped fuel tank and generous chrome, exudes classic cruiser aesthetics, but don’t let its nostalgic appeal fool you, the bike is a lightweight champion designed for the long haul. 

With its traditional riding position and lustrous chrome dual exhaust, the SuperLow doesn’t just turn heads; it promises a stable, comfortable journey from the first throttle twist to the last mile of the open road.

2. Harley Street 500

The 2024 Harley Davidson Street 500 emerges as a top contender for rookies, marrying affordability with the legendary Harley allure.

Best Harley for Beginners

At a modest $6,299, riders access a world where performance meets style without breaking the bank. 

This model’s heartbeat comes from a 494cc liquid-cooled Revolution X V-Twin engine, crafted to propel new enthusiasts through cityscapes with confidence and onto highways with gusto, all while maintaining an approachable power output. 

A low seat height and a manageable weight of 223 kg ensure that handling remains intuitive, inviting riders of all statuses to forge a bond with the open road. 

Style-wise, it doesn’t stray from the classic Harley cruiser essence, complete with a broad fuel tank and poised riding posture, subtly infused with modern updates to keep its look fresh yet unmistakably Harley. 

Technological strides forward are anticipated, likely incorporating a sleek instrument cluster and advanced safety features such as ABS to bolster rider assurance.

1. Harley Davidson X350

The X350 beast, born from a unique collaboration between Harley-Davidson and Qianjiang Motors, introduces riders to the revered brand at a manageable 353cc engine size.

Best Harley for Beginners

The liquid-cooled, in-line twin engine packs a solid 36-horsepower punch, just right for those starting out. 

With its 6-speed transmission and advanced technical features like ABS and adjustable suspension, the X350 offers an unrivalled blend of control and comfort

Its petite stature is supported by a robust chassis, complete with petal-shaped dual disc brakes and a sleek pair of 17-inch wheels, ensuring every ride is both safe and stylish.

And let’s talk about accessibility; priced at approximately $4,800 USD, it’s not only the most affordable entry in the Harley-Davidson family but also a competitive player in the global small-displacement arena.

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